Compak E5 vs Ceado E37J

The Compak E5 and Ceado E37J are both excellent grinders, so how do you decide which one to buy? That’s an excellent question that we’re more than happy to answer for you.

In this Compak E5 vs Ceado E37J comparison, we’ll make it clear which grinder is best for you. Here are the areas we’ll be discussing:

  • What the grinders have in common.
  • Which features are different in the grinders.
  • The pricing information on both.
  • Which considerations to make before choosing one or the other.

Let’s jump right in.

Quick Summary

Compak E5


For its price, the Compak E5 may just be one of the best grinders out there. Its high-powered motor and powerful flat burrs are adept at grinding shots of espresso in short order. We’d tell you to grab this one if you’re a home barista or small coffee shop searching for an affordable and user-friendly grinder.

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Ceado E37J


With the Ceado E37J’s steady lock system, you can ensure that the texture of your grind is consistent all day, regardless of how long you grind for. Plus, with its stepless adjustment, you can grind to the perfect texture for all coffee blends. This is an excellent grinder for at-home espresso enthusiasts and small businesses alike.

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Burr Shape

The Compak E5 and Ceado E37J have flat burrs inside them. Burr shape matters immensely in espresso grinding because it influences both the consistency of your grind and the way your drinks taste.

Flat burrs, for instance, are adept at creating coffee particles that are all the same size. As a result, drinks made from grinders with flat burrs tend to taste sweeter than the alternatives.

Additionally, you can demand an unwavering level of quality from these flat burr grinders. Their ability to produce uniform coffee grounds leads to a balanced extraction every time.

Hands-Free Grinding

Some grinders require their users to stand in front of them, holding the portafilter the entire time while grinding. Regardless of how fast the grinder is, this can still eat up large swaths of your time. Down the road, these times spent holding a portafilter in place can truly add up.

That’s what makes the hands-free grinding system implemented by the E5 and E37J helpful. Instead of having to sit there holding your portafilter, you can just set it in the portafilter holder and focus on other duties while the grinder dispenses your fresh grounds.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Veteran baristas, whether they work in a business or make espresso at home, prefer having complete control over every step in the drink-making process. That includes grinding the beans.

Stepless grind adjustment systems, like those used by the Compak E5 and Ceado E37J, give you that control. You’re not restricted to pre-made fineness options as if you were using a stepped system. Instead, you can choose from any setting on a whole scale of them, making it possible for you to make accurate adjustments to texture with an unprecedented precision.

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Burr Size

Truthfully, there is a slight difference in the size of the burrs the Compak and Ceado have. In the E5, you’ll find 58-millmeter burrs while the E37J has 64-millimeter burrs.

However, a difference of six millimeters is inconsequential, so we consider the burr size more similar than dissimilar. There won’t necessarily be a huge performance difference with either one when it comes to how large their burrs are.

The reason burr size is important is speed. Larger burrs can grind more quickly while also staying cooler than smaller ones. These grinders don’t have the largest burrs out there, but both are still modestly sized.

Multiple Color Versions

Another quality the E5 and E37J share is that they’re both available in different colors. This makes it much easier to match either grinder to your current décor.

However, the colors each one is available in differ. You’ll have three colors to choose from in the Compak E5: black, polished aluminum, and white. On the other hand, the E37J also has three color variations: black, white, and gray.  

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There are many things that contribute to a grinder’s power, and one of the most important is its motor’s wattage. The more watts your grinder has, the more quickly and efficiently it can grind coffee beans.

In this particular comparison, the Compak E5 is the victor. Its 650-watt motor is immensely powerful in comparison with the E37J’s 300-watt motor.

Keep in mind that the E37J isn’t necessarily weak, though. It can still make short work of your beans, as well.


If you have a lot of appliances, you need to meticulously plan out your space. To maximize your room, you’ll have to figure out where everything fits, especially with something that can get as large as a grinder.

However, this process is much easier when you have a smaller grinder. While both the Compak E5 and Ceado E37J are decently compact grinders, there are indeed some differences in their measurements.

The Compak E5 is 6.25 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 16.5 inches tall. On the flipside, the Ceado E37J is 8.35 inches wide, 12.17 inches deep, and 17.01 inches tall.

This means the Ceado is shallower than the Compak, making it a better fit for counters that don’t stick out very far. But if you need to squeeze the grinder in between other things, the Compak’s narrower profile will be the better fit.

Hopper Capacity

As a grinder’s hopper empties, you need to add more coffee beans to keep going. If you often have multiple espresso drinks to make in a row, a small hopper that empties quickly can be a detriment.

Of the two grinders in this comparison, the Ceado E37J has the larger hopper. It can hold up to around 1.3 pounds of coffee beans.

To put that into perspective, the Compak E5’s hopper can only hold a little over half a pound. In other words, you’d need to refill the Compak almost twice as often if you were grinding nonstop.

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Ceado E37J Programmable Dosing Levels

Just because you’re a beginner in the world of espresso doesn’t mean you’ll be incapable of making delicious drinks. It will be much more difficult, though, because there’s a lot that goes into making each and every shot of espresso – including grinding the proper amount for your shots.

The Ceado E37J helps ease that burden for you. It has three programmable dosing levels, which means you can basically set three different durations in it. For instance, you could set times for single, double, and triple shots, then just choose whichever one you need in the future.

Compak E5 LCD Touchscreen

With the Compak E5, you can truly feel like you’re in the twenty-first century. It has a touchscreen on the front which you can use to access and adjust settings.

No more clunky buttons and knobs. Aside from the stepless adjustment collar at the top, most of what you need is contained in one easy-to-reach touchscreen.

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Ceado E37J Steady Lock System

Throughout days of grinding, your grinder’s fineness setting can gradually shift. When you consider all the vibrations that shake your grinder during use, it makes sense that subtle changes can occur.

When you’re preparing drinks for customers or friends, the last thing you want is a difference in quality in between. The Ceado E37J’s steady lock system is designed specifically to prevent these shifts. It eliminates variation in the fineness after you choose your ideal setting by locking the burrs into place.

Pricing Information

Majesty Coffee has the best prices for some of the best coffee and espresso equipment online.

The Compak E5 is in our store for $1,057 in black or white and $1,092 for polished aluminum. Our Ceado E37J is in our store for $999 regardless of which color version you choose.

Which Grinder Should You Buy? 

Are you still wavering back and forth on which grinder you want? We’ll help you narrow your search down by discussing situations in which you may want either the Compak E5 or the Ceado E37J.

If price is the final consideration for you, the Ceado E37J is the more affordable of the two grinders. However, their prices are close depending on which color you look at in the Compak E5.

Looking for a grinder with a sleek, modern look and feel? The Compak E5 will likely be the better fit for your tastes, then, with its beautiful and crystal-clear touchscreen.

But if you’re a total beginner to espresso or employees with a novice skill level will be using the grinder, the Ceado E37J may be easier. Since you can program up to three different doses into it, preparing a shot of espresso can really be as simple as choosing the dose you need from previously programmed settings.

Need a grinder with the power to keep up with high espresso demand? The Compak E5 will win out with its robust 650-watt motor.

Here is our advice:

Get the Compak E5 if you need a powerful and compact grinder for a small business or large home.

However, the Ceado E37J may be better for you if you’re on a strict budget or you’re a beginner, thanks to its programmable dosing.


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