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Top Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines with Milk Frothers

In this section, we will explore some of the top bean-to-cup coffee machines with milk frothers for both home and professional use. These machines offer the perfect combination of convenience and quality, allowing you to enjoy café-style beverages in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Miele CM 6350 (For Home)

Miele CM 6350 Superautomatic Countertop Coffee Machine


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The Miele CM 6350 is a popular choice for home use due to its intuitive interface and high-quality brewing capabilities. Features include:

  • One-touch settings for various beverages
  • Integrated milk frother for creamy cappuccinos and lattes
  • Bean container with aroma-preserving lid
  • Customizable brewing options for individual preferences

Cimbali S15

La Cimbali S15 Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Cimbali S15 is a compact yet powerful option for offices or small cafes. It comes with the following features:

  • Fully automated brewing and milk frothing
  • Easy-to-use touch interface
  • Multiple brewing options to suit different preferences
  • Efficient cleaning system for quick maintenance

Cimbali S30

La Cimbali S30 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Comparable to the S15, the Cimbali S30 provides excellent coffee quality and is suitable for higher-volume settings. Key features are:

  • Advanced touch interface with customizable options
  • Two bean hoppers for various blends
  • Auto-steam wand for precise milk frothing
  • Remote monitoring and statistics for efficient operation

Franke A400

Franke A400 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine
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The Franke A400 delivers exceptional performance and is a fantastic option for busy environments. It includes features such as:

  • Wide range of coffee specialties with a touch of a button
  • Automatic milk frothing for consistent quality
  • Compact design easily fits in various locations
  • Efficient cleaning system for minimal downtime

Franke A1000 Flex

Franke A1000 Flex Superautomatic Coffee Machine


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Designed for maximum versatility, the Franke A1000 Flex is perfect for meeting diverse coffee needs. Its main features include:

  • Modular brewing system for customization
  • Multiple bean hoppers for a variety of blends
  • Interactive touch display for easy operation
  • Double milk frother for high output and varied beverages

Eversys Cameo

Eversys Cameo Superautomatic Espresso Machine


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The Eversys Cameo excels at producing top-quality espresso with its unique brewing technology. Some key features are:

  • Patented e'Barista system for consistent extraction
  • Efficient milk frother for a wide range of beverages
  • Self-adjusting grinders to ensure optimal taste
  • User-friendly interface for quick selections

Eversys Shotmaster

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine
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Geared towards high-volume environments, the Eversys Shotmaster boasts impressive quality and efficiency. Its features include:

  • High-speed brewing for quick service
  • Advanced milk frothing options for various specialties
  • Easy-to-navigate touch screen interface
  • Remote access and maintenance for seamless operation

Frothed Milk Drink Suggestions With Your Bean to Cup Machine

  • Latte: A classic coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, topped with a thin layer of foam.

  • Cappuccino: Similar to a latte, but with a higher ratio of foam to milk.

  • Flavored latte: Add a flavored syrup like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut to your latte for a sweet twist.

  • Mocha: A latte with chocolate sauce or powder mixed in for a rich, chocolatey flavor.

  • Iced latte: A refreshing twist on the classic latte, perfect for warmer days.

  • Frappuccino: A blended, frozen coffee drink with milk, ice, and flavorings like caramel or mocha.

  • Macchiato: A shot of espresso with a dollop of foamed milk on top.

  • Flat white: A creamy coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, but with less foam than a latte.

  • Americano: A shot of espresso diluted with hot water, for a more mild coffee flavor.

These are just a few ideas to get you started - feel free to experiment and find your own perfect coffee creation!

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