Ceado E37J vs E6P

There are a lot of Ceado espresso grinders to choose from. At a glance, many of them, such as the Ceado E37J and E6P, seem exactly alike.

This makes choosing a Ceado grinder difficult unless you know what you’re looking for. We’ve written this guide to help you make your decision by closely comparing the E37J and E6P.

Here is what we’ll be covering:

  • Which features these grinders have in common.
  • Which features separate the E37J and E6P from each other.
  • Information on the cost.
  • Our guidance as to which grinder is better for you.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

What the Ceado E37J does is make a commercial-quality espresso grinder affordable, increasing its accessibility. It has a steady lock system for consistency, a powerful motor, and doserless design that provides you the freshest coffee every time. It’s the pick for you if you’re a small coffee shop or home searching for a budget-friendly commercial grinder.

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Ceado E6P 

The Ceado E6P’s mission was to combine the modest footprint of a home grinder with the power of a commercial one. We’d say it succeeded with the E6P, a grinder that possesses many of the same features as the E37J. Like the E37J, it’s also great for small businesses and prosumer kitchens.


Flat Burrs 

There’s quite a list of similarities between these grinders, but we’re going to start by looking at their burrs. Both Ceado models use flat burrs.

So what does this mean for you as the user? Put simply, it means consistency.

Flat burrs are famous for their ability to create coffee grounds with particles that are all the same size. Because of this, the flavors in each cup are fuller and sweeter due to a well-balanced extraction.

Burr Material 

The burr similarities don’t just stop at their shape in this comparison. The burrs in the E37J and E6P are also made from the same material, steel.

You can probably guess what steel burrs are best at. These sturdy burrs are fantastically durable, capable of resisting the chipping and cracking that can happen if you accidentally drop them while cleaning.

Additionally, steel burrs are quite sharp. This razor-sharp quality gives them an edge when it comes to swiftly crushing coffee beans.

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Burr Size

Burr size has an influence on how quickly the grinder can produce a dose of coffee. 

If you thought that burr shape and material would be where the burr discussion ends, you’d be wrong. The burrs in these grinders are not only the same shape and material…they’re also the same size.

These Ceado models both have 64mm burrs. That’s a more than generous size for a home espresso grinder, and a decent size from a commercial standpoint.

Burr size has an influence on how quickly the grinder can produce a dose of coffee. Either one of these grinders is fairly fast.

Steady Lock Burrs 

Do you foresee yourself having to use the grinder for extended periods? One of the flaws in many grinders is that, during long grinding sessions, their fineness settings tend to shift over time.

In order to ensure a consistent grind, you need to anticipate this shift and make occasional adjustments. At least, that would normally be the case with grinders other than these Ceados.

Both grinders in this comparison have steady lock burrs. As the name implies, the burrs lock into place after you choose your fineness level. No more having to worry about your desired settings shifting.

Hands-Free Operation 

Regardless of whether you’re using the grinder at home or in a business, there are probably things you could be doing other than sitting around your grinder while it works. You could be interacting with a customer or you could be cleaning up, for instance.

Fortunately, the E37J and E6P will make multitasking easier. Because they have a portafilter fork on the front, you can let your grinder hold your portafilter in place for you while it dispenses your coffee grounds.

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Doserless Grinding 

There are two methods of dispensing your coffee grounds: through doser grinding or through doserless grinding. The Ceado E37J and E6P are both doserless grinders. To best understand what that means, let’s discuss how a doser grinder works first.

Doser grinders have an attached container that the grinder drops the fresh coffee grounds into. You grind a particular amount of coffee in advance into this chamber, then dispense the grounds from that chamber into your portafilter as you need them.

Doserless grinders get rid of that holding chamber, dropping grounds directly into your portafilter. This is better for home users and smaller businesses because you’re getting fresh coffee to-order every time.

Hopper Size 

Another thing to think about when you’re grinding for extended periods is the size of your grinder’s hopper. Because it feeds your grinder the beans it needs to keep going, the size of the hopper directly impacts how long you can grind for.

In this case, both grinders are exactly equal. They both have hoppers that can hold around 1.3 pounds.

Like with the size of their burrs, this is a modest hopper size. In a home situation, you’ll find the hopper more than sufficient. It’s even suitable for smaller commercial settings such as offices and cafes.

Programmable Dosing 

A lot of precision goes into grinding a single shot of espresso or filter of coffee.

A lot of precision goes into grinding a single shot of espresso or filter of coffee. You want to get exactly as much as you need – not too much or too little.

To ensure you get the correct amount, users are often required to either time the duration of the grind or weigh the grounds. Either method means that you must carefully monitor the grinder, which takes time and knowledge of when to stop.

As we mentioned earlier, you probably want to be able to multitask. You can’t just sit there and stare at your grinder.

Luckily, these Ceados both have programmable dosing. Rather than having to time them whenever you use them, you can program the durations for doses in advance, then just select the correct dose.

Motor Power 

It’s not surprising that the strength of a grinder’s motor is also a critical consideration. A more powerful motor translates to more powerful grinding, granting your machine speed.

This is another quality in which both grinders are precisely equal. They both have 300-watt motors, which is a decent level of strength. You’ll find either one more than fast enough for your average home kitchen.

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There aren’t too many differences between the E37J and E6P, but one of the more obvious ones is their overall size. The E6P is slightly more compact than the E37J.

To be exact, the E37J measures at 8.35 inches wide, 12.17 inches long, and 17.01 inches tall. The E6P is 7 inches wide, 8.34 inches long, and 17.32 inches tall.

Put another way, the E6P is both thinner and shallower than the E37J. It may therefore be the wiser choice for anyone who’s short on space.


Another immediately noticeable difference between these grinders is the way they look. The Ceado E6P has a much simpler appearance that’s mostly a single color.

On the flipside, the Ceado E37J has chrome accents around the chute, portafilter holder, and base of the hopper. Furthermore, it has sides that are a bit more rounded in appearance than the E6P’s.

The overall visual impact of the E37J is almost more vintage, then, while the E6P has a thoroughly modern appearance.

Ceado E37J Color Options 

It may not matter to you personally, but while we’re on the topic of aesthetics, we think we should mention that the Ceado E37J also is available in multiple colors. You can purchase it in black, white, or gray.

As far as we could find, the E6P is only available in one black option. Again, this may not be important for you specifically, but color can matter to some people who are looking for an extremely specific look that fits in with their home or business.

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Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee’s promise to our customers is to provide the best coffee and espresso gear for the lowest prices.

We have the Ceado E37J in our store for $999. However, we do not currently have the Ceado E6P in our store. You may be able to find it through other online storefronts.

Which Grinder is Better for You? 

Frankly, both these Ceado grinders are excellent. You’re getting mostly the same features with either one. There are really only a small handful of reasons why you would choose one or the other, which we’ll dig into here.

First, you may want to choose the smaller grinder if you’re concerned about the space in your home or business. In that case, we’d point you towards the E6P. It has a narrower profile that can slide between other appliances, and it won’t stick out as far on your counter as the E37J will.

Beyond that, you may want to consider aesthetics. There are clear visual differences between these grinders that could be important to you.

For a more minimalistic modern look, consider the E6P. But if you’re looking for a grinder in specific colors like gray or white, the E37J is what you’re looking for.

You can learn more about the Ceado E37J by reaching out to us at 888-978-5224 or clicking this link:

Ceado E37J 


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