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Our Top Picks (Updated Feb16th 2024)

Don't have time to read? Skip right to our top picks for dual boiler espresso machines below. We rigorously test each espresso machine and rely on real customer feedback to ensure we recommend only the best.

 Best Dual Boiler Espresso Machines

Whether you’re a coffee shop focused on serving customers espresso, or a business like a hotel or restaurant that offers the occasional coffee, you don’t want your customers to have to wait long.

Dual boiler espresso machines are known for their legendary steam power that makes crafting milk-based espresso drinks a speedy affair. That’s why we wrote this guide about the best dual boiler commercial espresso machines.

This is what we’ll discuss:

  • Why you should get a dual boiler commercial espresso machine
  • Espresso machine types and features
  • How to choose the best machine for your business
  • Our picks for the best dual boiler commercial espresso machines


Don't have time to read? Here's a quick summary of our favorite dual boiler espresso machines and blurbs on why we chose them...

  • Top Pick for Commercial Use: La Marzocco GB5 - It has three group heads for maximum output, a wide enough workspace to accommodate multiple baristas, and integrated lighting so baristas can see what they're doing.
  • Top Pick for Home Use: Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler - Easy-to-use controls, compact size, and an affordable price make this one an easy favorite for home users. 
  • Top Pick Under $2,000: Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler


No one really likes waiting in lines. 

What a dual boiler machine is designed to accomplish is speed. With one boiler dedicated to steaming and one dedicated to brewing, these types of espresso machines are built to generate perfect microfoam fast.

What this means is you’re able to hand the cup to your customer even quicker. These machines work both hard and smart, breezing through lines of customers with ease.

This is the type for you when you want to keep your lines moving fast. If you'd like to see some of our fastest espresso machines, be sure to also check out our list of the top commercial espresso machines.



What makes a dual boiler system special? 

One of the best ways to answer that question is to compare it with the alternatives. 

In a commercial setting, dual boiler and heat exchange boiler are the two main systems you’ll come across. This is because both of them are pretty fast at putting together drinks by allowing you to steam and boil at the same time.

Heat exchange boilers use a tube in the boiler to carry brewing water to the group. Steaming water is kept outside of this tube. 

Dual boilers, like their name says, have one boiler with steaming water and another with brewing water. This design contributes to an increased steam power, generating the silky milk foam for a cappuccino in almost no time at all.

Heat exchange boiler systems are also powerful, but depending on their size, they might be less powerful than a dual boiler design. They are, however, a little bit faster when it comes to initial heat-up time because they are only bringing one boiler up to temperature as opposed to two.


Automatic, semiautomatic, and superautomatic refer to how much an espresso machine does for you. 

Automatic and semiautomatic are the most common types, but superautomatic machines are becoming more popular. 

So what are the differences between all these types?

Semiautomatic espresso machines are bit more like the espresso machines of the past. The user has complete control over brewing the shot, choosing when to initiate and finish the brew cycle.

Because of this control, it takes real skill to use a semiautomatic machine and make great espresso consistently. But this type has many fans because of its ability to customize shots on the fly.

Automatic machines only require users to start brewing the shot. Once the cycle is complete, they’ll automatically stop brewing at the right time.

This type is especially trendy right now because it’s so easy to use, and you’ll get consistently good espresso every day.

But the peak of user-friendliness belongs to superautomatic machines. 

With every other type, you still have to grind espresso, tamp the grounds, and manually steam the milk. Superautomatic machines will typically do all of this for you. 

The reason they’re steadily becoming more common is that you can literally train employees to use them in minutes. Some are so easy, you can even set them out on counters as self-service machines for customers.


Sometimes, no matter how wonderful a particular espresso machine sounds, it’s not perfect for every environment.

In fact, there are so many types and variations available because every business and home is unique, and a machine that would be fantastic for one application might struggle in another setting.

You want the espresso machine that’s a real match for your business, and you can start your search by thinking about things like this:

  • Employee expertise
  • Budget
  • Aesthetics
  • Size


Coffee shops aren’t the only businesses with espresso machines anymore. 

If your business isn’t coffee-focused, such as a restaurant, café, or hotel, chances are your employees won’t have a lot of experience using espresso machines. Even once you purchase one, there’s a possibility they won’t use it enough to become espresso experts.

