Mazzer Major vs Ceado E37S

It’s no secret that manufacturers such as Mahlkonig and Victoria Arduino make excellent espresso grinders. But these are far from the only manufacturers out there.

Mazzer and Ceado are two other manufacturers that we’d like to spotlight in this guide. We’ll be comparing two of their grinders, the Mazzer Major vs Ceado E37S. By the end of this comparison, you should know which one is best for you.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • Similarities that both these grinders have.
  • Which features differ between the Major and E37S.
  • Pricing information.
  • How to decide on the grinder that’s right for you.

Let’s jump right in.

Quick Summary

Mazzer Major


What people like about the Mazzer Major is that it’s a long-lasting grinder with advanced features for an economical price. It can produce shots of espresso in just a few seconds and it has high-quality, large steel burrs. This is a good pick for you if you’re a small business or home espresso enthusiast looking for an affordable espresso grinder.

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Ceado E37S


Thanks to its stepless grinding adjustment system and huge burrs, the Ceado E37S puts control of the grind squarely in the barista’s hands. Through use of a convenient worm gear on the front, it’s so simple to change the texture of the grind. We’d recommend the Ceado E37S to small businesses and prosumers who are knowledgeable about espresso.

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On-Demand Grinding

The Major and E37S are ready to ensure that you or your customers get to enjoy the best-tasting espresso possible. This comes from the fact that they use an on-demand grinding design, grinding as much espresso as you need at the time you need it.

Some grinders will have baristas grind into containers and use the grounds later on. As any coffee expert knows, though, coffee grounds grow stale very quickly, which is why we personally prefer on-demand grinding.

Stepless Grind Adjustment System

These grinders have what’s called a stepless grind adjustment system. Stepless grind adjustment gives you infinitely more control over the fineness of your coffee grounds as opposed to stepped systems.

Here’s how it works: when you need your coffee grounds to be finer or coarser, you’ll either turn the worm gear on the E37S or the collar on the Major. Instead of being restricted to notches or pre-programmed fineness levels, you can stop at any point on the stepless system.

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Burr Type

Burrs are the grinding discs that crush coffee beans inside your grinder. They come in two different shapes, conical and flat, which both offer you a range of benefits.

The Mazzer and Ceado, however, each have flat burrs. Flat burrs are two serrated discs that rest on top of one another. They have an amazing degree of precision that grinds coffee beans into consistently sized particles.

There’s much debate over whether flat or conical burrs are better, but as we mentioned, there are reasons to use either shape. For instance, the uniform coffee grounds produced by flat burrs will give your beverages a sweeter flavor.

Burr Size

In addition to having the same shape, the burrs in the Mazzer and Ceado grinders are exactly the same size: 83 mm. Let’s take a quick dive into the topic of why burr size matters.

The burrs in the Mazzer and Ceado are fairly large. This increased size makes it easier for them to grind larger amounts of coffee beans more quickly than grinders with smaller burrs.

Additionally, larger burrs don’t have to turn as much as smaller ones. Turning less produces a reduced amount of friction and therefore a reduced amount of heat. In other words, your coffee beans are less likely to get burnt.

Hands-Free Grinding

Having to stand in front of your grinder and hold the portafilter in place the entire time you use it would be a pain. Not only would this potentially make your arms sore over the course of a day, but it would almost literally tie your hands up so you couldn’t do anything else.

Thanks to the portafilter holders on the Mazzer and Ceado, this is no longer true. You can set the portafilter in the holder and focus on other things, like building rapport with customers.

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Overall Size

The burr size may be the same with these grinders, but their total size varies, especially when it comes to height.

To be specific, the Major is 8 inches wide, 12.25 inches deep, and 24.50 inches tall. Comparatively, the E37S is 8.35 inches wide, 12.17 inches deep, and 17.01 inches tall.

That makes the Ceado over half a foot shorter than the Mazzer. Thus, if you have lots of cabinets that hang low over your counters, it will be much easier to find room for.

Hopper Capacity

The Ceado’s significantly shorter size is comes from its reduced hopper capacity. Since the hopper is the part that holds your coffee beans and feeds them into the grinder, the capacity is key.

If your grinder’s hopper can hold more beans, it can go longer in between refills. Of course, the downside to larger hoppers is that they also take up more space.

For that reason, the Ceado’s 1.3-pound hopper capacity allows the grinder to be more petite. When compared with the Mazzer’s 2.7-pound hopper capacity, though, you can see that it would need to be refilled roughly twice as often.

Available Colors

Either the Ceado or the Mazzer are sold in a couple different colors. The difference here lies in the specific colors you can get them in.

With the Mazzer Major, you can choose either black or silver. Alternatively, the Ceado E37S is available in black or white.

It’s not a major difference but could matter to you if there’s a particular color scheme being used in your home or business.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear

While the Ceado and Mazzer are each stepless grind adjustment machines, the manner in which you dial in the grind varies between them.

The Mazzer has your typical collar adjustment system. That just means it has a ring around the top that you can twist to adjust the fineness of the grind.

On the Ceado E37S, there’s a worm gear knob attached to the front that you can twist to make tweaks to the fineness. It doesn’t change the overall function of the grinder, but it does make it easier to adjust fineness on the fly because it’s front and center.

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Ceado E37S Touchscreen Display

With a touchscreen display, the Ceado E37S brings grinding espresso firmly into the modern era. Located right on top beneath the worm gear knob, baristas can simply tap the screen to access its settings.

It’s a feature that helps make the Ceado even more user-friendly. Since touchscreens are everywhere these days, a touchscreen on an espresso grinder makes using it feel familiar.

Ceado E37S Shot Counter

Aside from being interesting information, there’s a practical use to understanding how many shots of espresso you need to make a day. From a business standpoint, knowing how many shots you make daily, weekly, or monthly will tell you how much espresso you need to have.

Thankfully, the Ceado E37S enables you to keep track of your espresso usage effortlessly. It has a built-in shot counter that will track the amount of espresso shots you prepare.

Pricing Considerations

Wondering how much either the Mazzer Major or the Ceado E37S will cost you? Fortunately, we have some of the most competitive prices online in the Majesty Coffee store.

We offer our Mazzer Major for $1,195. Our Ceado E37S is available for $1,700.

Which Grinder is Best for You?

So, how do you know whether the Mazzer Major or the Ceado E37S is the best grinder for you? To determine that, we’ll need to look at your specific situation.

Price is one of the first things many people consider before making a large purchase. If you find that your budget is a bit more restrictive, you may want to choose the Mazzer Major instead since it is a few hundred dollars less than the Ceado.

Of course, you may also want to think about the space you have available for your espresso grinder. Those with low-hanging cabinets will want to spring for the Ceado, since it’s much shorter than the Mazzer Major.

The specific color of your espresso grinder could be important to you, too, especially if you’re trying to match it with your décor. Both these grinders are available in black, but if you want silver you’ll need to get the Major and if you want white you’ll have to choose the E37S.

There’s user-friendliness to consider, as well. If you’re looking for an espresso grinder that will feel completely natural to use, the touchscreen and front-facing worm gear knob on the Ceado E37S may be perfect for you.

Here is our advice:

The Mazzer Major is the best option for anyone on a restrictive budget or those looking for an espresso grinder that matches with stainless steel décor.

We’d recommend the Ceado E37S for small coffee shops or homes that need a compact and user-friendly grinder. 

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