Ceado E37S vs Mahlkonig E65S

If your business makes coffee for customers, you’ll want to provide the best-tasting coffee you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel – as one of the products you offer, your coffee should be the best it can be.

That means you’ll need a quality coffee and espresso grinder. Do any research on some of the greatest commercial grinders out there, and we have no doubt you’d eventually come across the names Ceado and Mahlkonig.

The Ceado E37S and Mahlkonig E65S are a pair of grinders that are both prime examples of commercial quality grinding. But which grinder should you choose?

We’ll determine the answer for you by diving into these topics:

  • Key similarities that both the E37S and E65S have.
  • Features that are different between these grinders.
  • Information on the cost of the grinders.
  • Considerations to make before you choose one.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

Its modestly sized hopper gives the Ceado E37S a deceptively underwhelming appearance at first. However, this is one nifty grinder, thanks to its easy worm gear adjustment knob and sleek touchscreen controls. It’s a great match for small to medium businesses or home baristas.

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Mahlkonig E65S


You get kind of the opposite effect with the Mahlkonig E65S; its pictures make it look large, but it’s actually super compact. Its slim construction, low noise pollution, and blazing fast grinding speed make it perfect for large coffee shops that want to save space and protect their atmosphere.

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Doserless Grinding 

Because the Ceado and Mahlkonig are both doserless grinders, you can be totally sure that you’re getting the freshest coffee whenever you use them. To understand how it works, compare them to a doser grinder.

In a doser grinder, there’s essentially an extra step between when your beans are ground and when the grounds actually get dispensed into your portafilter. You grind a batch of coffee in advance into a container called a doser, then dispense the grounds as you need them from the doser.

As you may know, however, coffee grounds start getting stale the moment they’re exposed to the air. When you grind them, you’ll want to use them as soon as possible to ensure the best flavor. In a doser grinder, this may not always be feasible unless you are using your grounds immediately.

The Ceado and Mahlkonig, however, grind exactly as much as you need to-order. No more storing the grounds in advance and risking them becoming stale.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Professional baristas all over the world love stepped espresso grinders. Instead of limiting you to a few preconstructed fineness settings, these grinders let you turn the adjustment dial to any point on the spectrum. The result is the ability to make remarkably minute adjustments to the texture of your grind.

Both the E37S and E65S are stepless systems. Because of this, they’re both precise grinders that your most skilled baristas will be able to truly shine with.

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Black or White Color Options 

It’s not unreasonable to want an espresso grinder in a particular color. Your home and business are places you put a lot of thought into decorating, and you’ll want decorations and appliances that accentuate your environment’s style.

Many grinders only come in one color, rendering them visually inflexible. That’s not the case with the E37S or the E65S, though, which are both available in black and white.

It’s not a game-changing feature, but it’s still a nice touch to have color options at all. You’ll be able to more easily promote a cohesive look in your settings.

Flat Burrs 

We couldn’t talk about espresso grinders without discussing burrs. At the core of every single grinder, burrs crush your coffee beans for you. Their shape can have a massive impact on your grinder.

Both the Ceado and Mahlkonig in this comparison have flat burrs. Because of this, they can produce coffee grounds that are unwaveringly uniform.

So, why is this important? The particle uniformity is great for extraction, leading to a rich and full-bodied flavor in every single drink you make.

Steel Burrs 

Burr shape isn’t the only burr consideration worth discussing. There’s also the burr material to think about, which in this case is steel.

Since the E37S and E65S use steel burrs, you can demand durability from them. Steel burrs will not crack or break if you ever accidentally drop them. They’re also incredibly sharp, which means they’re adept at making short work of your coffee beans.

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Portafilter Holders 

In your business, there are usually tons of different things your baristas could be doing at any time. Running a business is all about multitasking, so you don’t want to have equipment that takes up all your focus for too long.

These grinders are designed to help your baristas multitask. They each have portafilter holders on the front, so your baristas can just set the portafilter in place while the grinder works. Since the grinder will hold it for them, your baristas are free to attend to other matters, increasing their productivity.


Hopper Capacity 

Imagine your business is in the middle of a rush. You’re slammed with lines of customers at the counter, and your baristas are breaking a sweat to power through orders.

This is one of the worst times to need to drop everything for a hopper refill. Not only will it make orders take longer, but it will throw your employees out of rhythm. When you imagine this scenario, you can see why hopper size is important.

Hopper capacity is a category in which the Mahlkonig E65S wins. Its 2.6-pound hopper can hold twice as much as the Ceado E37S’s, allowing it to power through longer rushes with fewer breaks.

Burr Size 

Frequent hopper refills aren’t the only thing that can slow you down. If your grinder has small burrs, this can also result in a slower grinding speed.