Automatic and superautomatic machines are awesome in these types of environments. Anyone can use a superautomatic machine – even potentially your customers.

But if you want your employees to have more control over the process, then you can get a lot of user-friendliness from an automatic espresso machine, too. 


Are you looking to spend the most amount of money possible on your espresso machine?

Most likely, your answer to that question is no. Like with many other things, you’ll probably want the best deal possible when it comes to this purchase.

Before you begin searching for an espresso machine, outline what your budget looks like. The good thing about the wide variety of espresso machine types out there is that they also come in all kinds of prices, so you can find one for just about any budget out there.

If your budget is more expansive, however, consider moving price further down your list of priorities.

When you stop focusing on only the cost, you’re able to spend more time considering how features could benefit you not just now, but in the future – especially if you’re planning on growing your business.


It’s true that it’s the inside that counts, even for espresso machines – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also factor in how one looks before you buy it.

Nowadays, the way a business looks is truly part of its brand. You’ll have a logo, a color scheme, and a particular décor you use that sticks in your customers’ memories.

Your espresso machine can help bolster your image. How?

Well, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are sleek with all-metallic exteriors that simply scream professional, while others use colored accents and cutouts that would add a taste of the artistic to any counter. 

Looks probably won’t be the most important thing you consider, but they are still worth considering from both your and your customers’ perspectives.


Unless you’re a coffee shop, your focus may not be on espresso, so you may not have the most room for an espresso machine.

That’s why we recommend figuring out potential places for your machine and measuring those places beforehand. If you know exactly how much room you have to work with, you’ll be able to select a machine that will comfortably fit right in.

Because espresso machines are so varied, you won’t have a problem finding one that fits anywhere you need it to.


Slayer Espresso One Group

Slayer Espresso One Group The Slayer Espresso One Group is a purist's dream espresso machine, designed to deliver exceptional coffee and espresso brewing experiences. This single-group espresso machine features the same commercial group, brew actuator, needle valve assembly, and steam valves as the more extensive 2-group and 3-group models. It also incorporates additional innovative features that elevate its capabilities. One remarkable aspect of the Slayer Espresso One Group machine is its touchscreen interface, which enables precise flavor profiling and temperature control. This cutting-edge feature ensures a smooth and consistent brewing process, resulting in a perfect cup of coffee or espresso every time. The espresso machine also includes superior components such as patented needle valve technology, which allows accurate control over water flow into the coffee bed. This unique feature contributes to the extraction of ultimate sweetness and a syrupy body in the espresso. Additionally, a pre-heat coil is introduced to stabilize the temperature in the brew tank, providing optimal brewing conditions. In terms of functionality, the Slayer Espresso One Group machine boasts individual brew and steam tanks. This setup allows baristas to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously, resulting in efficient service and high-quality beverages. Furthermore, the digital touchscreen menu offers a modern and easy-to-use interface for brewing adjustments and programming settings. Customization possibilities are also available, allowing you to choose distinct body panel colors, metal finishes, and wood sets (actuators, handles, and cup rails) to best suit your aesthetic preferences. In the interest of sustainability, a power saver schedule is incorporated into the Slayer Espresso One Group machine. This feature automatically powers the device on and off according to your set schedule. Additionally, a shot mirror improves visibility during the brewing process, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the extraction. The Slayer Espresso One Group features an electronic V3 group head rated to 1 million cycles, a commercial portafilter with an 18-gram basket, and nanotech-coated precision shower screens that heighten the brewing experience. With wooden handles and actuators, a hot water tap, and non-slip feet, this espresso machine is both stylish and practical. Overall, the Slayer Espresso One Group machine is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, versatile, and customizable espresso maker that delivers flavorful coffee, consistent results, and a user-friendly experience.

SanRemo You Espresso Machine

SanRemo YOU Espresso Machine

The SanRemo You Espresso Machine is a high-quality dual-boiler espresso machine made by the Italian coffee equipment brand SanRemo. It offers excellent control over the entire brewing process, enhanced by its customizable and storable extraction profiles. Users can choose from 6 standard profiles with optimal parameters presets, 12 fully customizable profiles, and settable manual profiles directly from the paddle.

