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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit Espresso Machine - Majesty Coffee
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Semiautomatic Espresso Machine
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 Espresso Machine - Majesty Coffee
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric Espresso Machine - Majesty Coffee
Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Super Automatic Machine - Majesty Coffee
Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Machine - Majesty Coffee
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UNIC CLASSIC 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine
Sale price$6,682.00 Regular price$10,280.00
UNIC CLASSIC 2 Group Volumetric Espresso MachineUNIC
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UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric MI-2G-AV - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$7,992.00 Regular price$8,816.00
UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric MI-2G-AVUNIC
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UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup MI-2G-AV-TC - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$7,493.00 Regular price$8,816.00
UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup MI-2G-AV-TCUNIC
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UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric with SteamAir MI-2G-AV-SA - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$8,058.00 Regular price$9,480.00
UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric with SteamAir MI-2G-AV-SAUNIC
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UNIC Mira 3 Group Volumetric MI-3G-AV - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$9,175.00 Regular price$10,125.00
UNIC Mira 3 Group Volumetric MI-3G-AVUNIC
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UNIC Pony2 POD Espresso Machine PONY2 - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$7,363.00 Regular price$8,662.00
UNIC Pony2 POD Espresso Machine PONY2UNIC
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UNIC Stella 2 Group Volumetric STELLA-2G - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$11,873.00 Regular price$13,968.00
UNIC Stella 2 Group Volumetric STELLA-2GUNIC
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UNIC Stella 3 Group Volumetric STELLA-3G-AV - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$15,726.00 Regular price$18,501.00
UNIC Stella 3 Group Volumetric STELLA-3G-AVUNIC

Most Expensive Espresso Machines

Espresso machines, like any other appliances, come in a range of prices. There are espresso machines that are under $4,000, under $2,000, and even under $1,500.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are espresso machines that go up into the range of several thousand dollars and above. Our mission in this guide is to examine the most expensive espresso machines and show you what makes them worth the price.

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • How much high-end espresso machines can cost
  • Why espresso machines can get expensive
  • Our picks for the top 10 best expensive espresso machines

Let’s jump right in…

Quick Summary 

Want to cut out the read? Check out a few of our favorite machines in the guide below.

  • Best High-End Coffee Maker for Home: Miele CM 6350 – It’s attractive, comes in a small range of color choices to match your kitchen, and can prepare two drinks at the same time. 
  • Best High-End Commercial Espresso Machine: Victoria Arduino Eagle One – Energy-efficient, beautiful, and capable of producing more than enough espresso for medium to large businesses.
  • Best Overall Luxury Coffee Machine: Franke A1000 – Incredibly easy-to-use, large touchscreen, and a huge drink menu. 

How Much is a Professional and High-Quality Espresso Machine? 

When you first set out to purchase an appliance for your home or business, you likely have one question at the forefront of your mind: how much will it cost you? That’s why we’re going to start by looking at the price range for professional, high-quality espresso machines.

Even among luxury machines, the prices can vary widely. You may be able to find anything ranging from a few thousand dollars to well over ten thousand. The espresso machines we included in this list are available for price points starting at around $3,000 and going all the way up to around $18,000.

You can check out our list of the best commercial espresso machines for even more examples of how much commercial-scale machines may cost you. 

Why are Espresso Machines so Expensive? 

The price of an espresso machine is influenced by a plethora of factors. Brand is one example; machines from well-known and trustworthy brands can oftentimes be costlier than those from lesser-known manufacturers. This is the case for most products you could buy today.

A machine’s features are going to be the biggest impact on its final cost, though. For instance, automatic and superautomatic espresso machines tend to be more expensive than semiautomatic ones because of their frequent use of cutting-edge technology that helps automate the drink-making process.

The boiler design of a machine may affect its price, too. Dual boiler machines usually cost more than heat exchange or single-boiler machines because of the cost of incorporating a second boiler and the increase in steam power.

If an espresso machine has more group heads, it’s also probably higher in price. More group heads increase the espresso output of the machine, but also mean it needs a more robust boiler system for simultaneous steaming and brewing.

Top 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines 

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

 Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Among espresso machine brands, Victoria Arduino is famous for being one of the most luxurious. Their espresso machines almost always use the most recent and advanced technology in combination with a visually appealing design. This is certainly true for the Eagle One.

