Top 5 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines with Water Lines

Perfecting the art of making espresso takes time and patience. Using your average commercial espresso machine requires an understanding of how to operate the machine and what makes a quality shot.

This can make running a business difficult when you experience a high degree of employee turnover. Furthermore, when employees are split between a large number of tasks beyond prepping espresso drinks, they don’t necessarily have time to master the use of an espresso machine.

That’s where a super automatic espresso machine with a water line comes in handy. In the event you don’t know much about them, we’ll share some of our favorites with you. We’ll also brief you on the following topics:

  • Features of super automatic espresso machines and how they impact you.
  • What sorts of things you should consider before picking one particular machine.
  • The super automatic espresso machines with water lines we’ve chosen as the best of the best.

Quick Summary

In a hurry? Here’s a brief list of our top super automatic espresso machines with water lines, and why we picked them.

Why Choose a Super Automatic Espresso Machine with a Water Line?

Are you wondering what makes a super automatic machine different from its automatic and semiautomatic brethren? There are a few reasons why you may want to consider a super automatic machine with a water line:

  • Increased user friendliness
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Superior water quality
  • All-in-one drink-making

We’ll explain each of the above qualities and how they differ from other espresso machine types. 

User Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendliness, super automatic espresso machines really are the kings of the espresso field.

When it comes to user-friendliness, super automatic espresso machines really are the kings of the espresso field. To understand what we mean, let’s compare them to how automatic and semiautomatic machines work.

A semiautomatic espresso machine is one in which baristas have more control over the duration of extraction. They choose when the espresso starts extracting, and when it stops. Although it allows baristas more flexibility, this added control does mean it can be more difficult to master a semiautomatic espresso machine.

Automatic espresso machines are a bit easier than semiautomatic ones. Once a barista starts the extraction, the machine will stop at precisely the right time with no further effort on their part. 

Super automatic espresso machines take that automation to even loftier heights. On top of managing the extraction for you, most super automatic machines also contain built-in coffee bean grinders and milk frothers. 

Generally, all your baristas need to do is choose a drink recipe from the menu and wait a few minutes while the chosen drink is made from scratch for them. There is a slight variation in the process depending on whether you get a one- or two-step machine, though.

One-step super automatic machines literally handle the entire process for your employees. Two-step super automatic machines have separate brewing and steaming functions; it will grind and brew fresh espresso, but your barista will need to use a steam wand on the side and add the foamed milk to the drink themselves. No matter which one you choose, there’s no denying how easy it is to make all kinds of drinks on a super automatic machine, reducing training time and quality variations from drink to drink. 

Decreased Maintenance

The second benefit to plumbed-in super automatic machines is that you won’t need to deal with their maintenance as much. 

Espresso machines that aren’t connected to a water line need to have water manually added throughout the day. If your baristas are busy, this can become an inconvenience quickly, especially during your rush hours.

With a plumbed-in super automatic machine, you’ll never need to stop for a water refill. You can keep serving customers their orders uninterrupted. 

A bonus to this water line connection is that it helps promote the longevity of your espresso machine. An espresso machine running without water can potentially damage its boilers. You won’t need to worry about this possibility with a plumbed-in machine, as it will always be able to refill itself automatically.

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Superior Water Quality

Water quality is vital to making a great-tasting espresso. If your water is lower in quality, filled with metals like calcium, it could impact the taste of your drinks and drive your customers away.

Furthermore, the presence of metals in your water can lead to scale buildup. If you don’t protect your espresso machine from scale buildup, you risk it becoming damaged in time.

The good news is that plumbed-in espresso machines are naturally easy to install water softeners in. By using water softeners, you safeguard your machine from scale buildup and ensure your drinks taste even better.

All-in-One Drink-Making

Employees won’t have to move all over the counter to grind beans, foam milk, and pull shots – they can do it all in one spot.

Super automatic espresso machines usually have built-in coffee grinders, brewers, and milk frothers. This means you’re getting a machine that can handle every step of the drink-making process from start to finish.

