Nuova Simonelli MDJ On-Demand Grinder

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Who Should Buy The Nuova Simonelli MDJ On Demand Grinder? 

Medium to Large Coffee Shops

There’s no doubt about it—cafes with medium- to high-volume customer traffic need a high-performance espresso grinder. 

Guaranteeing speedy customer service is one of the specialties of the Nuova Simonelli MDJ On Demand. Sporting massive 75 mm burrs, this model will set your baristas up for success during the rushes. 

To make the finest espresso, Nuova Simonelli pairs micrometrical grind adjustment with an easy-to-use LCD screen. 

Bottom line: This grinder has the power to make the selective barista’s life a lot easier.

Medium to Large Restaurants

Because the MDJ simplifies grinding, it’s the no-nonsense solution for busy restaurants. 

You’ll be able to train your staff to operate this grinder through the intuitive LCD display in no time.

Serve cafe-quality espresso drinks to your customers with the right grinder for the job.


Super quiet due to new silent technologies, the MDJ won’t disturb your hotel guests.

Luxuries are what the hotel experience is all about for the guests. Turn them into loyal customers and attract repeat business with finely crafted espresso.


The MDJ delivers unparalleled consistency.

The Nuova Simonelli MDJ On Demand is the grinder of choice for medium- to higher-volume locations reaching for a new level of quality.

With durable flat steel burrs and an impressive grinding capacity, you’ll get incredibly consistent particle distribution in a fraction of the time compared to many standard grinders.

The MDJ superpower: Unprecedented grind speed, without all the noise.

Nuova Simonelli adds noise-reducing technology to the MDJ, making this grinder one of the quietest professional models available.

Give your staff the tools for success with a user-friendly grinder like the MDJ.

Incorporating the latest electronic display technology, the MDJ is simple and intuitive to use.

The user-friendliness of any tool is paramount to its successful implementation. Employees can utilize the MDJ to its fullest potential at the push of a button.

The MDJ is a creation of Nuova Simonelli, a brand baristas trust.
A veteran of the espresso industry, Nuova Simonelli has been in the game since 1936. Among other awards and recognitions, this brand has earned the title of the World Barista Championship’s official brand.

Nuova Simonelli brings top-tier professional quality to every machine the company makes.

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-Bench Test Machine

-Installation Coordination of Facilities

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-Equipment Maintenance Training-24 Hour Business Day Response

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-Free Installation of Water Softening System

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-1 Year Labor Warranty

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* Beyond Point Charges: If Nuova Distribution USA does not have a service technician within 3 hours driving time of the install location, extra travel charges will apply.

Overtime charges: Installation must occur during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM).

Additional charges will apply for installations outside of regular business hours.


Key MDJ Features and What They Mean

Micrometrical Grind Adjustment

Baristas can adjust the grind in the smallest of increments and dial in the grind with the highest degree of accuracy. Perfect each espresso product with precise grinding, made possible by micrometrical grind adjustment.

75mm Stainless Steel Flat Burrs

The massive diameter of the sturdy stainless steel burrs makes grinding large amounts of coffee a piece of cake. Grind up to 1,500 pounds before needing to replace the burrs.

Sound Dampening Technology

Grinders can be loud. Control the noise level with the quiet grinding technology installed on the MDJ.

LCD Multi-Function Display

The LCD display makes the MDJ 100 percent accessible to all users. Built with the most user-friendly design, this display lets baristas quickly and adeptly adjust the dose, set the grinder to barista modes, and lock the grinder settings in place.

LED Illuminated Work Space

Don’t let a dimly lit environment slow the pace of espresso production. Baristas need to see what they’re doing in detail—enter the LED illuminated work space. The LEDs are located above the coffee chute, creating greater visibility to increase consistency, speed, and quality.

Portafilter Holder

Set the portafilter in place and the MDJ will hold onto it for you while it grinds. Baristas can get started on other drink orders or engage customers in conversation with their attention freed up by this clever feature.

3.5 LB Transparent Bean Hopper

Don’t waste time with small hoppers you’ll need to refill constantly. The MDJ’s 3.5 pound hopper will get you through rushes without slowing down for frequent refills.

Die-Cast Aluminum Body

This model is built to last. The fortified die-cast aluminum body increases the grinder’s longevity, making your investment go further.


Machine Height 24"
Machine Depth 11.5"
Machine Width 8.5"
Machine Weight 38 lbs.
Volts 115V
Watts 575
Amp Draw 5
Power Input Nema 5 - 15

Common Questions and Answers

Q: What does “on demand” grinding mean for the MDJ?

A: On-demand grinding means that you’ll be grinding coffee directly into a portafilter. In other words, an on-demand grinder skips a vessel that holds the coffee grounds and instead directs the ground coffee into the portafilter.

On-demand grinders like the MDJ ensure that only the freshest coffee is being used for the espresso.

Why is fresh coffee important?

Flavor. Coffee flavors deteriorate quickly once ground. 

To limit oxidation and preserve the flavors, you’ll need to get the ground coffee to the portafilter and into the espresso machine as quickly as possible. This is easy with an on-demand grinder.

Grinders with grounds chambers, also called doser grinders, aren’t necessarily bad for freshness. They’re just typically reserved for businesses with the highest level of customer traffic. 

This is because businesses that aren’t doing constant grinding and espresso service probably won’t be able to use all the ground coffee in the chamber at once.

Doserless grinders (like the MDJ) can also be used for high-volume cafes—they just guarantee that the coffee will be fresh every time and minimize wastage as you won’t need to purge large amounts of old grounds from a chamber.

Q: What does micrometrical grind adjustment for the MDJ mean?

A: To understand micrometrical grind adjustment, it’s important to understand the difference between stepped grinders and stepless grinders.

Stepped grinders come with a specific number of fineness settings baristas can choose from. 

While these make finding your grind setting fast, they do limit your options and force you to choose the closest rather than the exact setting you might be looking for.

Micrometrical grind adjustment in the MDJ means that it’s a stepless grinder. This type eliminates the factory presets and instead gives you full control of fineness settings. 

You can spin the dial in infinitely small increments until you get exactly what you want.

This is important for espresso service. Your customers likely expect a high standard of quality—they expect a better latte or Americano than they can make at home.

Micrometrical grind adjustment is one part of the process of guaranteeing maximum precision when dialing in the grind, the key to better espresso.

Q: What does a flat burr grinder do (what is the difference between a flat and conical burr grinder)?

A: This is a great question. Let’s delve into the flat vs. conical burr grinder question from the professional barista’s perspective.

Many baristas will explain their preferences for flat or conical burr grinders in terms of what they do for the espresso.

Let’s start with the conical burr grinder. Utilizing a cone-shaped grinding device and the force of gravity with a vertical path for the flow of the coffee, this grinder creates bimodal particles (coffee particles in two different sizes).

Bimodal particles can be great for creating a traditional espresso experience, or an espresso with accentuated bright notes and a thick, syrupy body.

A flat burr grinder like the MDJ has two horizontally-facing burrs that grind the coffee beans into perfectly consistent particles of uniform size.

A beautiful melding effect of the coffee flavors is the result. If you ask fans of flat burr grinders, they’ll often mention detecting richer bassy notes, contributing to a smooth espresso.

For the most part, what comparing these grinder types comes down to is flavor and what you want to do with the espresso (it’s said that flat burr grinders allow you to experiment more with coffee profiles).

Both grinder types are popular in the espresso industry. Visiting local coffee shops and trying espresso made from different burr grinders is one way to get acquainted with them.

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