The Eagle One was designed with efficiency in mind. It has a unique Thermal Energy Recovery System that uses discarded water to preheat incoming water. That way, the machine uses less water than its competitors, helping reduce the amount of waste generated.

It also features a newly optimized engine. The engine focuses on heating the incoming water just before it enters the group head as opposed to keeping it constantly up to temperature all over the inside of the machine. As a result, the Eagle One uses even less energy, reducing your cost to operate it.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $16,650-19,350 (Depending on the number of groups)
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Boilers: Multiple
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 2-3
  • Energy Efficiency: Thanks to its thermal energy recovery system and optimized engine, the Eagle One is one of the most energy-efficient espresso machines you’ll find.
  • Ergonomic Steam Controls: Easy-to-use steam switches keep baristas’ wrists from getting sore after a long day of work.
  • EasyCream: Want the most consistent quality in your drinks? The Eagle One’s EasyCream system will make frothing milk effortless, ensuring milk-based drinks are unwaveringly good.
  • Programmable Hot Water: You can program two different doses of hot water into the machine, which is useful for making uniform Americanos or hot teas.

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La Cimbali S30

 La Cimbali S30

Super automatic espresso machines like the La Cimbali S30 are the easiest to use options in the world. Simply by choosing your drink from the S30’s touchscreen menu, you can concoct effortless coffee shop drinks.

This one is great for customization, too. You can use it to generate hot or cold frothed milk, making it simple to produce comforting warm drinks or refreshing iced drinks at essentially the touch of a button.

Additionally, you can customize the appearance of the machine. Its interface, menu, and built-in lighting can each be adjusted so it is tailored to your business’s needs.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $23,300
  • Machine Type: Super automatic
  • Boilers: Dual
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 1
  • Cup4You App: The S30 is compatible with the La Cimbali Cup4You app. You can use it to edit the machine’s menu and lighting system from the comfort of your phone.
  • Perfect Grinding System: The S30 will ensure you get a consistently fine grind by automatically detecting any environmental changes and adjusting its grinder accordingly.
  • Hot or Cold Frothed Milk: You’ll have the option of topping your drinks with hot or cold frothed milk.
  • Cool-Touch Steam Wand: The steam wand on the S30 will never get hot enough to burn you or your employees.

Want to see more machines like this? Take a look at our guide to the best super automatic espresso machines.

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Franke A1000 FM CM

 Franke A1000

The Franke A1000 FM CM is another example of a highly efficient super automatic espresso machine. Since it automates the entire process for you, from grinding your beans to steaming your milk, human error is taken out of the equation.

In fact, the Franke A1000 is so simple to use, you could easily set it out on a counter where your customers can access it. The touchscreen menu is as intuitive as a smartphone, making it a simple matter for customers to navigate its menu and edit their drink settings.

Plus, each beverage is portrayed with a full-color illustration. This ensures everyone knows exactly what they’re getting.  

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $18,899
  • Machine Type: Super automatic
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 1
  • CleanMaster System: Don’t have time to clean? No problem – the Franke A1000’s CleanMaster System will take care of that for you with its cleaning cartridges.
  • Powder Containers: It has two built-in powder containers so you can offer drinks like hot chocolate to your customers.
  • FoamMaster System: Gives you total control over the milk foam that goes into your drinks, including aspects like consistency and temperature.
  • Large Touchscreen: At 10.4 inches, the Franke A1000’s touchscreen is large enough that anyone can comfortably read it.

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Unic Pony2 Pod Espresso Machine

 Unic Pony2

If you’re looking for an espresso machine that’s so easy, anyone can use it, you’re not strictly limited to super automatic machines. There are also pod machines, such as the Unic Pony2 Pod Espresso Machine.

A pod machine is an espresso machine that takes pre-ground and measured espresso pods. This keeps you from having to deal with the hassle of buying a grinder separately, and then learning how to use it.

Furthermore, the Unic Pony2 has programmable volume buttons. You can program the proper volume for things such as single and double shots, making the machine even simpler to use. At that point, all you’ll need to do is insert a pod, choose the correct volume, and foam your milk while the machine takes care of brewing the espresso for you.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $7,363
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Pre-Infusion: Unspecified
  • Programmable Volume Buttons: You can save the correct volumes for different amounts into the Unic, so that making a single or double shot is as easy as pressing the correct button.
  • Built-In Cup Warmer: There’s a cup shelf on top of the machine that you can use to preheat your mugs.
  • Rotary Pump: The machine’s rotary pump is naturally quieter, so the machine won’t be too loud for your space.
  • Stainless Steel Panels: It’s covered in stainless steel panels that look good and are durable.

