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La Pavoni Europiccola 8 Cup Espresso Machine EPC-8
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La Pavoni Europiccola 8 Cup Espresso Machine EPC-8La Pavoni

Best Home Espresso Machines Under $1000

A lot of the time, when you’re looking to add an appliance to your home, your budget can be a priority.

Buying an espresso machine is no different. That’s why we’ve created this guide to show you the best home espresso machines under $1,000. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the Rancilio Silvia and the La Pavoni Napolitana and why we think they’re a fantastic choice for anyone who needs an espresso machine that’s less than $1,000.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Key features of the Rancilio Silvia and La Pavoni Napolitana
  • The pros and cons of these machines
  • How you’ll know which one to buy

Let’s dive right in.



The most basic feature of any espresso machine is its type, because that will tell you how it functions.

As semiautomatic machines, the Silvia and Napolitana let users begin and end the brew cycle whenever they wish. 

This does mean it can take some time to learn to use the machine and consistently craft perfect espresso shots, but once you’ve gained experience, you’ll be able to personalize your drinks easily.

The main alternative to this design is an automatic machine, which ends the brew cycle for the user. Although these machines are on average simpler to learn, they tend to be more expensive.


At the heart of every espresso machine is its boiler, and the design of the boiler affects the machine’s daily use.

The Napolitana and the Silvia both use a single-boiler design. What does that mean? 

It means either model has only one boiler for both steaming and brewing. This design tends to be cheaper and more energy-efficient because only one boiler needs to be heated up. 

An added benefit is that single-boiler systems generally have a low heat-up time when you turn the machine on. 

However, their biggest disadvantage is that they cannot steam and brew at the same time. With both of these machines, you will need to wait in between steaming and brewing.


With the Rancilio Silvia and La Pavoni Napolitana, you’ll need to manually add water to the tank when it gets too low. 

While some feel this is inconvenient, pour-over machines are preferred by others because they don’t need to be connected to a water line like direct-connect machines. You can use these machines wherever you need them to be.

If you have limited counter space or you think you’ll need to move your espresso machine frequently, you’ll love how portable pour-over machines are.

Note: When using a pour-over machine, we do strongly recommend incorporating a water softener or filter in your use. This will protect the longevity of your purchase by reducing damaging scale buildup.



La Pavoni Napolitana Espresso Machine w/grinder PA-1200

In a nutshell, the Napolitana is an espresso machine designed as an all-in-one model. 

Not only do you have the ability to brew and steam, but you’re also able to grind your espresso, too. This saves you from having to spend extra money getting a separate espresso grinder and allows you enjoy the taste of freshly ground coffee in one convenient location.

Before you buy, you’ll also want to think about the advantages and disadvantages of this machine.

Here are the advantages to the Napolitana:

  • Built-In Grinder: You won’t need to buy a grinder to enjoy freshly ground espresso – there’s one built right into the machine.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Aside from looking sleek, the stainless steel build of the Napolitano makes it especially sturdy.
  • Quiet Pump: Build up the pressure you need without an excessive amount of noise.
  • Coffee Dispensing Technology: Leftover water in the pump is returned to the water tank, cutting down on waste while guaranteeing you the freshest-tasting drink every time.
  • Portability: Brew espresso wherever you need to – this machine isn’t limited to places near a water line.

Here are the disadvantages: 

  • Can’t Steam and Brew at the Same Time: You’ll need to wait in between steaming and brewing with the single-boiler design.
  • Water Tank Maintenance: To prevent damage to the machine, you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t run too low on water. You should use a water softeners and filters to protect it from scale buildup.

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Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine SILVIA-M

Budget-friendly might as well be the Rancilio Silvia’s middle name. 

Price aside, the Silvia is proof that you can get an affordable espresso machine that comes packed with all kinds of useful features. It’s notably great for novices with its removable pod kit that grants users the choice to use pre-ground espresso pods rather than having to grind their own espresso.

Like with all purchases, there are still pros and cons to this machine that you may want to look at.

These are the advantages:

  • Removable Pod Kit: The Silvia’s ability to use pods makes it suitable for those of all skill levels, from experts to novices. Unlike other pod adaptable machines, the pod kit is removable if you decide you no longer wish to use pods.
  • Energy Efficient: The initial cost of an espresso machine isn’t the only economic feature to consider – with the low energy consumption of this machine, you’ll also be saving a bit of money on utility bills.
  • Large Water Tank: With a big 2-liter water tank, you won’t need to worry about having to stop to refill the Silvia every few drinks.
  • Mobility: As a pour-over machine, this model can function from any location you need it to.

These are the disadvantages:

  • Inability to Steam and Brew Simultaneously: Because it has a single-boiler system, this machine cannot steam and brew at the same time. 
  • Water Reservoir Maintenance: Unlike with direct-connect machines that refill themselves automatically, you’ll need to pay attention to the water level on this machine and fill it yourself. You should also consider using water softeners and filters to prevent scaling.

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Since the disadvantages of either the Silvia or the Napolitana are the same, you’ll need to look at their advantages to make your decision.

If convenience is your priority, the Napolitana is a great choice. With its built-in grinder, you can enjoy delicious freshly ground espresso without needing to purchase a grinder independently. 

For beginners, the Silvia might be the better choice. Its removable pod kit means you won’t necessarily have to worry about grinding espresso at all, because you’ll be able to use espresso pods.

Generally, your drinks will taste much better if you use espresso that’s as fresh as possible. But you’ll still get a tasty drink using pods, and if you do decide you no longer want to use them, you can always remove the pod kit.

Another thing to consider is noise. The Napolitana’s pump is designed to operate more quietly while brewing, so if you’re concerned about waking anyone else up in the morning, you’ll appreciate this feature.

At the same time, the Silvia’s thermally wrapped boiler means it consumes less energy during use and will add up to lower utility bills than you might see with other espresso machines.

Here’s the bottom line:

Either one of these machines is excellent for home users. To pick one which will truly be best for you, you should look at their features carefully and decide based on a combination of your own personal preferences and needs.


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