Constructed with both coffee and service boilers in AISI 316 stainless steel, the SanRemo You ensures constant stability and optimal pressure even after prolonged dispensing, thanks to its electronic control of pressure and temperature. This dual-boiler espresso machine is perfect for those looking to brew delectable shots of espresso with rich flavor and consistent quality.

One of the highlights of the SanRemo You is its versatility, as it offers three configuration options: with a tank, with connection to the water mains, or a full option that includes both possibilities. The machine also features a new generation volumetric pump with a capacity of 70 liters, allowing for precise profiling and unbeatable control over the extraction process.

Energy efficiency is another noteworthy aspect of the SanRemo You Espresso Machine. It provides two eco-modes, automatic and manual, ensuring minimal energy consumption. The ergonomic design of this machine, with start/stop levers to activate water and steam, as well as cold touch steam and water wands, make it a joy to use for brewing espresso and steaming milk for lattes.

While the SanRemo You comes with a premium price tag, it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for those who value exceptional control, performance, and consistency in their espresso-making experience. This dual-boiler espresso machine combines cutting-edge technology, unparalleled customization options, and a sleek Italian design to deliver top-notch espresso beverages every time.

Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL162T

Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL162T

The Lelit Bianca V3 is a luxurious and innovative dual boiler espresso machine. Designed in Italy, this machine was built with the input of professional baristas and two years of research at a prestigious espresso academy. The primary focus of the Lelit Bianca V3 is flow control, ensuring precise brew pressure and ultimately, high-quality espresso shots

Equipped with a PID-controlled dual boiler, the Bianca V3 offers excellent temperature control and stability for consistently excellent espresso extractions. The machine also features a rotary pump, delivering smooth and quiet operation. The 2.5L reservoir is not only large but can also be positioned on either side of the machine or removed entirely for direct plumb-in.

One of the standout features of the Bianca V3 is its manual brew pressure via a flow control paddle located on top of the legendary E61 group head. This wooden paddle allows users to adjust the brew pressure during the shot extraction, giving them full control over the flavor profile of their espresso. The group head pressure gauge and built-in shot timer provide helpful feedback for achieving the perfect espresso.

In terms of quality and design, the Bianca V3 showcases a sleek stainless steel body and beautiful walnut wood accents for a premium look and feel. The design also allows for easy access to the interior, simplifying maintenance and repair. The machine comes with both a bottomless and double spouted walnut portafilter, a Lelit stainless steel and aluminum tamper, various filter baskets, and accessories to help you perfect your espresso-making skills.

The powerful boilers, with a 0.8L brew boiler and a 1.5L steam boiler, heat up quickly and efficiently, ensuring a steady supply of steam for milk frothing. Whether you're working with light, city, or dark roasts, the Lelit Bianca V3 allows for experimentation and customization to produce your ideal espresso shot. Its exceptional performance and quality have earned it a place among the top innovative espresso machines in the industry.

In summary, the Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL162T is a feature-packed and well-crafted machine that delivers excellent results for home baristas and espresso enthusiasts. Its focus on flow control and pressure profiling, combined with its elegant design and user-friendly features, make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a premium espresso experience.

Rocket Espresso R Nine One Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso R Nine One Espresso Machine

The Rocket Espresso R Nine One Espresso Machine is a high-quality espresso maker designed to provide a top-notch experience for coffee enthusiasts. It features dual boilers with a 1.9-liter brew boiler and a 3.6-liter steam boiler, both made of stainless steel for durability and excellent temperature management. The saturated group ensures a fully-circulated water path for consistent shot temperatures.

This espresso machine offers programmable pressure profiling, allowing users to create up to 5 custom profiles for any coffee recipe. With the user-friendly color touchscreen and group-mounted control knob, programming shot profiles is a breeze. Additionally, the R Nine One is equipped with a PID controller for precise electronic temperature control, supporting easy adjustments for different coffee types.

In terms of convenience, the R Nine One includes volumetric dosing, enabling users to program shot length by the milliliter for each pressure profile. The auto-on timer feature allows for programming up to 2 heat cycles every day, ensuring the machine is ready when needed. A sturdy stainless steel case, frame, and portafilters provide a solid build and a premium look.

