Ceado E37S vs E37J

Are you looking for more information on the Ceado E37S and E37J? These grinders are pretty similar, so it might be hard for you to choose between them.

We’ve created this guide, where we’ll be comparing the Ceado E37S vs E37J head to head in various aspects. We’ll be discussing the following:

  • Qualities shared by these grinders.
  • What’s different between them, and how it affects you.
  • Pricing information.
  • What you should consider before choosing either one.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary

Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S Worm Gear Espresso Grinder CEADO-E37S

With a stepless grind adjustment system and large flat burrs, the Ceado E37S is designed to give even the most demanding baristas as much control as they need. Its powerful 400-watt motor has no problem speedily grinding, which it makes it a great choice for small businesses or high-tech homes.

Ceado E37J

Ceado E37J Espresso Grinder CEADO-E37J

The Ceado E37J’s steady lock system comes to the rescue to help ensure you get consistently sized coffee grounds all day, even after heavy use. A hands-free grinding design allows you to focus on other tasks while it works – perfect for small businesses or homes filled with espresso enthusiasts.


Doserless Grinding

Any knowledgeable barista will tell you that the fresher your espresso is, the greater its taste will be. Doserless grinders like the E37S and E37J excel at providing these fresh grounds to you.

This is because, unlike doser grinders, they grind exactly the amount of coffee you need when you need it. You’re getting the precise amount you need to brew, so there aren’t any leftover grounds that would otherwise become rapidly stale.

Not only does this mean that your drinks are as fresh as can be, but it drastically reduces the amount of waste you’re producing.

Touchscreen Display

Both these grinders take cues from the twenty-first century with their user-friendly touchscreen displays. You can find the display right at the top of either grinder.

This lends both of them a sleek look. It also means you don’t have to struggle to find obscure buttons hidden on the machine – virtually everything you need to operate it is in one centralized location.

Flat Burrs

The Ceado E37S and E37J each use flat burrs. This affects the flavor of your drinks, as well as the consistency of your grind.

You can anticipate a sweet, rich flavor from drinks produced by either of these grinders because they excel in particle uniformity. In other words, their flat burrs unwaveringly produce coffee grounds that are all the same size.

Aside from drawing out the sweeter notes from your beans, this leads to an unchanging level of quality time after time. You’ll have one less factor to worry about changing as you craft your beverages.

Hopper Size

A hopper is what holds your coffee beans between uses and dispenses beans into the grinder. Depending on the size of the hopper and how often you use the grinder, you may need to refill the grinder more or less often.

The E37S and E37J have equally large hopper capacities: 600 grams, or approximately 1.3 pounds. This is a fairly generously sized hopper that should keep you going without having to stop constantly for refills.

If you were using the grinder only occasionally at home, it would be more than sufficient.


Those with crowded countertops will be concerned about the size of any appliance they’re thinking about purchasing, including a grinder. In terms of dimensions, the E37S and E37J are exactly the same size: 8.35 inches x 12.17 inches x 17.01 inches.

This is a pretty compact size. You won’t need to completely upend your kitchen counters in an effort to make room for either of these grinders.

Hands-Free Grinding

With some grinders, you have to wait in front of them during use, patiently holding a portafilter in place. Even if such a grinder were really fast, those seconds spent waiting add up over time.

This is why the hands-free grinding design of both the E37S and E37J is so convenient. With built-in portafilter holders, you can just place your portafilter on the grinder and attend to other important matters while your coffee grounds are dispensed.

Steady Lock Grinding System

You expect consistency from your grinder. If you choose a particular fineness setting, you rightfully demand that that’s the fineness it grinds to.

However, with extended periods of use, the fineness setting of a grinder can gradually shift. This slow shifting is a thing of the past with the E37S and E37J.

Either of the grinders has a steady lock system. This is system is built to hold the burrs firmly in place at the distance you choose, essentially “locking” your fineness setting in during use.

Stepless Adjustment

A seasoned barista likes to have more control over the process when it comes to making drinks, including the grind texture. A stepless grind adjustment system, like that used by these grinders, gives you complete control.

Instead of having to choose from pre-set notches with particular fineness settings, you’ll be able to choose from any setting on a sliding scale of them. This allows you to make precise tweaks to texture that can influence the flavor of your drinks.


Burr Size

Although both these Ceado grinders have flat burrs, there’s another consideration here: the size of the burrs. Larger burrs have a greater surface area, allowing them to grind more coffee beans at once without needing to turn as much.

The less your burrs need to turn, the less friction there is, which means your beans aren’t as likely to be overheated. This is why the increased burr size of the E37S is so important. With impressive 83-mm burrs, you’re getting something that can grind faster and cooler than smaller alternatives.

In comparison, the E37J’s burrs are 64 mm in size. The burrs in the E37S are almost exactly 30% larger.


The more watts your grinder has, the more powerful it is. A higher wattage can help a grinder speed through your beans effortlessly, which is crucial in a coffee shop where there might be lines of customers.

In this comparison, the E37S wins with its powerful 400-watt motor. The E37J, on the other hand, has a 300-watt motor.

The E37S’s slightly more powerful motor means it will be able to grind just a little bit more quickly. The difference may not be extensive, but it could add up over time.


At a glance, these grinders have the same dimensions. If you were to put them both on a scale, though, you’d notice a difference: at 26 pounds, the E37S is five pounds heavier than the E37J.

This is another feature that may not seem like it matters much at first. However, if need to move the grinders around frequently, whether it’s for cleaning or for another purpose, their weight could come into play.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear

You might notice one difference between these grinders immediately with nothing more than a look: the Ceado E37S’s worm gear. That’s the knob sticking out of the front of the machine.

Turning the worm gear is what allows you to make adjustments to the grind texture. Because it’s so easy to see and operate, it can make it simpler for beginners to learn to control the grinder.

In a business setting, where you might have new employees to train, any edge can make a difference. Something that’s as easy to control as the E37S’s worm gear can have an impact.

Pricing Information

At Majesty Coffee, our promise is to provide you the most competitive prices online for high-quality coffee and espresso equipment. That’s why we offer our Ceado E37S for $1,700 and our E37J for $999.

Which One Should You Buy?

Here’s the vital question: between the E37S and E37J, which one should you buy? To answer that question, you’ll need to examine what you need from any prospective grinder.

Do you need a grinder that will be easy to learn, whether it’s for yourself or new employees? Then you may appreciate the E37S’s worm gear adjustment system, which is highly visible and simple to operate.

What if you’re going to need to move the grinder around frequently? The E37J’s lower weight could make the all the difference for you, because it won’t be as much of a strain to pick it up.

Furthermore, think of the speed you’ll require and how frequently you’ll be grinding coffee beans. In situations where you need to quickly and continuously grind coffee beans, you’ll want larger burrs and a higher watt motor, like what’s found in the E37S.

For home users, price might be the one of the more important qualities to factor in. In that case, the E37J will be preferable, because it’s approximately $700 less than the E37S.

This is our recommendation:

The Ceado E37S has the powerful motor and larger burrs that give it a professional edge. It would work wonderfully in small coffee shops, restaurants, or even hotels.

Alternatively, the Ceado E37J will give you many of the same features as the E37S, but at a reduced price. It would be a great choice for small businesses or even homes looking to step up their coffee game.

Want to learn more about these grinders? You can reach out to us at 888-978-5224, or you can check them out in our store:

Ceado E37S

Ceado E37J

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