Ceado E37J vs Rocket Fausto

For many, a high-quality espresso grinder can seem hopelessly out of reach. The best grinders in the world tend to be more costly than the average espresso enthusiast or small coffee shop can afford.

If you’ve given up hope of getting a quality grinder, we’re pleased to tell you that there are many options that cost less than a thousand dollars. The Ceado E37J and Rocket Fausto are both proof of that statement.

But just how good are these two grinders? We’ll be taking an in-depth look at both by examining these topics:

  • Features both the E37J and Fausto have.
  • Qualities that make these grinders different from each other.
  • Pricing information for the grinders.
  • How to decide which grinder you should pick.

Let’s take a closer look…

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

The Ceado E37J is one of Ceado’s higher-end grinders but at a much more manageable cost. For its modest price tag, you’ll get a precise stepless grind system, generously sized hopper, and the ability to program your doses. Pick this one if you’re a home barista or small business looking for a precise and inexpensive espresso grinder.

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Rocket Fausto

 Rocket Fausto

In many aspects, the Rocket Fausto is much more similar to the Ceado E37J than it is different. It, too, has a stepless grind system, decent hopper capacity, and reasonably sized burrs. For that reason, it’s also a great pick if you’re an espresso enthusiast or small coffee shop that needs an affordable high-quality grinder.

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Flat Burrs

Easily the most vital consideration that goes into choosing an espresso grinder is its burrs. The burrs are the part of the grinder that actually grind your coffee beans for you.

There are two types of burr: conical and flat. In the Ceado and Rocket, you’d find flat burrs.

Put simply, flat burrs are consistent. They create perfectly uniform coffee particles, leading to a balanced extraction and rich flavor.

Burr Diameter 

Burr shape shouldn’t be where you end the burr consideration. There is also the size of the burrs to consider because the size directly influences the speed of your grinder.

The Ceado has 64mm burrs and the Rocket has 65mm burrs. It’s not an exact match, but you’re not likely to notice that single millimeter of difference if you were to use them side-by-side.

As far as burr size goes, this is a pretty decent size. Either grinder will be more than fast enough in a home kitchen.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Dialing in the grind is something you’ll spend a lot of time doing if you’re using an espresso grinder frequently. This means that you’ll be adjusting the fineness of the grind texture frequently on either the E37J or Fausto.

Both grinders have the same method for making adjustments. Their method is called stepless grind adjustment, which has baristas turning a knob or collar side to side to increase the fineness or coarseness of the grind.

Stepless systems are renowned for their precision. Because you’re not stuck with premade notches for different settings, you can stop the adjustment at any point, making adjustments as precise and minute as you need.

Programmable Dosing 

Specific types of coffee require their own amounts of grounds. As an illustration, consider the amounts you need to make a single shot of espresso as opposed to a full carafe of coffee.

Having to memorize the proper amounts for different brewing methods can be a struggle, though – especially if you’re a beginner. Does this mean you need to keep a list of doses near your espresso grinder at all times?

Not necessarily. Thanks to the programmable dosing feature of the E37J and Fausto, you can save a few different doses into the grinders. After you’ve programmed the doses, you can just choose the dose and let the grinder dispense the correct amount of grounds for you.

Hopper Size 

When it comes to long grinding periods, one of the more important considerations is hopper size. This makes sense when you consider the hopper’s function, which is to feed coffee beans into the grinder. If your hopper is bigger, it can hold more beans, so your grinder can go for longer before it empties.

The Ceado and Rocket are almost exactly equal in terms of hopper capacity. Both can hold a little over a pound of coffee beans. To be precise, the Ceado can hold around 1.3 pounds and the Rocket can hold about 1.4 pounds.

These are moderately sized hoppers. You’ll find that either one can grind long enough to meet the needs of the average home user or small business.

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Hands-Free Grinding 

Your espresso grinder wouldn’t exactly be convenient if it required you to stand in front of it the entire time while you held your portafilter up. In fact, you might find yourself wanting to avoid using your grinder if possible in that case.

This is a hassle you won’t need to deal with on either the E37J or Fausto. They both have portafilter forks built onto the front that will hold your portafilter for you.

Because of the portafilter forks and programmable dosing, you’re free to multitask while you use either grinder.



We’ve established that burrs are one of the most crucial parts of any espresso grinder. However, those burrs couldn’t turn if you didn’t have an excellent motor powering them, so we should also examine the motors of these grinders.

In terms of motor power, the Rocket Fausto is a little weaker than the Ceado E37J. Its motor is 245 watts, while the E37J’s is 300.

This difference in wattage isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. It is enough to give the Ceado a slight edge, though, when it comes to grinding speed.

Color Options 

As a small touch, both the Ceado and Rocket are available in multiple colors. The specific number of color options and the colors offered are where the differences appear.

Of the two grinders, the Ceado E37J gives you slightly more options. You can purchase it in black, white, or gray. On the flipside, the Rocket Fausto is only available in black and chrome.

The color of your grinder may seem unimportant. However, for some people with specific decorating schemes in their homes or businesses, getting an espresso grinder in a particular color could be critical.

Display Panels 

How the display panel is configured on your grinder will impact your daily use of it. Using a touchscreen, for example, will feel vastly different from using analog buttons.

The Ceado E37J has a touchscreen located near the base of the hopper. The Rocket Fausto has a digital screen you navigate through the use of buttons.

Which one is better is a matter of personal preference. Given the widespread use of touchscreens nowadays, though, there are likely more people who would enjoy the feel of the touchscreen on the Ceado E37J.

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Ceado E37J Steady Lock Burrs 

Aside from the strain it puts on your grinder, one of the downsides to grinding continuously is that it can gradually change your fineness setting. If you use your grinder for a single purpose, such as grinding espresso, you can’t necessarily rely on your grinder retaining your chosen setting constantly.

This is where the Ceado E37J differs from its many competitors. Its steady lock burrs lock into place after you choose your setting, preserving the fineness level of your choice no matter how long you grind for.

Ceado E37J Easy Access Burrs 

Just like other appliances in your home or business, espresso grinders require care every now and again. Opening up your grinder for cleaning is something that will simply have to happen periodically.

Since you can’t avoid it, accessing the inside of your grinder may as well be easy. That’s something the Ceado is prepared for with its easy access burrs.

Whenever maintenance or repairs are necessary, accessing the grinder’s burrs is a simple matter.  

Pricing Considerations 

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Our Ceado E37J and Rocket Fausto are both available in our store $999.

Which Grinder Should You Pick? 

Even though they’re made by completely different manufacturers, there’s a surprising amount in common between the E37J and Fausto. Even their price tags are identical.

But if you look closely, there are certainly qualities that may influence you to choose one grinder over the other.

You can even start with a shallower consideration like aesthetics. If you’re looking for a white grinder, you’d have to choose the E37J, whereas you’d need to pick the Fausto if you wanted a chrome one.

Consider the feel of the grinder, too. If you’re comfortable with touchscreens, you’d appreciate operating the Ceado E37J, since it has a built-in touchscreen.

The Ceado E37J is also excellent for those who want a grinder for a specific purpose, such as grinding espresso exclusively. Since it’s designed to lock a fineness setting in place, it’s perfect for grinding one type of coffee all day long.

This is the bottom line:

Buy the Ceado E37J if you’re specifically looking for a white grinder or you’re planning on grinding one type of coffee consistently.

The Rocket Fausto may be better in situations where you’re going to switch up what you’re grinding periodically or when you want a chrome grinder. 

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