With a 2.5-liter reservoir and the option to convert between an internal reservoir or plumbed-in water source, the R Nine One adapts to various settings. The machine also features a solenoid valve, a cup warmer, and a 58mm portafilter size. Its boiler design supports double boiler functionality. It comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty covered by Rocket Espresso.

Overall, the Rocket Espresso R Nine One Espresso Machine is an excellent choice for people who want to bring the best of commercial espresso machine features into their home or small commercial environments. Its advanced temperature management, programmable pressure profiling, and durable stainless steel construction make it a reliable and versatile option for coffee lovers.

Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto RE791R3A11

Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto RE791R3A11

The Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto RE791R3A11 is an ideal choice for home use, offering a fantastic combination of performance and design. The stainless steel build not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also ensures durability for years to come.

This dual boiler espresso machine offers precise and consistent temperature control, thanks to its dual independently operated PID controlled boilers. With the ability to adjust the temperature for optimum extraction, you can enjoy the captivating aroma and rich, smooth body of your favorite coffee types and roast styles.

The R58 Cinquantotto comes with a large 2.5-liter water reservoir, which can be easily monitored and refilled with its low water sensor and easily accessible top cover. Additionally, the machine can be direct plumb connected, allowing for a continuous water supply without the need to refill the tank.

A variety of settings are available, including a PID controller for group boiler and steam boiler temperature adjustment, a pre-infusion system, and stainless steel hot water and steam wands. The E61 commercial group ensures an unparalleled espresso experience by consistently delivering the right water temperature and pressure.

Some key features of the Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto include:

  • Redesigned angled feet
  • Stainless steel case and cup guard
  • Boiler and group pressure gauges
  • Rotary pump
  • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
  • Stainless steel backflush disk

Weighing 64 lbs, this espresso machine is undoubtedly a heavy-duty addition to your home. Nonetheless, the user-friendly design and exceptional performance make it an investment worth considering. With a three-year warranty for parts and labor support, you can trust the quality and reliability of the Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto RE791R3A11.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine 0995P-A-EVOLED

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine 0995P-A-EVOLED

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine 0995P-A-EVOLED is a top-quality dual boiler espresso machine, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy making lattes, cappuccinos, and various other espresso-based beverages. This modern home machine combines a traditional design with state-of-the-art features to create an exceptional espresso experience.

The Vetrano 2B Evo is equipped with a PID display with a shot timer, stainless steel body shell, frame, and mushroom, as well as gigleur valve, for enhanced durability. Its no-burn stainless steel steam and hot water arms ensure that users don't accidentally burn themselves while using the machine. The machine has a rotary pump that is vertically placed to prevent motor issues and allows easy access through a tab on the right panel.

A water reservoir with a low water sensor is also included for seamless operation. This dual boiler espresso machine has large stainless steel boilers to provide longevity and consistent temperature control for the perfect espresso and steam production. Dual boilers remove the need for cooling flushes and ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of your espresso when steaming milk simultaneously. The Vetrano 2B Evo is capable of running on 15 or 20 amps and offers a PID temperature controller for precise control over the group and steam boilers. The LCD display on the Vetrano 2B Evo provides valuable information regarding boiler pressure, power, and heater status. It also features a brushed aluminum faceplate and LED screen for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

The machine comes with a 2-hole steam tip, a 4-hole steam tip, single and double spout portafilters, a wooden tamper, drain kit, and plumb kit to ensure you have everything you need for a great espresso experience. The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine offers customization, allowing you to make it your own. The accessory kit includes a single and a double spout portafilter with insert baskets, matching tamper, and color-matched brew lever, steam, and hot water knobs. Installation of the kits is handled during bench testing, so your Vetrano 2B Evo will arrive ready for use.

With its superior features, robust design, and precise control, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo is a fantastic choice for any home barista or small restaurant. With its dual boiler system, convenient rotary pump, and PID control, it offers consistent results, even for those who prefer to make multiple espressos within a short time frame. Its polished stainless steel finish adds a striking and sophisticated touch to any kitchen or coffee setup.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine 0992P-A-EVO

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine 0992P-A-EVO

The Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine 0992P-A-EVO is a high-quality dual boiler espresso machine designed for use in both home and office environments. With its stainless steel construction and modern PID display, this machine is not only visually appealing but also offers great functionality and performance.

