Miele 5300 vs 6350

Are you looking for a way to introduce consistently tasty espresso-based drinks to your home? Miele superautomatic espresso machines could be precisely what you’re looking for.

These machines make brewing a decadent latte or refreshing coffee as easy as pushing a single button. We’ll shed some light on them by comparing the Miele 5300 and 6350, two of their top models.

This is what we’ll be covering in this guide:

  • Qualities both the 5300 and 6350 have.
  • Differences between these Miele machines.
  • Pricing information for both options.
  • Our guidance on picking the right one for you.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary 

Miele CM 5300


One issue with superautomatic espresso machines is that, as beginner-friendly as they are, they often aren’t accessible to novices because of their high cost. The Miele 5300 brings this cutting-edge technology to people on budgets with a price that is more affordable than many competitors. We’d recommend this one for home baristas in search of a less expensive superautomatic experience.

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Miele CM 6350


The Miele 5300 is a solid espresso machine, but the 6350 adds some nice upgrades to the design. Its increased hopper and water tank capacity makes it possible for it to brew even longer uninterrupted. Grab the Miele 6350 if you need a superautomatic espresso machine for your home that can handle the demands of multiple coffee drinkers at once.

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Superautomatic Machine Type

The most important similarity between the 5300 and 6350 is also their greatest selling point: they are both superautomatic espresso machines. So, what does superautomatic mean?

In short, a superautomatic espresso machine takes care of the entire drink-making process for you. You press a button, and the machine grinds your beans, froths your milk, and extracts your espresso.

They are, by far, the easiest method of brewing coffee and espresso out there. Because anyone can use them, superautomatic machines like the 5300 and 6350 produce consistently tasty drinks regardless of who’s brewing.

OneTouch for Two Brewing 

It’s not uncommon for two people in a household to both want a cup of coffee. This is precisely why traditional coffee pots are so popular – they allow everyone in the home to get a cup.

These Miele coffee machines make that possible to a lesser degree with espresso-based drinks. Either one can brew two drinks at the same time, which means you can whip through two lattes in short order.

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Dishwasher-Safe Parts 

Done brewing for the day? Luckily, neither the Miele 5300 nor the 6350 will be difficult to clean up.

Either espresso machine has numerous components that can be removed and placed in your dishwasher. Some examples of parts that require regular cleaning and are dishwasher-safe include the water and waste containers.

It’s a small touch, but one that will make you feel better about using the machines more often. If you don’t have to worry about a lengthy cleanup each time, you won’t feel reluctant to brew with them.

System Lock 

Imagine walking away from one of your appliances, only to return and find that someone had used it and messed up your settings. This is incredibly annoying, especially for complex appliances that allow you to input a lot of specifications like an espresso machine.

This is also something that the Miele machines will prevent from ever occurring. With a system lock function built right in, you can protect your espresso machine from any usage or alterations until you unlock the machine.

No more coming back from a break to find that your kids have tampered with something, as far as your coffee maker goes. You’ll have peace of mind whenever you need to step away.

Ground Coffee Drawer 

By their very nature as superautomatic machines, the 5300 and 6350 have coffee bean hoppers built in. Given that superautomatics are often called “bean to cup” machines, this is only to be expected.

But they have an additional coffee storage method included: a coffee grounds drawer. The drawers allow you to store a second type of coffee that has been pre-ground inside the machine.

As a result, you can have two different blends available to brew at the touch of a button. That’s perfect for anyone who likes to go between decaf and caffeinated blends, or anyone else who has multiple blends they prefer drinking.

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Batch Brewing

Previously, we mentioned how these Miele machines can each brew two drinks simultaneously. What if you want more than two drinks at once, though?

They’ve got you covered in that regard, as well. Both machines can brew entire pots of coffee or tea if you’ve got a gathering of friends and family to entertain.

Eco Mode

As we grow increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, innovations continue to emerge to allow us to reduce that impact. Many of these innovations can be found in the appliances we use at right at home, including these Miele espresso machines.

Each one has an integrated eco mode. When the eco mode is active, it lowers the energy consumption of the machine, making it more environmentally friendly as well as reducing the cost of running it.

Overall Size 

Worried about finding an espresso machine that will fit on your countertops? Considering the size of any potential appliance you’ll purchase is clearly important. In that regard, the 5300 and 6350 are virtually identical.

The Miele 5300 measures at 9.50 inches wide, 14.25 inches tall, and roughly 18 inches deep. The 6350’s measurements are 10 inches wide, 14.25 inches tall, and 16.87 inches deep.

In other words, if you have room for one, you’ll likely have room for the other.

