Ceado E37J vs Eureka Atom

Are you looking for an affordable espresso grinder that’s easy to use? The Ceado E37J and Eureka Atom are two potential options for you that may be a great fit.

Choosing between them is the hard part. We’ll help you make that decision in this Ceado E37J vs Eureka Atom comparison by discussing these topics:

  • Features the Ceado and Eureka have in common.
  • The differences between these grinders and how they affect you.
  • Information on their prices.
  • Advice on how to choose which one to buy.

Let’s take a closer look at these grinders…

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

The Ceado E37J is prepared to ensure you get consistent coffee grounds every use with its steady lock design. It’s also hard not to love its touchscreen display that gives it a refreshingly modern feel. We think it’s perfect for small coffee shops or home baristas.

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Eureka Atom

 Eureka Atom

You’ll be shocked at how quiet the Eureka Atom is. It’s been insulated to protect you from the noise of a traditional grinder while also still being packed full of powerful features. For an affordable price, the Eureka Atom is a great pick for prosumers and small businesses alike.

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Flat Burrs 

One of the greatest similarities between the E37J and Atom is the shape of their burrs. Both grinders have flat burrs.

Conical and flat are the two burrs types common in grinders today. In particular, flat burrs are well-known for being unwaveringly uniform. All coffee granules coming from a flat burr grinder will be consistent in size.

The result is a deep, sweet, and rich flavor in the cup. Furthermore, it’s simpler to achieve consistent results time and time again with flat burrs as opposed to conical ones.

Burr Size 

Beyond their shape, we should also touch on the size of the burrs in the Ceado and Eureka. Burr size has an impact on how quickly your grinder can crush beans.

Frankly, the burrs in these grinders aren’t the exact same size, but they’re close enough to be called similar. The Ceado’s burrs are 64mm and the Eureka’s burrs are 60mm.

While they’re certainly not the largest and therefore fastest burrs available, these are still nicely proportioned burrs. You’ll find them more than a match for the demands of a home or small business.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment 

What does stepless grind adjustment mean? It can best be summed up with a single word: control.

A stepless grind adjustment system, like that used by the Ceado and Eureka in this comparison, allows baristas to make more precise adjustments. The reason this is possible is because you can turn a stepless grind adjustment dial or knob to any point. That’s why it’s called “stepless;” there aren’t steps that baristas are limited to.

In short, the Ceado and Eureka will give you excellent control over the texture of your grind.

On-Demand Grinding 

Part of the reason you get a high-quality grinder is that you want your coffee as fresh as possible. Whether you’re providing it to customers or preparing it at home, you’ve decided you want the strongest flavor you can get.

This goal is met handily in the Ceado E37J and Eureka Atom, which both have an on-demand grinding design. In short, as opposed to grinding into an attached container in advance, they grind directly into your grounds bin or portafilter.

The result is coffee ground to-order every single time you need a shot or batch. You can’t get coffee any fresher than that.

Portafilter Holder 

It would be annoying to use your grinder if you had to hold your portafilter up beneath the chute every time. Even though it only takes several seconds at most to grind a shot of espresso, these seconds can add up.

That’s why the Ceado and Eureka both have portafilter holders. These handy shelves are specifically designed to cradle your portafilter, so your hands are freed to attend to other matters.


When you first consider purchasing a new appliance like a grinder, one of the first things you should do is measure the space you have for one. You wouldn’t want to spend money on an appliance, wait for it to arrive, and then discover that it’s too large for your counters.

Luckily, both the Ceado and Eureka are compact enough to fit into most spaces. The only noticeable difference here is in their depth; at 12.17 inches deep, the Ceado E37J will stick out about two inches further into your countertops than the Eureka Atom will.

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Programmable Dosing 

You need to make sure you’re getting the proper amounts of coffee whenever you use your grinder, whether it’s for a shot of espresso or a batch for drip coffee. Usually, this means you’re left timing how long you use the grinder for carefully to guarantee you get as much as you need.

If that sounds like a hassle, you don’t need to worry, because Ceado and Eureka thought so, too, when they made these grinders. Either one will allow you to program timings for particular doses in advance.

Later, when you need a shot of espresso, for example, you can just push the correct button and let the grinder prepare the perfect dose for you.

Hopper Capacity 

No grinder can run indefinitely. Every single one would be limited by the capacity of its hopper, which keeps it supplied with coffee beans to grind.

For that reason, hopper capacity is important to consider if you’re going to be running your grinder for extended periods of time. In this regard, the Ceado and Eureka are equal.

Both their hoppers hold around 1.3 pounds of coffee beans. These aren’t extra-large hoppers by any means, but it is a generous size that home users and small businesses will find suitable.



