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This page contains a full list of espresso machine brands that we carry. It also features brands that manufacture espresso grinders and other accessories.

Selecting the right espresso machine brand can make a world of difference in your espresso-making journey. Some companies specialize in advanced technology, featuring automated systems and built-in grinding capabilities. These high-tech options often come with a plethora of customizable settings, allowing you to fine-tune your coffee to your exact liking. On the other end of the spectrum, some manufacturers cater to novices, offering intuitive designs that streamline the brewing process without sacrificing quality.

Performance and durability are other essential criteria when choosing a machine. High-end professional/commercial espresso makers options often focus on temperature stability and long-lasting construction, making them a favorite in specialty coffee shops and among serious enthusiasts. There are also budget-friendly choices that provide reliability and decent performance, suitable for casual coffee drinkers. 




To elevate your coffee-making experience, it's crucial to invest in complementary accessories:

  1. Quality Grinders: The grinder you choose should offer multiple settings to help you tailor your grind to your machine's specifications.

  2. Tampers: A good tamper ensures even compression of the coffee grounds, which is vital for optimal flavor extraction.

  3. Frothing Pitchers: If you're into lattes and cappuccinos, a high-quality frothing pitcher can help you achieve café-level foam at home.

  4. Cleaning Kits: Proper maintenance extends the life of your machine. Specialized cleaning products can help keep your machine in top condition.

In summary, the brand you select will play a pivotal role in the quality of your home-brewed coffee. Alongside the machine, consider the right accessories, like grinders and tampers, to enhance your brewing experience.

Tony Barlow

Tony Barlow

Majesty Coffee Technical Sales Expert - Meet the Team

Tony Barlow, with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, is the go-to technical sales expert at Majesty Coffee. He's passionate about helping businesses find the right espresso equipment for their needs.