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Nuova Simonelli MDXS Doser Grinder Review

Doser grinders bring a unique kind of convenience to the world of espresso grinding. They essentially offer you the ease of use associated with pre-ground coffee bags, minus the lack of freshness those bags are associated with.

The Nuova Simonelli MDXS is an example of an excellent doser grinder. Before you buy it, though, it’s never a bad idea to do some research, and that’s what we’re here for.

In this Nuova Simonelli MDXS grinder review, we’ll take a look at the following topics:

  • The most noteworthy MDXS doser grinder features.
  • Other configurations the grinder comes in.
  • Potential alternative options to the MDXS.
  • A quick overview of the brand, Nuova Simonelli.
  • The prices of the grinders mentioned in this guide.

Let’s begin…

Quick Summary 

Nuova Simonelli MDXS Doser Grinder 

Nuova Simonelli MDXS

The Nuova Simonelli takes the traditional doser grinder design, which can often look clunky, and gives it a refined touch. This sleek and elegant grinder has the company’s legendary flair for beauty, making it something you’ll be proud to display in your home or business. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also made to last, thanks to its durable die-cast body and stainless steel burrs.

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Important Features and Why They Matter 

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

A stepless grinder adjustment system is, put simply, the epitome of flexibility. Instead of being restricted to a narrow selection of grind textures, like on a stepped grinder, stepless adjustment lets you make the smallest possible adjustments to the fineness.

That’s what makes the MDXS doser grinder so great for experienced baristas. You’ll be able to make tweaks to fineness as precise as you’d like them to be.

This does mean it may take some time to learn the grinder if you’re a beginner or if you’re training a new hire. However, there’s a reward to mastering a stepless grinder: unprecedented accuracy.

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Flat Stainless Steel Burrs 

Your grinder’s burrs are the single most important component in the whole system. Everything else in the grinder exists simply to turn the burrs and crush your coffee beans.

In this case, the Nuova Simonelli MDXS has excellent burrs in every regard. For one thing, consider their flat shape, which makes it possible for the grinder to create coffee particles that are perfectly uniform.

Additionally, there’s their material to think about, which is stainless steel. The steel of the burrs grants them a durability that’s unparalleled. These aren’t burrs that are going to break anytime soon.

Then there’s the size. At 65mm in diameter, the MDXS’s burrs are quite generously sized, giving the grinder an increase in speed.

Portafilter Holder 

There’s a portafilter holder built onto the front of the MDXS doser grinder. The benefit to this is immediately apparent: you won’t have to hold the portafilter yourself while using it.

Because you’re not bound to your grinder during operation, you’re able to multitask. Produce a freshly ground shot of espresso and start preparing milk for frothing or carry out a conversation with your customers at the same time.

The choice on what to do with this extra free time is up to you, and it will undoubtedly increase your productivity.

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Die-Cast Aluminum Body 

A coffee and espresso grinder isn’t something you purchase with the anticipation of having to buy a new one anytime soon. When you invest in a good grinder, you fully and rightfully expect it to last you for a long time.

A huge part of longevity comes from the quality of a grinder’s components. The Nuova Simonelli MDXS doser grinder’s quality is unmistakable.

Its body is made from die-cast aluminum, which is much heavier duty than many alternatives. Because of this, it’s far more capable of weathering the rigors of daily wear and tear.

Doser Grinding 

Another category the MDXS doser grinder falls into is obviously doser grinding. But what does that mean, and how will it affect your daily use of the grinder?

A doser is basically just a container that’s attached to your grinder. As coffee beans are ground, the grounds are put into the dosing chamber ahead of time. When you need them, you can dispense them from the doser by pulling its lever.

Doser grinders are designed to put single and double shots of espresso into your hands quickly. They work best when there are long lines of coffee orders, since the coffee is effectively ground in advance.

This setup wouldn’t work quite as well in smaller coffee shops with frequent downtimes. In a really busy setting, however, a doser grinder can excel.

Sound-Dampening Technology 

Do you hate the loud roar of a grinder? If so, you’re not alone – many people find the sound of a coffee and espresso grinder disruptive.

This won’t do at all in an environment like a relaxing coffee shop or quiet office. Fortunately, the MDXS doser grinder has sound-dampening technology built in, which reduces the noise pollution produced by the grinder.

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Different Configurations 

Nuova Simonelli MDXS On Demand Grinder 

Nuova Simonelli MDXS On Demand Grinder

We discussed earlier in this review how doser grinders can be great for consistently busy coffee shops. Their drawback is that they’re not as good a fit in businesses with frequent slow periods. If you don’t use the coffee in your doser hopper quickly, it gets stale and unpalatable.

That’s where the Nuova Simonelli MDXS On Demand Grinder comes in. For the most part, it has all the same features as the doser version, but with one major alteration: it removes the doser container.

This setup is perfect for smaller businesses and even home users. It ensures that coffee and espresso are made fresh to-order every time. Furthermore, it reduces the potential for waste, since you don’t have a doser full of possibly stale grounds to dispose of.

Here are some other intriguing features it offers:

  • LED illumination so baristas can see what they’re doing at all times.
  • An LCD display that’s easy to interact with.
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body.

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Comparable Alternatives 

Mazzer Major 

Mazzer Major

If you’re searching for another attractive doser grinder, the Mazzer Major could be perfect for you. It’s slightly more visually versatile than the MDXS, since it’s available in either black or silver color options.

It also has significantly larger burrs that are 83mm in diameter. Such a big increase in size gives the grinder an extra speed boost and helps it operate at a cooler temperature, since its burrs won’t need to turn as often to grind the same amount of coffee beans.

These are some other noteworthy Major features:

  • An extremely powerful 650-watt motor.
  • A large-capacity 2.7-pound hopper that’s perfect for long periods of grinding.
  • Precise stepless grind adjustment system.

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About the Brand 

Nuova Simonelli is one of the oldest and therefore most experienced manufacturers in the world when it comes to grinders and espresso machines. In addition to consistently producing gorgeous models, they have managed to bring innovations to the market time and time again.

Their machines are so high in quality, in fact, that some of them are used in barista championships around the world. We feel proud to have Nuova Simonelli machines in our store.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

Its pictures may make it look almost small, but the Nuova Simonelli MDXS doser grinder packs a large amount of power into its construction. Its larger burrs, accurate grind adjustment system, and doser design make it perfect for businesses.

We’d recommend this one for small to medium coffee shops, restaurants, or even offices. You could also certainly get it for your home if you felt so inclined, but we don’t know if you’d get as much use out of the doser function at home.

What Customers Say

At this point in time, we don’t have any feedback on the MDXS doser grinder specifically. However, we have received plenty of feedback regarding our other Nuova Simonelli products.

From what customers have had to say about their Nuova Simonelli machines, we can tell that each one is durable, reliable, and produces great-tasting drinks. That’s why we’re sure about the quality of the MDXS, as well.

Pricing Information 

The Majesty Coffee store is filled with the highest quality coffee and espresso gear for fantastic prices. We understand that there’s a wide range of budgets, and we want to be sure that we have something for just about everyone.

We have the Nuova Simonelli MDXS doser grinder in our store for $1,012 and the Nuova Simonelli MDXS On Demand grinder for $1,327.50. Of course, we also have the Mazzer Major for $1,195.

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