Compak E10 vs Ceado E37S

Ceado and Compak are two espresso grinder manufacturers that absolutely deserve a little more attention. That’s why we’ve created this guide to compare two of their top-tier options, the Compak E10 and Ceado E37S.

We’ll take an in-depth look at both grinders, highlighting an array of features. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Key similarities shared by the E10 and E37S.
  • Important differences between these grinders.
  • Information on how much either one costs.
  • Our advice on how to decide which one to get.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary 

Compak E10

 Compak E10

If what you’re looking for is a rapid grinder, you really can’t go wrong with the Compak E10. It’s the culmination of the Essential On Demand line, and makes numerous improvements to the already-convenient Compak line. Its fan cooling system and easy touchscreen make it excellent for large coffee shops and restaurants.

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Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

The Ceado E37S may look small, but don’t underestimate it. A worm gear knob on the front makes adjusting the fineness of your grind feel completely natural. Given its improvements to the stepless grind design, we recommend it for small to medium specialty coffee shops that need the utmost accuracy.

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Doserless Grinding 

The Compak and Ceado in this comparison feature something called a doserless grinding system. Basically, it ensures you get the freshest possible espresso time after time by dispensing the grounds right into your portafilter basket.

Instead of grinding batches in advance to use as you need them, you’d be grinding espresso to-order each time. Aside from guaranteeing each customer gets the freshest possible beverages, it also helps reduce your waste, which can save you money in the long run.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Another quality the E10 and E37S share is a stepless grind design. An easy way to understand why it matters is by comparing it with a stepped grind system.

In a stepped grind system, you have a few pre-set fineness levels to select that go from fine to coarse. You turn a knob that will click into place at each setting.

These pre-set options are totally removed in stepless systems. Rather than clicking into place at specific options, the knob will turn completely from fine to coarse.

In other words, you get the ultimate degree of precision with these grinders. You’re not limited to just a handful of grind textures.

Shot Counter

To run your business effectively, it’s imperative to have a clear picture of your expenses. In a coffee shop, café, or restaurant, that includes how much espresso you go through regularly.

The Compak and Ceado can both give you a crystal-clear snapshot of your espresso expenses. They have a shot counter built into them that tracks the number of espresso shots you grind.

Using this information, you can keep tabs on the cost of your espresso. When you need to replenish your supply, you’ll have a more accurate idea of how much you need.

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Multiple Color Options 

When it comes to the design of your establishment, looks truly matter. Many of your customers will judge your business based on how it looks when they enter the first time.

Your espresso grinder can be used to further a specific atmosphere or style of décor, especially if it’s sitting right on the counter where your customers can see it. The Compak and Ceado each give you some visual flexibility by allowing you to choose between two different color versions.

The specific second color offered by either one is different. While both are available in black, the Compak E10 is also sold in polished aluminum and the Ceado E37S has a white option.

Hands-Free Grinding

Your employees will have a myriad of tasks to accomplish every shift. They likely don’t have time to sit around holding a portafilter in place while the grinder dispenses your espresso.

The Compak E10 and Ceado E37S can help free up a little time for your baristas. Because they have portafilter forks on the front, either grinder can securely hold the portafilters in place for you the entire time.


Flat vs Conical Burrs 

The greatest difference between these grinders is their burr type. Burrs are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a grinder, since they’re the part that actually grinds your coffee beans.

Conical and flat are the two types of burrs used in high-end grinders. You’ll find conical burrs in the E10 and flat burrs in the E37S. This has a surprisingly large impact on your use of the grinder.

For instance, many people believe conical burrs like those in the E10 are quieter than flat ones. They also tend to produce fruitier flavors in your coffee.

On the flipside, flat burrs like those in the E37S are legendary for their perfect uniformity. They enable the Ceado to create particles that are all the same size, leading to a sweeter taste in the drink.

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Hopper Capacity 

As the part of the grinder that stores your coffee beans, it’s easy to see why the capacity of your grinder’s hopper matters. A bigger hopper can hold more coffee beans, which means you won’t need to refill it as often.

Thus, if you’re looking for a grinder that can keep going for longer, you may prefer the Compak E10 in this comparison. Its hopper can hold almost four pounds of beans, giving it the stock it needs to power through your long lines of customers.

