Ceado E37J vs Profitec T64

Are you trying to decide whether you should purchase the Ceado E37J or the Profitec T64? Although these grinders look quite different from each other, much of the hardware inside them is similar. For that reason, it’s easy to get caught up on this decision, especially if you’re knowledgeable about espresso grinders.

That’s what we’re here for. In this guide, we’ll be comparing and contrasting these two outstanding grinders. Here is what you’ll learn about them:

  • What features they have in common.
  • The features that vary from one grinder to the other.
  • Examples of situations in which you may prefer one or the other.

Let’s jump right in.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

The Ceado E37J is proof that good things come in small packages. It has an amazingly precise stepless adjustment system, robust burrs, and a steady lock design that will ensure your fineness setting is kept stable. Pick this one if you want an affordable, fast espresso grinder for your home or a business with low volume of espresso orders.

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Profitec T64 

With the Profitec T64, you’re getting a sizable boost to home espresso grinding. Its sleek metal frame is both sturdy and beautiful, while its powerful motor effortlessly crushes coffee beans. Grab the Profitec if you’re looking for a tough, long-lasting espresso grinder to use at home.


Burr Type 

At the beginning of this post, we said that there’s a lot of similar hardware inside the Ceado and Profitec. That’s certainly true when you consider their burrs, which have a lot of common traits.

The first commonality shared by these burrs is that both grinders have flat burrs. There are a few benefits to flat burrs, such as incredible consistency. Each granule of coffee will be ground to the exact same size, and the result is a deep, well-rounded flavor you or your customers are sure to love.

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Burr Material 

In addition to basic type, the material of the Ceado’s and Profitec’s burrs are similar. Both grinders have steel-constructed burrs.

Metal burrs like these are obviously sturdy. They’re resistant to chipping or cracking, which can be a real problem with competitors’ ceramic burrs.

Furthermore, they’re extremely sharp. The sharpness is excellent for reducing your coffee beans to fluffy grounds in short order.

Burr Size 

The similarities don’t end at just burr shape and material. Believe it or not, there’s one other important aspect to consider: their size.

The Ceado E37J and Profitec T64 each have 64mm burrs. These are reasonably sized burrs, especially in a home environment where burrs are often much smaller. Because of this size, both grinders will be able to have a dose of espresso ready for you in little time at all.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment System 

You’ll get the utmost precision in this design, because you can adjust to any point on the fineness spectrum instead of being limited to premade settings.

Using a grinder will require you to dial in the grind frequently. That just means you’ll have to make adjustments to the texture of your coffee grounds to ensure the best extraction and flavor.

Methods of grind adjustment can vary, but the grinders in this comparison both have a stepless grind adjustment system. They have a dial or knob you can turn to any point on a sliding scale of a spectrum that ranges from espresso fine to coarse.

This is the preferred system for skilled baristas. You’ll get the utmost precision in this design, because you can adjust to any point on the fineness spectrum instead of being limited to premade settings.

Programmable Dosing 

Having to remember the proper amounts for each brewing method can be a pain. There are countless doses that are specific to each method, whether it’s grinding for a single shot of espresso or a filter for drip coffee.

Luckily, you won’t need to remember a handful of doses if you choose either the Ceado or Profitec. They have programmable dosing functionality which allows you to program specific timings into the grinder. Going forward, grinding a single shot of espresso is as simple as choosing the right programmed setting.

Aside from protecting you from the hassle of having to remember separate doses, this helps free up your concentration for other tasks. You won’t need to hover over either grinder, carefully timing the duration of the grind every time.

Portafilter Holders 

Either the E37J or T64 could be described as a hands-free grinder. That’s not just because of the programmability (although that helps), it’s also due to their integrated portafilter holders.

On some grinders, you have to hold a portafilter basket underneath the chute the entire time to catch the grounds. When you’ve got other things you could be doing, being effectively glued to the front of your espresso grinder is inconvenient, to say the least.

On the E37J or T64, that’s not necessary. You can just slide your portafilter onto the holder and let the grinder keep it in place.

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Shot Counter 

Whether you’re grinding espresso at home or in a business, it’s useful to know exactly how much you need.

Whether you’re grinding espresso at home or in a business, it’s useful to know exactly how much you need. These grinders are both prepared to give you that information easily, thanks to their shot counters.

The Ceado E37J and Profitec T64 both have counters built into them that track the number of shots you prepare. Accessing this information will tell you precisely how much espresso you go through, so you’ll know how much you need to purchase again when it’s time to restock.


