Baratza Espresso Grinders

Baratza creates some of the best burr grinders on the market.  For years, they've been crafting the some best weight-based and time-based grinders. From the ENCORE to the esteemed Sette, our customers love the fact that you can find a high-end grinder for an affordable price.

Located in Seattle, the coffee capital of the US, Baratza focuses on quality and innovation. You can find their grinders all over the world in homes as well as commercial settings.

Not sure exactly what you need? Feel free to contact our team via live chat or e-mail so we can make you a personalized grinder recommendation.

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245 reviews
Amazing grinder

It is worth the price and more,best grinder ever have less than 400,

Great Grinder!

Wonderful upgrade from my old burr grinder. The options are a little overwhelming, but that is a good thing!

Perfect every time

It is actually kind of eerie after 10 years of using a Silvia to get absolutely consistent coffee that gets all the little nuances of flavor. An amazing machine.

Fantastic Machine

This is a huge step up from my beloved Rancilio Sylvia, which was 20 years old. Excellent Machine- with a very gently learning curve. Highly recommended!


I’m a completely self taught barista who got a wild hair to open a small coffee shop in a location that didn’t have one and this machine did not disappoint!! Minus the manual not being friendly to the inexperienced..- with a little research I was elbow deep in milk!!! I pulled about 80 shots my first day and around that much my second! Fantastic machine, if you can eeek out the money!!!