Compak E5 vs Rocket Fausto

Rocket is well-known for their ability to make gorgeous and economical espresso machines for home baristas and businesses alike. Does this mean they have the expertise to make good budget espresso grinders, as well?

In this guide, we’ll discuss how one of Rocket’s espresso grinders, the Fausto, compares to a solid grinder made by Compak, the E5. We’ll put the Compak E5 vs Rocket Fausto in the following topics:

  • Similar features shared by both grinders.
  • Which features are specific to either grinder.
  • Their price.
  • How to determine which one is better for you.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary

Compak E5


The Compak E5 has a lot going for it in either home or small commercial settings. It has an amazingly strong 650-watt motor that allows it to make short work of espresso beans and a high-tech touchscreen display. This is an excellent grinder for home prosumers and small coffee shops that need a compact, affordable grinder.

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Rocket Fausto

 Rocket Fausto

Just like Rocket espresso machines, the Rocket Fausto has a sleek look that could easily turn heads – especially if you choose to get it in chrome. Despite its small size, it’s still capable of holding about a pound and a half of coffee beans, and its continuous grinding mode gives skilled baristas flexibility. It’s a great pick for home baristas and small offices with a high-end coffee corner.

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Flat Burrs

You can think of burrs as the heart of every espresso grinder. They’re the grinding discs that crush your coffee beans, and their shape makes a huge difference on your grinding.

The Compak and Rocket in this comparison each use flat burrs. These are the golden standard in many coffee shops around the world because of their consistency.

Flat burrs produce coffee particles that are all the same size. Because of this, espresso-based beverages made from grinders with flat burrs tend to have a bit more of a decadent and chocolatey note than those made with conical burrs.

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Multiple Color Options

If you’ve ever purchased an appliance for your kitchen, you know what it’s like to be concerned about the available colors. It looks odd when you have all stainless steel ones, for example, and then you end up with one appliance in a random color.

To ensure that you end up with an appliance that looks perfect in your home or business, either the Compak E5 or the Rocket Fausto are available in a couple colors. The difference here is in the specific colors you can choose.

Black, white, and polished aluminum are the colors you can get for the Compak E5. Black and chrome are the two colors you can get the Rocket Fausto in.

Portafilter Holders

Portafilter holders are a staple feature in virtually all espresso grinders these days, but we still feel as if it’s worth mentioning. They make long hours spent making espresso-based drinks much easier.

Instead of having to hold your portafilter in place beneath the dispenser yourself, you can just set it on the portafilter fork. As you dispense espresso grounds, the grinder will hold the basket up for you.

Stepless Grind Adjustment Systems

A stepless grind adjustment system, which is used by both the Compak and Rocket in this comparison, can be complicated for beginners. Baristas must select the right fineness setting by twisting a rotating collar to any point rather than choosing from a limited number of pre-made settings.

However, the benefit to this design is precisely what makes it complicated: the number of settings you have at your disposal. With the wide range of fineness settings, you can make the most precise adjustments possible to the grind.

Because of this, you can accentuate the exact flavor profile you’re looking for in any coffee blend.

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There are a handful of noteworthy differences between the Compak E5 and the Rocket Fausto. The first one is their overall size.

As far as width and height go, the two espresso grinders are more similar than different. But in terms of depth, there is a marked difference between them.

The Compak E5 is 15 inches deep while the Rocket Fausto is 11 inches deep. If you’ve ever had to struggle to pack your counters efficiently, you’ll know that every inch can count. The extra four inches of space the Fausto can give you may be important.

Motor Power

If you’re looking for a grinder that can grind you shots of espresso in short order, then you want one with a robust motor. The power of a motor is measured with watts.

So which grinder has the stronger motor? With a 650-watt power that’s nothing short of impressive, the Compak E5 is the victor in this aspect.

On the flipside, the Rocket Fausto has a 245-watt motor. It’s certainly not weak by any means, but the Compak’s increased power will make it easier for it to grind quickly.

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Hopper Capacity

Do you plan to grind coffee or espresso in extended bursts? In that case, you’ll want a grinder with a larger hopper. The greater your hopper capacity is, the more coffee beans your grinder can hold and the fewer times you’ll need to bother with a refill.

This is one aspect in which the Rocket Fausto blasts away its competition. It has a 1.4-pound hopper, which is over twice the size of the E5’s .66-pound one.

In other words, you won’t need to refill the Rocket Fausto’s hopper half as often as the Compak E5 in a situation where you’re often grinding continuously.

Compak E5 LCD Touchscreen

There’s no denying the user-friendliness of a touchscreen. Instead of having to search the machine for hidden buttons, you can access everything you need within one easy screen.

That’s what makes the Compak E5 great for beginners or tech lovers. It has an LCD touchscreen that you can use to effortlessly make adjustments to a variety of settings.

Compak E5 Shot Counter

Whether you’re making espresso at home or preparing it in a business, being able to keep track of how much you’re using regularly is important. This information will tell you how much you need to replenish when you need to buy more.

If you’re worried that you’ll need to keep a physical tally on paper somewhere, that couldn’t be further from the truth with the Compak E5. It has a shot counter built into it that will keep tabs on the number of shots you make.

Pricing Considerations

Majesty Coffee’s goal is to have the best prices online for the best coffee equipment.

We’re offering our Compak E5 for $1,057 in black or white and $1,092 in polished aluminum. Our Rocket Fausto is $999 in black or $1,049 in chrome.

Which is the Better Grinder?

To be honest with you, both the Compak E5 and Rocket Fausto are excellent grinders. Since either one is a solid choice, deciding between them will come down to how you plan to use the grinder.

In a busier coffee shop setting, the Compak E5 may be more beneficial. Its 650-watt motor gives it the strength to grind shots of espresso in short order, and its shot counter will help you keep tabs on your business expenses.

Additionally, its touchscreen gives it a sleek, modern look that will undoubtedly impress your customers. What’s more, the familiarity of using a touchscreen may make it easier to train employees on using the grinder.

However, in a home setting or situation where you need a more affordable grinder, you may prefer the Rocket Fausto. Depending on which color you choose, it can be a bit less expensive than the Compak E5.

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