Compak E8 vs E37S

In the world of espresso grinders, everyone knows the names Mahlkonig and Nuova Simonelli. Their sterling reputations are well-deserved as some of the best grinder manufacturers in the world.

But we at Majesty Coffee also think Compak and Ceado deserve a slice of the spotlight. To demonstrate why, we’ll be comparing the Compak E8 vs Ceado E37S here.

Keep reading to learn the following:

  • What brilliant features both grinders possess.
  • Which aspects set them apart from each other.
  • Information regarding their prices.
  • How to choose which grinder is best for you specifically.

Quick Summary

Compak E8

Compak E8

The Compak E8 is one of the more recent entries in Compak’s ingenious Essential On Demand line. It contains many of the most popular features from the line such as a touchscreen panel, and many improvements to the line like an even more vigorous motor. This is a great grinder for coffee shops and restaurants that need to grind espresso shots quickly.

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Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S

Precision might as well be the real name of the Ceado E37S. Its worm gear makes it so simple to adjust the fineness of your grind and once you’ve got the perfect setting, the steady lock system will hold it in place. Just like the Compak E8, you could pick this grinder if you’re a specialty coffee shop or café that spends long hours grinding shots of espresso.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment

The most skilled baristas would tell you that having control over the texture of the grind is crucial. Each blend of coffee and each method of brewing tastes best when it’s been ground to a specific level of fineness.

On a stepped adjustment grinder, you don’t always have an adequate amount of control over the grind. You’re forced to choose from an oftentimes limited number of notched settings.

Stepless grinders remove the notches. Twist a dial to any point to adjust the fineness of the grind, giving you far more options and therefore more control.

Flat Burrs

Grinding burrs are one of the key components of a grinder. You wouldn’t be able to grind espresso beans without these high-end grinding discs.

There are two types of burrs in wide use: conical and flat. Both kinds are named after their shape, so you can get a general idea of what they look like based on their name.

The Compak and Ceado have flat burrs. Because of this, they’re great at providing uniform coffee particles, producing a richer, sweeter flavor.

Burr Size

The shape of the burr is not the only important quality they have. Burr size is also extremely important, as larger burrs can grind coffee beans more rapidly.

In this case, the burr size of both grinders is equal: 83mm. These are fairly large burrs, allowing either grinder to make short work of your coffee beans.

Touchscreen Display

Both grinders have a quality that makes them feel like modern-day appliances: touchscreen displays. On either one, you can access data and settings just by swiping or tapping the screen.

If, like many other people, you use a smartphone, you’ll be familiar with how this feels. This can make training new hires on the grinders much easier, since operating the grinders feels similar to using your phone or tablet.

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Hands-Free Grinding

In a coffee shop setting, your time is valuable. At any moment, there are likely several different things you could be doing to improve each customer’s experience and complete orders.

Having to stand in front of a grinder, holding a portafilter in place every time you need a shot of espresso, can therefore be too time-consuming. This is why the Compak and Ceado have portafilter forks on the front.

Whenever you need to grind a shot of espresso, you can set the portafilter in the fork and let the grinder hold it in place for you. That way, you can multitask while you dispense a dose of grounds.

Shot Counter

Using the Compak’s and Ceado’s touchscreens, you can access a variety of information. One of the most noteworthy pieces of information you can get is how many shots of espresso you’ve ground.

The most obvious use for this is tracking your expenses. By keeping tabs on the number of shots you make regularly, you see how much espresso you’re using. When it’s time to restock, you’ll have a clear picture of how much you actually need.


Hopper Size

If you often need to grind nonstop for up to hours at a time, your grinder needs to support that. Not just any grinder can do it, either.

One quality that ensures your grinder can go for even longer without a break is the size of its hopper. A bigger hopper means it can hold more coffee beans, which translates to fewer refills.

In this matchup, the Compak E8 has the far larger hopper. Capable of holding 3.75 pounds of coffee beans, it is almost three times larger than the Ceado E37S’s 1.3-pound hopper.

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It’s true that burr size and shape contributes greatly to an espresso grinder’s speed, but these qualities are not the only things that matter in that regard. The motor power of the grinder is also quite important.

A motor’s power is measured with watts. The Compak E8 is the winner in this arena, as its motor is 730 watts. In comparison, the Ceado E37S’s is 500 watts.

If you were to put these two grinders side-by-side and grind a shot, you might notice that the Compak is just a little bit faster.


The overall size of the grinders is another difference between them. This isn’t surprising, since the Compak’s hopper has a significantly larger capacity.

Due to its increased hopper size, the Compak is several inches taller than the Ceado. To be exact, the Ceado is almost exactly 17 inches tall and the Compak is 25 inches tall.