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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3

 Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3

Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia Wave T3 is easily one of the most stunning espresso machines we have to offer. Its curved profile is designed to make you think of ocean waves, lending the machine grace that few others possess.

It’s also a machine that was created for speed. Available in two- or three-group configurations, the Aurelia Wave T3 has more than enough output to meet the demands of medium to large businesses, including busy coffee shops.

What’s more, you can even get the machine in a custom color. This enables you to find the best fit for your business, in terms of both visual appearance and power.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $18,500-20,500
  • Machine Type: Automatic + Manual dosing option
  • Boilers: Multiple
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Custom Color Option: You have the option of getting the machine in any color of your choosing, so it fits into the aesthetic of your establishment.
  • Auto-Purge: It’s important to purge your group heads to keep them clean and regulate temperature. Fortunately, the Aurelia Wave T3 will do this for you automatically once the portafilter is removed from a group head.
  • Raised Group Heads: Because the group heads are at a greater height, you’re able to brew into cups of taller sizes.
  • Pulse Jet Technology: The pulse jet system gives baristas total control over the coffee flow. Because they can start and stop it whenever they want, they can experiment with flavor profiles.

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La Pavoni 4-Group Bar-Star

 La Pavoni 4-Group Bar-Star

Want one of the speediest espresso machines anywhere? Consider a four-group machine like this La Pavoni 4-Group Bar Star.

A single group head can usually produce up to two shots of espresso at the same time. With a four-group machine like this La Pavoni, you’ll be able to make up to eight simultaneously.

To make it even faster, it has two steam wands on either side. Because of this, baristas are able to work on either end of the machine, increasing your output even further.

With the Bar-Star on your counter, you can rest assured that customers won’t need to wait long for their drinks. That’s what makes it perfect for large coffee shops and restaurants.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $9,300
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Boilers: Heat Exchange
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 4
  • Two Steam Wands: Since it has a steam wand on either end, you could have two baristas operating the machine at once.
  • Anti-Vacuum Valve: The anti-vacuum valve will stop milk from getting sucked into the steam wand, preventing any clogs.
  • Four-Position Power Switch: The four-position power switch lets you adjust how much energy the machine is using by putting it into lower-power modes in your down time.
  • Telescopic Side Handles: Thanks to its side handles, the Bar-Star is easy to transport for maintenance or when you need to clean underneath it.

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Rocket Espresso R Nine One

 Rocket Espresso R Nine One

So far, the machines we’ve talked about have been largely designed for commercial use. But what if you need one for home and personal use?

In that case, one great luxury espresso machine to consider is the Rocket Espresso R Nine One. It has the power and output to work in a small business if necessary, but it’s great for high-tech homes filled with espresso lovers.

It has two powerful boilers inside it. That means it can steam and brew continuously without breaking a sweat, allowing you to make multiple drinks in a row. You can even set the machine to turn itself on and warm up at a particular time, so it’s always ready for you when you need it.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $6,850
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Boilers: Dual
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Auto-On Setting: By setting the R Nine One’s auto-on time, you can guarantee it will always be ready and warmed up when you need it.
  • PID Controller: Its PID controller gives users complete control over the R Nine One’s internal temperatures, making it possible for them to finely tweak the flavor profile of their espresso.
  • Stainless Steel Case: The machine is covered in an attractive and long-lasting stainless steel case.
  • Optional Plumbed-in or Pour-Over Use: Users can have the machine set up as a pour-over machine for increased portability or as a plumbed-in machine connected to a water line for convenience.

See Also: Best PID Espresso Machines (Superior Temperature Control)

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Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch

 Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch

Do you like the look of espresso machines with touchscreens? Then the Nuova Simonelli Pronto Bar Touch is another machine that’s worth your consideration. The front panel has a full-color touchscreen on it, which you can use to make drinks with a simple tap. 