One of the most notable features of the QM67 Evo is its dual insulated copper boilers, which provide improved temperature stability. The machine is equipped with an Eco-Friendly Standby Mode, making it energy efficient. Both boilers can be controlled by a single PID controller, allowing users to monitor and adjust the temperature of the coffee and steam boilers separately. This ensures that both espresso extraction and milk steaming can be done simultaneously, resulting in quicker beverage preparation and increased consistency.

The QM67 Evo is equipped with a variety of convenience features, such as an LED indicator, a hinged cover for easy refilling of the water tank, and an easy-to-adjust expansion valve. The heat exchanger system allows users to brew and steam simultaneously, enhancing the overall efficiency of the machine.

When it comes to brewing, this machine has a programmable offset differential, a commercial-grade E-61 group head, and 58 mm portafilters, which includes both single and double spouted options, as well as a blank for backflushing. The group head, combined with a microfoam-producing steam wand and hot water spout, guarantees excellent espresso extraction and milk texturing capabilities.

Several accessories accompany the QM67 Evo, such as a stainless steel cup warmer, a large pull-out stainless drip tray, and a water reservoir with a 3-liter capacity. The machine also comes with two portafilters, one single and one double, to accommodate different espresso preferences.

With a height of 16.50 inches, a width of 11.00 inches, and a depth of 17.00 inches, the Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine 0992P-A-EVO is compact enough to fit in most kitchen or office spaces. Its polished stainless steel exterior contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the machine, making it an attractive addition to any environment.

In conclusion, the Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine 0992P-A-EVO is an excellent dual boiler espresso machine option for both home and office users looking for a compact, stylish, and efficient machine that delivers consistent, high-quality espresso beverages.

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine VIVALDI-II

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine VIVALDI-II

The La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II is an exceptional dual boiler espresso machine, perfect for small to medium-sized restaurants, home users, small cafes, and small offices. It is praised for its ease of use, allowing even beginners to create cafe-quality espresso drinks at the press of a button. This espresso machine features a powerful dual boiler, programmable pre-infusion, and precise temperature control, enabling home baristas to perfect their skills and create the ideal espresso recipe for any coffee profile. Its small footprint makes it suitable for low-volume cafes and small offices. The Vivaldi II combines volumetric dosing with programmable features like pre-infusion and machine temperature adjustment, giving users total control of results. It also has built-in safety mechanisms and an expertly designed system to reduce maintenance headaches while delivering superior espresso consistently. Some key features of the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine include:
  • Dual Boiler: Two separate boilers for steaming and brewing so you can brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously.

  • Volumetric Dosing: Select single and double dose buttons to brew, automatically stopping at the correct volume for consistency.

  • Programmable Passive Pre-Infusion: Set pre-infusion duration between 1 to 8 seconds, tailoring espresso recipes to specific tastes.

The machine comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty, offering peace of mind for users. It is also a plumbable machine, allowing for a direct water line connection which is an advantage for commercial settings or high usage cases. However, it does not have a built-in grinder, so a separate grinder will be needed to ensure a consistent grind for optimal extraction and crema. In terms of performance and manual control, the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II excels with its group temperature adjustment through the touchpad, allowing for precise incremental adjustments. The rotary pump ensures quiet operation, making it ideal for low-noise environments. Overall, the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine is a top choice for those seeking an affordable, high-quality dual boiler espresso machine with advanced features and excellent performance, without compromising simplicity and ease of use.

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine M-VIVALDI-II

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine M-VIVALDI-II

The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II is a top-quality dual boiler espresso machine designed for home or small office use. With a sale price of $2,195.00, this machine strikes a balance between performance, reliability, and affordability. Its programmability, size, and overall features make it a go-to choice for those who appreciate cafe-quality espresso at home.

Featuring a dual boiler, the Mini Vivaldi has a 0.45 liter coffee boiler and a 1.2 liter steam boiler, allowing users to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously without compromising temperature stability. The machine is designed to eliminate bitter notes often associated with single boiler machines, ensuring consistent brew temperature for precise espresso extraction.

The Mini Vivaldi offers volumetric dosing adjustable through the touch pad, which allows users to program and customize the brewing process to their preference. Additionally, the machine boasts a one-degree group temperature adjustability, ensuring precise control over the brewing process.