Aside from streamlining the process, there’s an added pro to this design: you have virtually everything you need in one place. Not only does it streamline the process of making drinks, but it potentially streamlines your business layout as a result. Employees won’t have to move all over the counter to grind beans, foam milk, and pull shots – they can do it all in one spot.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Water Line Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

There are plenty of options available today when it comes to choosing a plumbed-in super automatic espresso machine. To ensure you truly end up with the best match for your needs, consider the following topics:

  • Budget
  • Order volume
  • Drink variety
  • Staff experience


It’s no secret that espresso machines can be expensive. Espresso machines with ultra-convenient automated features like super automatic models can consequently be a real expenditure. 

As you look at options, determine what kind of budget you have. The prices of super automatic machines can vary drastically, so there are certainly choices that may work for every budget. 

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Order Volume

You should ideally have an espresso machine that can keep up with your business’s demands. In other words, if your business goes through hundreds of orders a day, you’ll need a machine that can keep up. 

Some super automatic espresso machines are more suitable for larger businesses than others. If you need one that can handle high demand, consider looking for machines with multiple grinders and hoppers built right in, allowing you to store more coffee beans nearby. Models with a more comprehensive drink menu built in might also be better. 

Drink Variety

Another important consideration is the variety of drinks the machine is capable of making. Some super automatic machines are designed to offer a wider drink menu than others are.

In businesses where espresso is only occasionally ordered or isn’t the main focus, you might not need an expansive drink menu with a range of specialty drinks. On the other hand, such a large menu could be precisely what you need if yours is a more espresso- or coffee-centric business. 

Staff Experience Level

Your employees are always something you should keep in mind as you look at equipment that they’re going to be using on the job.

Your employees are always something you should keep in mind as you look at equipment that they’re going to be using on the job. We strongly recommend considering the knowledge and skill level of your employees in regard to espresso.

Do you frequently have to train new hires? Do your employees have to focus on many other things aside from coffee and espresso? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’re likely looking for a one-step super automatic espresso machine that can take care of crafting espresso-based drinks from start to finish for you.

Alternatively, if you’d like your employees to have a little more of a hands-on experience with it, you could consider a two-step super automatic machine. With a two-step machine, employees will still need to add milk to a pitcher and steam it. 

Some super automatic machines combine the best of one- and two-step worlds. These may offer steam wands that can be used manually at each employee’s preference. 

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines with Water Lines

Franke A400 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine

Franke A400

Are you a small café or business looking for a budget-friendly super automatic espresso machine? We think the Franke A400 could be the end of your search.

Capable of making up to 100 drinks per day, the A400 can help you keep on top of your drink orders. Furthermore, with its remarkable FoamMaster system, making the perfect creamy milk froth for each and every drink is a dream.

You could even put this machine in an office. Office employees won’t need to be trained on how to use the coffee maker – they can simply use the touch screen to effortlessly navigate the menu and choose whatever they’re craving. 

  • Best Setting: Small business (up to 100 espresso orders a day)
  • 1 Step or 2 Step: 1 step
  • Number of Hoppers and Grinders:
  • FoamMaster System: Steaming milk is normally something that takes time to perfect, but with the A400’s FoamMaster System, anyone can do it. The system ensures you get perfectly silky milk foam time after time.
  • Automatic Cleaning: Don’t have time to do an exhaustive clean at the end of the day? The A400’s CleanMaster System can help take care of the maintenance for you with the insertion of a cleaning cartridge.
  • Pre-Infusion: By gently soaking the coffee grounds before extraction, the A400 guarantees all granules are reached and the flavor is full-bodied.
  • Adjustable Beverage Spout: Whether you’re craving a large or small drink, the beverage spout can be adjusted to accommodate cups of just about any size.
  • Touchscreen Control: Anyone familiar with using a tablet or smartphone will find navigating this machine’s touchscreen controls a breeze.
  • Optional Cup Warmer: You have the option of getting the A400 with a cup-warming shelf that will keep up to 120 cups toasty for you. A warm cup helps keep all your drinks hot even longer.
  • Majesty Coffee Price: $8,789.60

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Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Super Automatic Machine

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar

Around the world, Nuova Simonelli is often regarded as one of the best espresso machine manufacturers out there. Their machines are often nothing short of works of art.