Height may not be important to you if you have spacious counters. Those with low-hanging cabinets to worry about, though, may appreciate a shorter grinder like the Ceado E37S.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear Adjustment

Near the beginning of this guide, we discussed how the E8 and E37S are both stepless grinders, which means you can turn a dial to adjust their fineness. There is, however, a difference in how the mechanics of adjusting the grind fineness work.

The Ceado E37S uses a worm gear dial, which sticks off the front of the grinder. It makes adjusting the fineness a bit more natural, since all you need to do is grab and turn the gear instead of fussing with a collar.

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Compak E8 Barista Lights

There are countless visual cues a barista can read to ensure each espresso-based drink ends up being the absolute best it can be. Color and texture are two things they can monitor to promote the best flavor in the product.

Even if this weren’t the case, there’s no denying that a machine like an espresso grinder could easily be dangerous without adequate lighting. This is exactly why the Compak E8’s built-in barista lights are so incredibly useful.

Regardless of what the lighting looks like in the rest of your business, your baristas will always be able to see what they’re doing with the Compak. It’s an extra thoughtful touch.

Ceado E37S Color Options

If you’re searching for the right espresso grinder for a business, there’s no reason why couldn’t also consider the look of the grinder. You’ve given much thought towards the appearance of your business, after all, so why not its appliances?

The Ceado E37S gives you some flexibility to choose a grinder that boosts your aesthetic. By allowing you to choose between a black or white version, you have a greater ability to match the grinder with your décor.

Compak E8 Electronic Fan

A grinder that’s going to be operating for hours at a time should ideally have large burrs and an expansive hopper. Even with those qualities, though, the grinder isn’t yet perfect for continuous grinding – it needs something to protect it from overheating.

The Compak E8 has exactly what you need: an integrated electronic fan. Thanks to its built-in cooling system, the E8 can go for as long as you need it to without the risk of overheating or burning your coffee beans.

Ceado E37S Steady Lock System

Once you have your grinder set to the perfect fineness setting, you might think your adjustments are complete. The truth is a bit more complicated than that.

Through periods of extended use, grinder settings can gradually shift. This requires you to recalibrate the fineness every so often for the sake of accuracy.

At least, that’s what you would need to do for most other grinders than the Ceado E37S. With its steady lock system, the burrs are locked into place after you adjust the fineness, saving you time spent on readjustments.

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Compak E8 Burr Replacement Alarm

Your grinder’s burrs are one of its most important components, so it’s essential that they be kept in the best shape that they can be. This can be a challenge, since burrs will slowly wear down from long days of use.

The Compak E8 helps you maintain the quality of your grinder. You’ll be notified by the Compak when it’s time to replace the burrs, so you’ll know what to do to keep your grinder in optimal condition.

Pricing Information

At Majesty Coffee, we have some of the best espresso grinders online for some of the best prices online. This includes our Compak E8 and Ceado E37S.

You can grab the Compak E8 in our store for $1657.60 with just the standard hopper and for $1,716.10 if you want to include a short hopper, as well. We also have the Ceado E37S for $1,700.

Which Grinder is Right for You?

Truthfully, either one of these grinders would excel in a commercial setting. They are both fast, powerful grinders that can handle grinding for long periods of time.

But it’s true that there are certainly reasons why you would pick one or the other, as well.

For example, if you want the utmost consistency in your grind, you’ll need to either occasionally recalibrate your grind or get the Ceado E37S. Its steady lock system will safely maintain the distance between the burrs for you.

Are you looking for a grinder that can easily slide underneath cabinets? Then the Ceado E37S may again be the better choice for you, since it has a smaller height than the Compak E8.

In establishments where you’ll be required to grind espresso for orders continuously all day, though, the Compak E8 could be the winner. Its electronic fan will keep the grinder cool all day so your beans don’t get singed and so the machine is protected from overheating.

The Compak E8 also has the motor power necessary to grind rapidly for hours at a time. It will constantly grind doses of espresso in short order, so your customers don’t need to wait as long.

Here is our suggestion:

Get the Compak E8 if you need a grinder that can go nonstop for as long as you have to, such as in a large coffee shop setting. Its fan will safeguard it from high temperatures and its robust motor is perfect for grinding shots rapidly.

The Ceado E37S is a good choice if you want the utmost consistency between drinks, you need a more compact grinder, or you want a white-colored grinder. Thanks to its steady lock system, its fineness won’t slowly shift as you use it throughout the day.

You can learn more about either grinder by calling us at 888-978-5224 or by clicking the links below:

Compak E8

Ceado E37S


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