In comparison, the Ceado E37S has a hopper that can hold just over a pound of coffee beans. Because of this decreased capacity, it would need to be refilled almost three times as often as the Compak.

Burr Size 

The burrs in the Compak E10 and Ceado E37S really couldn’t be more different from each other. Aside from their basic type, these burrs are also different in size.

If you’re wondering why that matters, consider the fact that bigger burrs have a greater surface area. This allows them to grind an increased amount of coffee beans at once.

The Ceado E37S’s are much bigger, measuring at 83mm in comparison to the Compak’s 68mm burrs. This helps bump the Ceado’s speed up a bit.

Motor Power 

Burr size plays a vital role when it comes to grinding quickly. However, it is not the only aspect to consider; the power of a grinder’s motor is also noteworthy.

This is why the Ceado, despite having significantly larger burrs, won’t necessarily leave the Compak E10 in the dust. The Compak’s impressive 825-watt motor is much stronger than the Ceado E37S’s 400-watt one.

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Compak E10 Barista Lights 

An espresso grinder isn’t a piece of equipment you can operate in the dark. Your baristas have to be able to see what they’re doing constantly.

Not only is this crucial to their safety, but it’s important in promoting the quality of your espresso, too. A great shot starts at the grinder, so your baristas should be watching it as it develops.

This is a snap to do on the Compak E10. It has barista lights built into it that provide clear illumination for your workspace.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear 

Earlier on in this guide, we discussed how the Compak and Ceado grinders have a stepless grind adjustment system that increases their precision. There is a difference in how you operate the adjustment systems, though.

The Ceado E37S uses an innovative worm gear. Rather than twisting a collar at the base of the hopper, the adjustment has been moved to an easily accessible knob sticking from the front.

Need to adjust the fineness of your grind? Simply reach out and twist the knob right or left to make a quick, effortless change.

Compak E10 Burr Replacement Alarm 

Your espresso grinder’s burrs face the most stress in your grinder regularly. After all, your espresso grinder’s whole purpose is basically to rotate the burrs to pulverize coffee beans.

Burrs grow dull with frequent use, and when they’re dull, they struggle to grind beans. However, unless you know what to look for, you may not be sure when to replace them.

That’s what makes the E10’s burr replacement alarm so convenient. The grinder itself will tell you when it needs brand-new burrs.

Ceado E37S Easy Access Burrs 

Burr maintenance is a simple fact of owning a grinder. You’ll need to access them at some point, whether it’s to clean them out or replace them.

The Ceado E37S makes such maintenance a breeze. Its easy access burrs are, as the name implies, refreshingly simple to gain access to. Anyone who needs to perform maintenance on the grinder will be able to do so quickly and efficiently.

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Pricing Considerations 

Majesty Coffee’s specialty isn’t just in providing our customers the best espresso equipment – it’s also in having the best prices online. That being said, let’s look at the prices of these espresso grinders.

Our Compak E10 is in our store for $2,222.50 in black and $2,257.50 in polished aluminum. You can find the Ceado E37S in our store for $1,700 in either black or white.

Which is Better for You? 

Now that you know more about the Compak E10 and Ceado E37S, you may have an idea of which one you’d prefer. If you’re still unsure, however, we’ll take a closer look at specific reasons why you might pick one or the other.

For those who are most concerned about budget, the Ceado E37S could be preferable. It’s a few hundred dollars less expensive than the Compak E10, making it ideal for those in search of an affordable espresso grinder.

When it comes to grinding coffee beans continuously, though, the Compak E10 may be better. Its cooling fan and stronger motor allow it to keep going without the need for a break.

The Compak E10 is also excellent for businesses with a high volume of espresso orders. It has a larger hopper that keeps it going for longer periods with fewer refills.

Are you a specialty coffee shop concerned about grinding various blends with the highest degree of accuracy? The Ceado E37S’s worm gear knob could be precisely what you need. Your baristas will be able to use it to make precise adjustments to the grind with minimal effort.

This is the bottom line:

Businesses with a higher volume of espresso orders should go with the Compak E10. A larger hopper, more powerful motor, and fan cooling system empower it to grind nonstop for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, specialty coffee shops or those on a budget should consider purchasing the Ceado E37S. Its worm gear knob is perfect for making the kind of precise adjustments you’ll need to offer numerous specialty blends to customers. 

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