We feel the Prontobar exemplifies the qualities Nuova Simonelli strives for. Its sleek metallic face and drip tray give it a clean, polished feel that you’ll love displaying on your counter.

With the ability to program up to six different drink recipes into its buttons, making one of several drinks will be as simple as tapping the right button. No need to spend long hours training new hires on how to use the machine.

Another thing to love about the Prontobar is its quiet pump. No matter how quiet and peaceful your environment is, you won’t need to be concerned about this espresso machine shattering conversations and atmosphere.

  • Best Setting: Medium cafes, restaurants, and offices (up to 140 orders per day) 
  • 1 Step or 2 Step: Available as one- or two-step. 
  • Number of Hoppers and Grinders: 2
  • Specialized Steel Burrs: Because the Prontobar’s burrs are made from top-notch steel, they can keep grinding beans even longer. 
  • Quiet Pump: Since the pump in the Prontobar operates at such a low volume, it won’t disrupt your clients, customers, or employees.
  • LCD Display: The LCD display is easy to see and control, making it simple for users to operate the machine. 
  • Programmable Drink Buttons: You can program up to six specific drink recipes into the buttons for efficient access. 
  • Thermo-Compensated Delivery Group: With the thermo-compensated delivery group, the temperature is kept stable, ensuring your espressos are consistent in quality.
  • Majesty Coffee Price: $9,855

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Franke A1000 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine

Franke A1000

The Franke A1000 is for anyone who liked the look of the aforementioned A400, but needs something a little more robust. 

For starters, the speed on the A1000 is impressive. It can make up to a whopping 300 drinks a day, allowing you to breeze through hundreds of drink orders with total ease.

You’ll also be getting an extra-large 10.4-inch touchscreen with this Franke. That means it will be even simpler to read and navigate, with plenty of room to swipe and tap at. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to keep even more coffee beans on hand with it. Thanks to its three hoppers, you can have more of the same blend nearby or keep multiple blends for your customers to choose from.

  • Best Setting: Medium to large coffee shops, offices, and restaurants (up to 300 drink orders a day)
  • 1 Step or 2 Step: 1 step
  • Number of Hoppers and Grinders: 3
  • Dual Powder Containers: Two built-in powder containers make it possible for your Franke to make drinks such as hot chocolate by integrating the hot chocolate powder in the machine.
  • iQFlow Design: With iQflow, users can tweak the flavors drawn from each coffee bean effortlessly. 
  • Pre-Infusion: Promotes a well-balanced flavor in each drink by settling the grounds perfectly before extraction. 
  • Adjustable Beverage Spout: Since you can adjust the beverage spout, you can brew directly into cups of various sizes.
  • Optional Syrup: You have the option of equipping the machine with flavored syrups to expand your drink menu with favorites such as vanilla and pumpkin spice.
  • Majesty Coffee Price: $18,899

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Franke A600 FM CM Superautomatic Coffee Machine

Franke A600

The Franke A600 is the happy medium between the A400 and A1000. Its ability to whip up around 150 espresso drinks a day means it’s 50% faster than the A400 at a smaller price than the A1000.

There are tons of convenient features packed into this machine. For one thing, its automatic pre-infusion guarantees that each shot of espresso is fully extracted without getting bitter.

For another, it has a built-in cleaning system called the CleanMaster system. By inserting a cleaning cartridge, your Franke A600 can automatically clean itself with just the tap of a screen, saving you and your employees time. 

Don’t want to make only espresso-based drinks? You also have the option of configuring the A600 to brew classic drip coffee, which makes it a hit for offices.

