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Nuova Simonelli has been engineering extraordinary coffee and espresso equipment for more than 80 years. Creator of the Aurelia, the official machine of the 2008 World Barista Championship, Nuova Simonelli is a trailblazer defining the future of coffee equipment. With extensive experience and a gleaming reputation, this brand is famous among coffee lovers and espresso competitors. Better still, absolutely anyone can find the perfect coffee grinder and espresso machine thanks to the company’s dedication to designing machines for a wide range of budgets and skills. Bottom line: If you want to enter into a new realm of quality and excellence, this is your brand. 

Get excited about great coffee with a Nuova Simonelli machine.

Exceptional is the minimum for Nuova Simonelli. Majesty Coffee brings you the best that this company has to offer—and the newest. Three key elements define these espresso machines and grinders: quality, user-friendliness, and style. Boasting user-friendly designs to make advanced functions simple, these machines allow anyone to aim high and make stunning espresso drinks of impeccable quality. And because Nuova Simonelli understands that aesthetics are just as important, every machine is a work of art. Check out the LED-lit Musica and the sleek Aurelia Wave. Home espresso enthusiasts, professional baristas, novices, and experts can all find the ideal option that perfectly matches their needs and individual styles.

The sky’s the limit for Simonelli Products.

Nuova Simonelli is always on the cutting edge of technology. Providing coffee shops, high-end espresso bars, restaurants, offices, and your home kitchen with the most exciting features modern machines offer, these are some of the most innovative to hit the market. You’ll find grinders with clump crushers and dual temperature control and espresso machines with everything from espresso-enhancing soft infusion to Pulse-Jet and Smart Water tech. In other words, Nuova Simonelli machines give you the complete control over quality and performance that you’ve always dreamed of. Because you want a machine that delivers the ultimate barista experience.

Let your coffee equipment work for you. Not the other way around. 

Investing in a Nuova Simonelli espresso machine or Nuova Simonelli Espresso grinder guarantees that you’ll get nothing but the highest quality in your coffee and espresso. To find the perfect model for your home or business, compare our espresso machines and coffee grinders and peruse our guides and customer reviews.

The Lowest Prices for Nuova Simonelli Products

When you work with the Majesty Coffee team, you get the highest quality service at the best prices on all of our coffee and espresso equipment. We back this up with our 90-day price guarantee. If you can find a better price, we'll match it or refund you the difference.

Our Customer Reviews Say It All

We take pride in our expert advice and premium customer service. It’s why businesses and home baristas choose Majesty Coffee, and why we work with Nuova Simonelli. The feedback we receive on our Nuova Simonelli machines reflects this company’s stellar reputation and our dedication to bringing you the best of the coffee world. Join the Majesty Coffee family of coffee enthusiasts!

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MajestyCoffee Verified Customer Testomonials

259 reviews
A great purchase every decade

My fourth Stradivari purchase — a great machine, not a lifetime investment. Makes a great espresso, steams a fine latte, looks handsome in the kitchen. The rosewood filter holder handle will crack in a few years from the expanding metal basket insert, and you may want to keep a spare fuse in the cupboard. My last machine served me well for ten years with those part replacements, but ultimately the gaskets started to leak and you couldn’t make two lattes before the steam ran out. Obviously I keep buying this model despite the shortcomings since you have full control over a great pull.

Very hard to pull a good shot

Amazing Grinder!!

Exactly what I needed. A great quality grinder that grinds so perfectly. It was such an amazing price too. I love buying from majesty coffee.

Superb Machine!

Speed, accuracy and consistency of timed dose is excellent. Convenience of single dose with low retention. Easy maintenance! The shot quality is superb. I am quite happy with my purchase.

Compak E10 Conical Grinder

The staff at Majesty Coffee are wonderfully professional. They worked with me regarding providing a commercial pricing quote. Unfortunately, their website contains old information regarding the Compak E10 grinder. I was looking to purchase a Polished Aluminum model which looked to come with a Single Dosing grinder funnel. Both the color option and the dosing funnel were no longer options with the manufacturer. Knowing that, I may have opted with another distributor who had a different color and options in stock, such as a version with a smaller hopper.