Automatic Milk Pipework Rinsing 

When you’re heating and frothing milk to add to a drink such as a cappuccino, it’s easy to see how the pipes transporting that milk to your cup could get dirty over time. This could make you feel concerned about the safety of consuming the beverages produced by a superautomatic espresso machine unless you can be sure any parts containing milk are adequately cleaned.

You won’t need to worry with these Miele machines. Any time a milk-based drink is made with them, the pipework that contained the milk is rinsed out automatically.

At the end of the day, that means peace of mind for you and the ability to completely savor every luxurious drink you make.

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Hopper Size 

A hopper is the part on an espresso grinder that holds your coffee beans. Since the 5300 and 6350 address every step of the drink-making process for you, from grinding your beans to frothing your milk, they have hoppers built into them.

What varies here is the size of the hopper in question. The 5300’s hopper holds approximately .44 pounds of coffee beans and the 6350’s hopper holds .66 pounds of coffee beans.

Put another way, the 6350 can hold up to 50% more coffee beans in its hopper. As a result, it can make more freshly ground drinks in one go than the 5300 can.

Included Accessories 

With either espresso machine in this comparison, you won’t get just the machine when you buy it – you’ll also get some accessories to help you maintain it. However, the 6350 will give you just a little extra than the 5300 will.

If you choose the Miele 5300, you’d find that it has descaling and cleaning tablets inside the box with it. These are both necessities that will help you keep the machine in optimal shape.

Choose the Miele 6350, though, and you’ll also get a stainless steel thermal milk flask and coffee grounds scoop in addition to the cleaning tablets. These are simply bonuses for you to enjoy, but we thought they were worth mentioning.

Cord Length 

When you’re adding a new appliance to your kitchen, one of the things you usually have to consider first is where an outlet is. The location of outlets restricts where you can put kitchen equipment, including these espresso machines. That makes finding the right space for a machine with a shorter electrical wire a real hassle.

The Miele 6350 will give you a bit more wiggle room with its four-foot cord than the 5300’s three-foot cord will. You wont necessarily need to have it as close to an outlet.

Water Tank Size 

The capacity of your bean hopper isn’t the only aspect that allows you to keep brewing. There’s also the capacity of your espresso machine’s water tank to consider.

Every espresso and coffee-based drink needs water. If you have more water, you can make more drinks at once.

The 6350’s water tank can hold 1.8 liters and the 5300’s can hold 1.3 liters. At half a liter greater than the 5300, the 6350’s water tank will make it possible for you to keep going even longer without needing to stop for a refill.

Miele 6350 Integrated Cup Warmer 

If you’ve watched a barista at work before, you may have seen them pouring hot water into empty cups, only to dump it out later and pour in a freshly made drink. Have you ever wondering why that was?

The answer is simple: it keeps the finished drink warmer longer. If you pour a hot drink into a cold cup, the temperature of the drink will drop even faster.

This is why the Miele 6350 has a cup warmer built into it. It can keep your cups warm for you, so when it comes time to pour a drink in them, they’ll stay at enjoyable temperatures longer.

Miele 6350 User Profiles 

Do you plan on sharing your Miele with other people? Then you’ll want to consider everyone’s drink preferences, because just about everyone has their own favorite espresso or coffee drink.

This is another aspect that the 6350 is prepared for. Thanks to its multiple user profiles, you can ensure it has everyone’s favorite drinks effectively memorized. All you need to do is save everyone’s drink preferences onto their own profiles.

Once the profiles are set up, just choose the appropriate profile when you’re making a drink.

Pricing Information 

We at Majesty Coffee offer our espresso machines for the most competitive prices online, including our Miele superautomatics.

That being said, our Miele CM 5300 is in our store for $1,499 and our Miele CM 6350 is in our store for $2,299.

Which is Better for You? 

Given how amazing either the Miele 5300 or the 6350 are, you could be forgiven for any lingering uncertainty over which one to choose. Making your decision will involve taking a closer look at their key differences.

Price may be at the top of your list when it comes to espresso machine considerations. If what you want is the more affordable superautomatic, then the Miele 5300 is obviously the better choice for you. It’s a little over half the price of the 6350.

We don’t think you should let yourself be blinded by the cost, though, otherwise you might end up with something that’s not necessarily a good fit for your home. Make sure you consider other qualities, like the brewing capacity of the machine.

Due to its larger water tank and bean hopper, the 6350 is something you should take a closer look at if you’re planning on making drinks for multiple people. It also has user profiles you can program each person’s preferences into in advance.

Here is our advice:

Buy the Miele CM 5300 if you want a more cost-effective superautomatic espresso machine for your home.

However, consider the Miele CM 6350 if you want a superautomatic espresso machine that can brew more drinks in a row before needing a refill of coffee beans or water. It also has multiple user profiles that make it perfect for homes with a few coffee lovers living in them.

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