  • Best Setting: Small to medium cafes, offices, restaurants, and hotels (up to 150 espresso orders a day)
  • 1 Step or 2 Step: 1 step
  • Number of Hoppers and Grinders:
  • CleanMaster System: With integrated cleaning cartridges, the A600 can save you maintenance time by cleaning itself for you.
  • Optional Brewed Coffee: You can configure the Franke A600 to make traditional brewed coffee for those who don’t want a latte or cappuccino. 
  • Easily Removable Brew Unit: The brew unit inside the machine can be simply removed without the need for specialized tools, which allows you to tweak the machine to your needs. 
  • Automatic Pre-Infusion: By settling the grounds before each shot is pulled, the A600 guarantees that the flavor is well-rounded.
  • Automated Frothing: Users can choose from an array of milk foam settings, which the A600 will then handle for them. 
  • Majesty Coffee Price: $14,032

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Nuova Simonelli Talento Super Automatic Machine

Nuova Simonelli Talento

You should probably include the Nuova Simonelli Talento on just about any list of the best super automatic espresso machines. Like the other Nuova Simonelli model we included on this list, it truly is a beauty.

Plus, you get some flexibility with this machine. You can choose to get it in either a one- or two-step configuration based on your own personal preferences and budget.

You’ll get a total of 10 programmable drink buttons on this one. Because the screen also has two pages, that means there’s technically double the available recipes, making it possible for you to program 20 drinks into the machine.

Peace of mind is another aspect the Talento excels in. Its double tamping system will work to guarantee that each shot is properly tamped. A built-in diagnostic system will notify you if there are any issues with the machine so you can correct them before they become a costly problem. 

  • Best Setting: Medium to large coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices (up to 240 drinks per hour) 
  • 1 Step or 2 Step: Available in 1- or 2-step configurations
  • Number of Hoppers and Grinders:
  • Programmable Drink Buttons: You can program up to 20 different drink recipes into the machine, giving you plenty of room for a large drink menu. 
  • Double Tamping System: Guarantees each shot of espresso is consistently tamped, leading to properly balanced extraction.
  • Self-Diagnostics: No need to struggle to figure out what’s going on when there’s an issue, as the Talento’s diagnostic system will tell you when there’s a problem.
  • Automatic Cleaning: The Talento can be told to self-clean, sparing you the tedious work of cleaning up at the end of the day.
  • Auto On/Off: With the Auto On/Off function, you can program the Talento to turn on and off at set times. This saves you the possibility of employees forgetting to power the machine down before closing.
  • Majesty Coffee Price: $16,250 (two-step) or $17,100 (one-step)

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Just Ok

Fluffy grind
Solid build, top fit and finish
Precise dosing
Low retention

Stalls on lighter roasts due to undersized motor.
Creates a mowhawk shaped uneven extraction if you do not WDT (whisk) the grounds.

With SSP burrs my Eureka Olympus makes better espresso all around. I thought with the money invested and good reviews this would be the last grinder purchase of my life. I am hoping Majesty will be able to get me setup with an upgrade like the Mahlkonig peak or the Compak E8/F8 models. Stalling on lighter roasts is a deal breaker for me. For someone who uses standard darker roasts and a spouted non naked portafilter this grinder could work fine.

Great grinder but ridiculously long 60" power cord

Easy to set up and works great for consistent espresso grinds. Not as noisy as the grinder it replaced a Baratza Encore that was an exceptional grinder for pour over use but not as good for an espresso grind.

For some reason the people at Eureka install a 60" long power cord which makes no sense at all for an appliance that will go on a counter where an outet is at most 24 inches away from the appliance. I have a new appliance cord on order and as soon as it arrives I will use it to replace the factory cord and a 15 inch power cord from the Mignon coffee grinder to the wall outlet.

Ceado E37S Espresso Grinder

This espresso grinder is excellent and exemplifies the quality of products and service that are offered at Majesty Coffee. Excellent! Arrived in perfect condition, is very quick and efficient and can even be used for single dosing. I couldn't ask for more from Ceado or Majesty!

Espresso machine and grinder purchase

Product arrived on provided date in perfect shape. Very happy with the ordering and delivery service. Additionally, the La Marzocco Linea Mini and Ceado 37S are a great combination that works excellent and provides excellent flavor and richness in my espresso. Thanks for everything!!!

I have a leakage at the bottom and I’m pretty sure is not normal. The machine is working very well except that it has leaks and I don’t think it’s normal. Please email at