Why is My Bean to Cup Coffee Not Strong Enough? (Answered)

Wondering why your bean to cup coffee isn’t strong enough? Here are a few factors that could impact the strength of your brew…

  1. Coffee bean quality: Choose freshly roasted, high-quality beans with a bold flavor profile. Consider switching to a darker roast to enhance the coffee's strength.

  2. Grind size adjustment: Finely grind your coffee beans, as a finer grind promotes greater surface area for water to extract more flavor compounds.

  3. Coffee-to-water ratio modification: Increase the proportion of coffee grounds relative to water, which will result in a more concentrated and robust cup.

  4. Optimal water temperature: Ensure your brewing water temperature lies within the ideal range of 195-205°F (90-96°C) for optimal flavor extraction.

  5. Brewing duration: Prolong the brew time, allowing the coffee grounds to steep longer in the water, extracting more flavor and resulting in a stronger cup.

  6. Proper bean storage: Store your coffee beans in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and moisture to preserve their freshness and flavor.

By implementing these adjustments, you should be able to achieve a more potent and satisfying cup of coffee.

We realize not all bean to cup machines will allow for this level of customization, but they are factors to check.

How to Make Stronger Coffee with Your Bean to Cup Machine

  1. Thoughtful bean selection: Opt for a darker roast coffee, which generally has a more robust and intense flavor profile, to achieve a stronger cup.

  2. Grind size adjustment: Set your machine to produce a finer grind, as it increases the surface area of the coffee grounds, resulting in greater flavor extraction and a more potent brew.

  3. Customizing coffee strength settings: Explore your machine's settings and adjust the coffee strength option, if available, to brew a more concentrated cup.

  4. Fine-tuning the coffee-to-water ratio: Increase the amount of coffee grounds used per cup by altering the machine's settings. A higher coffee-to-water ratio will yield a more concentrated and stronger coffee.

  5. Pre-infusion or pre-wetting feature: Utilize this function, if available on your machine, which initially wets the coffee grounds before brewing, allowing better extraction of flavors and a more robust cup.

  6. Ensuring water quality: Use filtered water in your machine, as it can greatly impact the taste and extraction of your coffee, contributing to a more satisfying and stronger brew.

  7. Regular machine maintenance: Consistently clean and descale your bean-to-cup machine to ensure optimal performance and prevent any negative impact on the strength and flavor of your coffee.

By incorporating these detailed adjustments, you can enhance the strength and overall taste of the coffee brewed by your bean-to-cup machine.

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