The good news is that the burrs in the E37S and E65S are both fairly large. However, there’s no denying the size difference in burrs from one grinder to the other.

The Mahlkoing E65S’s burrs are 65mm and the Ceado E37S’s are 83mm. That makes the Ceado’s burrs almost a full 20mm larger.

While it is far from the only aspect that affects a grinder’s speed, larger burrs do still play a part in the total speed of the grinder. The Ceado’s huge burrs give it a slight edge initially.

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Grinding Speed 

We touched on the topic of grinding speed briefly above, but we didn’t really get in-depth. Let’s take out some actual numbers so you can see exactly how quickly either grinder can prepare your grounds for you.

Either grinder will be able to go at a minimum speed of 4 grams of coffee per second. However, at its highest speed, the Mahlkonig can really outpace the Ceado, grinding up to 7 grams of coffee per second.

To put that into perspective, a shot of espresso is generally around 7 grams. The Mahlkonig will be able to get it ready more quickly for you.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear 

Both grinders allow you to make adjustments to the texture of the grind. They wouldn’t exactly be useful to you if they didn’t.

But the Ceado E37S made an innovation to grind adjustment with its worm gear knob. Rather than having to fuss with a collar at the base of the hopper, which is the standard for stepless grinders, you can tweak the grind through a worm gear knob that sticks off the front.

Turning the worm gear knob feels natural. It’s right there within easy reach, so your baristas can effortlessly adjust the grind at any time.

Mahlkonig E65S Fan Cooling 

Heavy-duty grinding can lead to your grinder overheating. This is terrible in situations where you’ll be grinding for extended periods of time, such as in a busy coffee shop.

If that sounds like something you’ll need to do, what you want is a grinder that can keep itself cool, like the Mahlkonig E65S. Because it has a built-in fan, it’s capable of protecting itself from dangerously high temperatures, which means your beans are shielded from burning.

Ceado E37S Touchscreen 

Above the Ceado E37S’s chute, you’ll find that it has a small touchscreen. Perhaps it doesn’t have as much of an influence on your decision as things like price or grinding speed will, but we think it’s a neat feature.

Touchscreens are famously easy to use. They don’t have buttons that can get stuck and they contain a variety of settings that you can reach through one effortless medium. Additionally, it helps give the grinder a much more modern visual appeal.

Mahlkonig E65S Cool Motor 

A built-in fan isn’t all that’s protecting your grinder from overheating if you choose the Mahlkonig. This high-end grinder also features upgrades to its resistors and coils that make its motor more efficient.

Because of these upgrades, the motor doesn’t get nearly as hot while it’s running. It’s an added measure that safeguards your coffee beans from damaging temperatures.

Ceado E37S Steady Lock

Throughout long hours of grinding, the fineness setting you chose gradually shifts. Because of this shift, your baristas will need to periodically recalibrate the grinder to ensure it’s producing the texture they need.

This is one annoyance Ceado anticipated and remedied. The E37S’s steady lock design was created to lock the distance between the burrs once the fineness is set, preventing the gradual shifting of your fineness settings.

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Mahlkonig E65S Icon Menu 

The Ceado E37S isn’t the only grinder with a sleek-looking display panel – the Mahlkonig E65S has one, too. The difference is that the Mahlkonig’s also includes an easy-to-read icon menu.

Icons allow you to instantly recognize what something does. There are some icons, such as the save icon, that are universal. The icons in the Mahlkonig’s menu will make it a snap to navigate its settings.

Pricing Information

Majesty Coffee has the best espresso grinders online for the best prices online. That means our Ceado and Mahlkonig grinders are both available for extremely competitive prices.

We have the Ceado E37S for $1,700 and the Mahlkonig E65S for $2,315.


Which Grinder Should You Choose? 

It’s apparent that both these grinders were designed for use in a commercial setting. They are both powerful, fast, and adept at grinding continuously.

However, there are specific reasons that either one would thrive in a particular environment. We’ll take a look at a few of those reasons here.

The Mahlkonig’s increased hopper capacity and cooling system are perfect for heavy-duty, nonstop grinding. Since it can keep cooler and grind for longer between coffee bean refills, it’s clearly the better choice for larger businesses with a higher volume of coffee orders.

But if you’re looking for the more budget-friendly machine, the Ceado E37S, available for a significantly lower price, will be the better choice for you. Additionally, the Ceado’s decreased hopper can be a benefit in its own way; it’s shorter, and therefore easier to fit underneath low-hanging cabinets.

Here’s our advice:

Pick the Mahlkonig E65S if what you want is a grinder that can keep up with the demands of a medium to large coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel.

On the flipside, the Ceado E37S is a superb and economical pick for smaller businesses or prosumers who want a high-end grinder in their home. 

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