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best 1 group commercial espresso machines

Are you a small business searching for the best espresso machine?

A one-group espresso machine might be perfect for your situation. Machines with a single group are usually budget-friendly and great for allowing you to focus on one drink at a time.

This guide will show you the best 1-group espresso machines. We’ll also explain why any of these machines is a great buy.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why buy a one-group machine?
  • Types of espresso machines
  • How to pick the espresso machine that’s best for you
  • Our choices for the best 1-group espresso machines


There’s a common misconception that is more is better. While that may be correct in some cases, in others, it’s not.

For example, it’s true that espresso machines with more groups can make more espressos at once. This makes them faster than one-group machines, but they also tend to be more expensive.

One-group machines are oftentimes more affordable, and they also allow users to focus on one drink at a time, heightening the quality of each cup you make. 

This makes single-group machines a wise choice for many small businesses.



One of the first qualities you’ll find out about any espresso machine is whether it’s automatic or semiautomatic. 

Automatic machines are wonderful for beginners because they will end the brew cycle for you at the right time. This will allow you to work on something else at the same time, such as steaming milk or attending to customers.

Semiautomatic machines need to have their extraction process started and stopped by their users. This means they take some more time to get the hang of, but you can pull ristretto shots or long shots as needed, tailoring each drink as necessary.

Which one you should choose will largely depend on your or your employees’ comfort level and your budget. 

Automatic machines are easier to master, but they are typically more expensive. Semiautomatic machines take some more time to learn, but they can also be more affordable.


Although you may see other types of boilers, heat exchange (HX) or dual boilers are particularly common.

Both types will make it possible to steam and brew at the same time. The way they achieve this the difference.

Heat exchange boilers are single-boiler systems that siphon water for brewing to the group head and store steaming water outside of the brewing tube that runs through the boiler. 

Dual boilers have boilers for brewing and boilers for steaming. 

Each kind of boiler design has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Heat exchange boilers have a shorter heat-up time because only one boiler needs to be warmed when you turn them on. You will need to run the group head briefly before brewing, though, to make sure the water in the group head is up to temperature.

Dual boiler systems are legendarily powerful. The main drawbacks are that they’re less energy-efficient because they must heat up more than one boiler and they can be more of an expenditure initially.


Hydration is important for people and espresso machines alike. 

With direct-connect machines, they’re attached to a water supply so their tanks are never emptied because they refill automatically. 

Pour-over machines have to be replenished manually, in contrast. 

Again, which one is better for you is in the end a matter of preference, but direct-connect machines are almost always the best for commercial settings.

They’re easy to maintain, and your customers’ orders won’t be delayed by an untimely refill. It’s also simple to install a water filter or softener in them, which reduces scaling that could damage your machine.

But pour-over machines are portable because they don’t need a water line connection, and they can function anywhere. This design is really beneficial for mobile businesses like caterers and coffee carts.


There are a variety of reasons one expresso machine is better for you than another, even if on the surface they’re similar. 

Basically, single-group espresso machines are better suited for businesses with a lower volume of espresso orders, but there are other reasons why one might be the superior match for you.

For instance, businesses with a high rate of turnover might be drawn to how easy an automatic machine is to use. 

Specialty coffee shops who want to be able to craft unique drinks might want to consider semiautomatic machines because of their flexibility. 

If you need to be able to move your machine around, the portability of a pour-over machine could be indispensable to you.

But if convenience is of the utmost importance, you can’t get much more convenient than a direct-connect machine that you’ll never need to refill. 

The bottom line is: even single-group machines come with differences in features that can make one more suitable for you than another. Make sure you consider how each one will benefit you specifically.





The Rocket Dual Boiler R58 gives users the power to perfect each drink.

Boiler and pressure gauges built on the front of the machine give you the information you need to make sure all temperatures are optimal. If they’re not, you can easily tweak the temperatures of either the group or boilers to exactly what you need them to be. 

This level of control means you’ll be able to tailor each drink to your or your customers’ needs.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $3,000
  • Machine Type: Semiautomatic
  • Boiler: Dual boiler
  • Plumbing: Pour-over with direct-connect convertibility
  • E-61 Commercial Group: Thermal stability is increased, as water is continuously circulated between the group and the boiler. 
  • External PID Temperature Controller: Easily make adjustments to group and boiler temperatures to enhance any coffee profile you desire.
  • Low Water Sensor: If you’re using the machine as a pour-over machine, a light will flash to notify you when your water is getting too low, so you won’t be able to forget to refill it.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Case: The casing for the R58 is incredibly sturdy, but also sleek and shiny.