The S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine is known for its quiet performance, featuring an extremely quiet vibratory pump. Its sleek design includes a swivel stainless steel steam arm, two 53 mm portafilters (single and double), and a 2.4-liter manual fill water tank. The machine also comes with a built-in safety thermostat, safety cut out on vibratory pump, and semi-automatic hot water delivery.

The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II can work in either 15 amp or 20 amp mode, depending on the user's preference. The machine's compact size, measuring 15 inches in height, 16.5 inches in width, and 16.5 inches in depth, makes it suitable for those short on kitchen space.

As an alternative to Mini Vivaldi, consider the Profitec Pro 700 and ECM Synchronika, which also offer excellent performance as double boiler espresso machines.

In summary, the La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine M-VIVALDI-II is a reliable and consistent dual boiler espresso machine ideal for home or small office use. Its programmability, temperature stability, and overall features make it an excellent choice for espresso lovers who value quality and convenience.

Lelit Mara X V2 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL62X

Lelit Mara X V2 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL62X

The Lelit Mara X V2 is a revolutionary dual boiler espresso machine that combines performance, user-friendliness, and a sleek design. It is known for its stainless steel body, compact size, and semi-commercial qualities. The Mara X V2 is perfect for home baristas who want to produce excellent espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

The machine highlights a dual PID adjustable temperature sensor within the stainless steel boiler and heat exchanger to maintain precise temperature control. The E61 group head is housed within the Mara X's aesthetic stainless steel body, ensuring consistency and stability in temperature.

The Mara X V2 features two PID sensors that monitor temperature stability, allowing for higher quality espresso extractions. This espresso machine is also equipped with a thermosiphon double-cycle system that keeps the brew group and boiler at the perfect temperatures.

The Lelit Mara X V2 is a user-friendly machine, boasting a power-saving system that decreases pressure in the steam boiler when not in use, preventing needless energy consumption. The machine also incorporates an eco mode that automatically activates after 30 minutes of inactivity, further conserving power. Eco mode can be easily reactivated by simply lifting the brew handle up and down.

Some useful and distinguishing features of the Mara X V2 include height-adjustable feet, allowing the machine to comfortably fit in any kitchen space, and a detachable power plug that can be stored inside the drip tray when not in use. The machine also comes with a portafilter, three filter baskets, a measuring scoop, a cleaning brush, and a high-quality stainless steel and red wood handle tamper.

The Lelit Mara X V2 offers versatility in performance, with the ability to pull a shot and steam milk simultaneously. This is particularly useful for entertaining small groups of people. The espresso machine also has a new custom temperature switch that allows users to choose from three different settings: warm, hot, or extra hot, meeting the preferences for various coffee blends.

The build quality of the Mara X V2 is exceptional, with a stainless steel body, copper internal pipes, and polymer tubing connections. These connections can withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 620°F, ensuring durability and reducing limescale buildup.

In conclusion, the Lelit Mara X V2 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL62X excels in performance, user-friendliness, and design. With its dual boiler system, precise PID temperature control, E61 group head, and modern features like eco mode, it's a superb addition to any home espresso setup.

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La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine VIVALDI-II
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La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine VIVALDI-IILa Spaziale
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La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine M-VIVALDI-II
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La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine M-VIVALDI-IILa Spaziale
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Lelit Elizabeth V3 Dual Boiler PID Espresso Machine PL92T
Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine PL91T-120
Sale price$999.95
Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine PL91T-120Lelit
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LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Reservoir Espresso Machine (Open Box)
Sale price$1,899.00 Regular price$2,695.00
LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Reservoir Espresso Machine (Open Box)LUCCA
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LUCCA A53 Direct Plumb Espresso Machine
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LUCCA A53 Direct Plumb Espresso MachineLUCCA
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LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Reservoir Espresso Machine
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LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Reservoir Espresso MachineLUCCA
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UNIC Stella 2 Group Volumetric STELLA-2G - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$11,873.00 Regular price$13,968.00
UNIC Stella 2 Group Volumetric STELLA-2GUNIC
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UNIC Stella 3 Group Volumetric STELLA-3G-AV - Majesty Coffee
Sale price$15,726.00 Regular price$18,501.00
UNIC Stella 3 Group Volumetric STELLA-3G-AVUNIC

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