Motor Power 

There are certainly a lot of similarities in the E37J and T64, but there are also a fair number of differences. One of the biggest differences is the strength of their motors.

The Ceado E37J has a 300-watt motor and the T64 has a 450-watt motor. Since the motor’s strength can contribute to the grinder’s ability to speedily grind, the T64 has the upper hand in this regard.

However, we should clarify that the Ceado E37J isn’t weak at all. For a home grinder, 300 watts is still quite powerful and more than sufficient for the average person’s needs.

Hopper Size 

Hopper size is another important grinder quality to touch on. Your hopper dictates how long you can grind at one time, as the grinder cannot operate while the hopper is empty.

The difference in hopper capacity on these grinders is very slight. With a 1.3-pound capacity, the Ceado’s hopper is just a tiny bit bigger than the Profitec’s 1.1-pound capacity.

This may not seem like much. However, in a side-by-side grinding comparison, you’d find that the Ceado would be able to grind for a bit longer than the Profitec can, which could come into play when you’re preparing multiple drinks in a row.


Aside from price, one of your earliest considerations as you choose a kitchen appliance will be the size. You’ll probably have measured out the perfect location for an espresso grinder in advance just to be sure you have the space to accommodate one.

Both these grinders are compact, but the T64 is slightly smaller. It measures at 6.7 inches wide, 9.84 inches long, and 16.9 inches tall. The Ceado E37J is 8.35 inches wide, 12.17 inches long, and 17.01 inches tall.

In all dimensions, the Ceado is a little bigger than the T64. It is wider, will stick out a little farther on your counter, and stands taller.

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Profitec T64 Stainless Steel Frame 

No one wants to invest a chunk of cash in appliance that feels as if it’s made entirely from flimsy plastic. You’ll immediately doubt the quality of such a product and find yourself anxiously counting down the days until it breaks.

This isn’t a worry you’ll have with the Profitec T64. A key selling point for this grinder is that its frame is made from stainless steel. Aside from being visually appealing, that means the grinder is built to endure for years to come.

Ceado E37J Steady Lock Burrs 

If you’re going to be using your grinder primarily for espresso, there’s a specific fineness setting that is going to work best for you. The problem with many other grinders is that your chosen settings aren’t locked in. Distance between the burrs can shift over time during extended periods of use, requiring you to occasionally adjust the fineness again.

You won’t have to do this with the Ceado E37J. Thanks to its steady lock design, your chosen fineness setting gets firmly locked into place. Without the gradual shifting of fineness, you can rest assured that you’re enjoying the same consistent quality for drink after drink.

Profitec T64 Worm Gear Adjustment Knob 

Need to make a quick tweak to the fineness setting on your grinder? Most stepless grinders will require you to twist a collar located at the base of the hopper to do so. It works just fine but can be difficult to do because it gives you such a small surface area to grasp and adjust with.

So, how can you make stepless grind adjustment easier? The Profitec’s answer to that problem is a worm gear knob. Using your index and thumb fingers, you can effortlessly twist the adjustment collar from fine to coarse.

Ceado E37J Touchscreen Display 

Touchscreens aren’t just flashy and attractive pieces of technology. They make it simple to use a product, since all you need to do is swipe and tap at a screen.

This is a convenience that the Ceado E37J brings to its users. Instead of using exclusively buttons or knobs, you’ll be able to operate the grinder with just your fingertips.

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Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee’s store includes a selection of the best coffee and espresso equipment for the best prices online. We have a range of Ceado grinders to include in that statement.

In fact, we have the Ceado E37J in our store for $999. Unfortunately, we do not currently sell the Profitec T64, although you can find it for sale in other stores online.

Which is Better for You? 

Now for the most important question in this comparison: which grinder is better for you? We’ll answer that question by looking at scenarios in which either grinder would be better.

For many buyers, the size of an appliance is key. If you have crowded countertops, you need to be efficient about every single inch. In that type of situation, the T64 may be better because it is all-around smaller than the Ceado E37J.

Another aspect to think about is the types of drinks you’ll be making most often. If your focus is going to be solely on espresso, we think the E37J is the better choice because of its steady lock burrs. Once you have the perfect fineness setting, you won’t need to worry about it shifting at all.

Want a stainless steel espresso grinder to match with other stainless steel appliances? Then the Profitec T64 is what you need here, since its frame is made from gleaming stainless steel.

If you’re looking for more information on the Ceado E37J, you can reach out to us through our live chat, by calling us at 888-978-5224, or by clicking the following link:

Ceado E37J 

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