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You can depend on the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi 2 to deliver consistent quality.

You’ll be able to make precise one-degree changes to the group through the intuitive touchpad. The group and boiler pressure readouts are combined to one convenient dual manometer on the front, so you can watch the pressure in the machine with one glance.

The fault diagnosis alarm system is an added benefit that protects your machine by notifying you the moment a system failure occurs.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $2,575
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Boiler: Dual boiler
  • Plumbing: Direct-connect
  • Output Capacity: With the ability to make up to 20 espressos per hour, this machine is more than fast enough for small coffee shops.
  • Rotary Pump: Customers will be able to relax without the quiet pump in this machine interrupting them.
  • Fault Diagnosis Alarms: You’ll always be aware of any issues with the machine, as the diagnostic alarms will let you know instantly when there’s a failure you need to address.
  • Dual Manometer: Keep an eye on both group and boiler pressure by glancing at one gauge.



The Nuova Simonelli Musica is the whole package – beauty and function in one.

It’s exceptionally flexible, since it’s available as pour-over or direct-connect, and on either of these configurations you can opt for LED edges that keep your workspace or countertop softly illuminated.

Contributing to its flexibility, you can program doses in advance for automated brewing, or you can use its manual dosing to end the brew cycle yourself. This makes the ability of semiautomatic machines to experiment with drinks and the consistency of automatic machines available in one pretty package.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $2,245 (Pour-over without LEDs), $2,515 (Pour-over with LEDs), $2,925 (Direct-Connect without LEDs) or $3,240 (Direct-Connect with LEDs)
  • Machine Type: Automatic + manual dosing button
  • Boiler:  Heat exchange
  • Plumbing:  Available as direct-connect or pour-over
  • Boiler Insulation: The insulation on the boiler makes the Musica work smarter instead of harder, so it consumes less energy to keep itself up to temperature.
  • Articulating Steam Wand: Reposition the wand to wherever you need so you can steam from the ideal angle for creating milk foam.
  • Indicator Lights: On the pour-over configuration, these lights will notify you when water levels get too low. They also let you know when the heating element is on, so you know when it’s safe to perform maintenance without being burnt.
  • Reverse Mirror: A perfect example of form meets function, the backplate’s shiny surface is reflective enough to serve as a mirror you can visually monitor each shot through.

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Even as a compact machine, the La Spaziale S1 Dream still comes with a lot of terrific features packed in.

Its stainless steel front and back panels look stylish while also providing a durable shell to protect the machine. Its swiveling steam wand is also made from the same sturdy steel, and can be moved to froth milk from whichever angle you need.

The PID temperature controller will give you a high degree of control, allowing you to make temperature changes in precise one-degree increments.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $2,095
  • Machine Type: Automatic
  • Boiler: Dual boiler
  • Plumbing:  Pour-over
  • PID Temperature Controller: Ensure you always have the ideal temperature using the PID controller to make tweaks as small as one degree Fahrenheit.
  • Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Wand: On top of its durable build, the steam wand can be comfortably moved to the angles you need to make smooth microfoam in your milk.
  • Barista Lights: Low-light settings won’t impact your baristas’ ability to see what they’re doing as they work.
  • Memory Card Reader and Writer: Program up to 4 different drink profiles for future use in the Dream’s memory card.

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The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is the next step above the already well-known Oscar I.

It’s built with stainless steel panels which are long-lived and give the machine an air of professionalism. You also have the option of choosing red or black accents on the Oscar II, so you can make sure it blends in to the color scheme in your business.

This machine is designed with a powerful heat exchange boiler and extended steam arm. You’ll be able to reach deeper into milk pitchers for greater heat distribution and create the smoothest foam to top off a cappuccino or latte with.

  • Majesty Coffee Price: $1,295
  • Machine Type: Semiautomatic
  • Boiler: Heat exchange
  • Plumbing: Pour-over
  • Cup Warmer: Store your cups right on top of the machine to save on storage space and keep them warm so drinks won’t rapidly cool in them.
  • Push-Pull Steam: Long hours of steaming won’t hurt your wrists, as the steaming function is turned on or off with the flick of a lever.
  • Extended Articulating Steam Arm: This extra-long steam arm lets you reach further into large milk pitchers to ensure even heat distribution.

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