Another quality you’re probably concerned about when it comes to choosing an espresso grinder is speed. A grinder that can quickly prepare doses of fresh grounds is desirable.

Part of your grinder’s speed is going to be dictated by the strength of its motor. A stronger motor will give it more power to crush your coffee beans with.

This is one aspect in which the Eureka Atom clearly wins with its robust 450-watt motor. In comparison, the Ceado E37J’s motor is 300 watts, which is still fairly powerful.

Color Options 

It’s a small touch, but it may be important to some people that these grinders are both available in multiple colors. The number of options and specific colors is where they differ.

You can purchase the Eureka Atom in two different colors: black or chrome. On the other hand, the Ceado E37J is available in three colors: black, white, and gray.

If you’re looking for a specific color to match with your décor, then you may need to choose one grinder or the other. For instance, if you want a white espresso grinder, you would need to pick the Ceado in this comparison.

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Eureka Atom Portafilter or Grounds Container 

Espresso, as you know, is far from the only way to get your daily coffee in. Many enjoy French press, drip, or any number of alternative brewing methods.

In other words, it may not always be pertinent to grind coffee into a portafilter. You may need more coffee grounds than the average portafilter basket holds.

In that case, you’ll love the Eureka Atom. It includes a grounds container that you can grind into in the event you need more than a portafilter of grounds.

Ceado E37J Steady Lock System

If you’ve ever used an espresso grinder all day, you may have noticed that your fineness settings aren’t usually set in stone. The longer you use the grinder, the more prone it is to slowly shifting those settings over time.

This forces most baristas to make minute adjustments to the fineness of the grind throughout the day even if they’re only ever using one setting on the grinder. Remembering to check the setting can be difficult, however, especially if you’re busy.

That’s why the Ceado E37J has a steady lock design. After you choose your fineness level, the grinder can lock it into place for you, which is an excellent option for situations where you may only be using the grinder for one purpose like grinding espresso.

Eureka Atom Sound Insulation 

Do you dislike how loud an espresso grinder can get? No one can blame you if you’re a little hesitant to put one in your home because of their volume.

We have good news for you if that’s something you’re worried about: the Eureka Atom has been insulated against sound. You can safely use this grinder in your home or business without worrying about it being too loud for your comfort.

Ceado E37J Touchscreen Display 

Beneath the Ceado E37J’s hopper, you’ll find a small and sleek touchscreen display. Buttons and dials can feel a bit outdated in today’s chic world, but the Ceado easily keeps up with technological advancements.

Most of the machine’s settings will be easily accessible through its convenient touchscreen. As a result, operating this grinder is a cinch, since just about everything you’ll need is within easy reach.

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Eureka Atom Bottom Burr Adjust 

The fineness of your grind comes from the distance between the burrs. Many grinders move the top bur either up or down when you adjust the grind. That design works perfectly well, but if you ever remove the top burr for cleaning, that means you’ve lost your fineness setting.

That’s why the Ceado E37J has a bottom burr adjustment design. It makes adjustments to your fineness by moving the bottom burr rather than the top. Should you open up your grinder for maintenance, then, your chosen setting will be left in place for you.

Pricing Considerations 

Let’s take a look at the prices of these grinders now, since that’s likely to be one of your top considerations. Fortunately, Majesty Coffee has the best prices online for the best espresso equipment.

We have the Ceado E37J in our store for $999 and the Eureka Atom in our store for $899.

Which Grinder Should You Buy? 

Are you still torn between the Ceado E37J and Eureka Atom? These are both quality grinders, and it’s easy to see why you would be torn between them. To help you make your choice, we’ll take a look at the reasons to choose one or the other.

A good starting point is to think about what type of drinks you’ll be grinding for most often. If you’ll need to grind batches of coffee for drip coffee a lot, for instance, then the Eureka Atom’s included grounds bin makes it a great match for you.

Another thing you can consider is how long you’ll need to grind on average. For continuous grinding, such as in a bustling coffee shop, the Ceado’s steady lock system is a good fit because it will prevent any gradual shift in your settings.

Think about where you’re going to put the grinder, too. The Eureka Atom’s sound insulation makes it especially well-suited to homes where quiet is of the utmost importance, such as when there are others sleeping in the house.

Color is something else you can think about. If you’re specifically looking for a white espresso grinder, you’d have to choose the Ceado E37J from these options.

This is what we recommend:

Get the Ceado E37J if you need a grinder that can handle continuous grinding. Its steady lock system will be your best friend when it comes to dialing in the grind.

We suggest the Eureka Atom if you need a quiet and affordable grinder for a home or small business. 

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