Even though the entire drink-making process is automated on the Prontobar Touch, users still have control over customizations. Most aspects of drinks, including their temperature, espresso dose, and milk temperature can be adjusted. You can effortlessly tailor drinks to each customer’s preference with the machine handling all steps of the brewing process for you.

The Prontobar Touch has something that makes it different from its competitors, though. It’s available in a one-step or two-step configuration. If you want a slightly more hands-on experience for your employees, choose a two-step design; this will require employees to combine the milk and espresso once both are completed.

If you want the most user-friendly design possible, go with a one-step configuration. That means the machine will take care of everything, including combining the milk and espresso for you.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $12,600
  • Machine Type: Super automatic
  • Boilers: Dual
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 1
  • Specialized Steel Burrs: The burrs in the Prontobar Touch are made from specialized steel, which means they’ll last even longer.
  • Customizable Drink Menu: You can tweak the order of drinks in the menu, making it easier for employees to navigate.
  • Auto-On and Off Times: It can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, so no one will forget to shut it off when it’s time to close up shop.
  • Automatic Washing Program: Like many other super automatic machines, the Prontobar Touch can save you time spent on maintenance with its integrated automatic cleaning program.

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Miele CM 6350

 Miele CM 6350

Another great luxury machine for home users is the Miele CM 6350. Miele’s specialty is making machines designed to bring high-tech brewing to people at home.

It’s a super automatic espresso and coffee machine. That means it will handle all steps of the brewing process for you. It even has a built-in grinder so you can enjoy freshly ground coffee time and time again – just like what you’d get from a coffee shop.

What we love about this one is that it can also make two drinks at the same time. If you and someone else want a drink, there won’t be a long wait to get both of them – provided they are the same drink, they can be prepared simultaneously.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $2,299
  • Machine Type: Super automatic
  • Boilers: Unspecified
  • Pre-Infusion: Unspecified
  • Groups: 1
  • OneTouch for Two: This Miele can prepare two cups at the same time, allowing you to make drinks for friends and family that much quicker.
  • Cup Warmer: It has a built-in cup warmer, so you can preheat mugs before adding your drink to them. This will keep your drinks warmer even longer.
  • System Lock: With just the push of a button, you can lock the Miele’s touchscreen to protect curious children from tampering with the settings.
  • Ground Coffee Chute: You can have two different blends of coffee on hand with the Miele. It has a ground coffee chute that you can use if you don’t want to use the blend of whole bean coffee you have in the hopper.

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Nuova Simonelli Talento

 Nuova Simonelli Talento

The Nuova Simonelli Talento is another machine that we’d recommend for large businesses. Not only does it look sleek and beautiful, but it’s so easy to use, you’ll be able to train new hires on it within several minutes.

It’s a super automatic machine. On the front panel, you’ll find ten different buttons that can each be programmed with two different drink recipes. That’s a menu of 20 total drinks that anyone can prepare just by pushing the right button.

The Talento is ultimately about consistency. On top of reducing human error by automating the drink-making process, it has a thermo-compensated brew group to protect your drinks from unexpected temperature fluctuations. It also has an infusion chamber that’s controlled by an encoder to ensure that it’s in the best position during and after brewing.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $16,250-17,100
  • Machine Type: Super automatic
  • Boilers: Dual
  • Pre-Infusion: Yes
  • Groups: 1
  • Programmable Buttons: With 10 programmable buttons that can each hold two recipes, you can have up to 20 drinks available at your fingertips.
  • Adjustable Spout: The Talento’s spout raises or lowers, so you can brew directly into cups of just about any size. That way, you can offer different drink sizes on your menu.
  • Auto-On and Off Time: Never forget to turn the Talento on or off again with its programmable auto-on and off times.
  • Self-Diagnostic System: Do you hate troubleshooting when something is wrong with an appliance? The Talento can diagnose its own technical issues for you, so you won’t have to deal with frustrating time wasted on troubleshooting.

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Wrap Up 

When people hear the word “expensive,” it’s normally viewed as detriment and a deterrent. In the case of espresso machines, though, a higher cost is oftentimes associated with a better product. You’ve likely heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.”

While there are definitely quality budget machines available, there’s also a correlation between the number of extra advanced features and an espresso machine’s price. The ones we included on this list may seem costly up front, but this is because they’re also high-tech and contain a bevy of advanced features.

Let us help you pick the best equipment for your needs. Give us a call at 888-978-5224 or click the link below. 

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