Miele 5300 vs 6150: Which Espresso Machine Should You Buy?

Miele 5300 vs 6150

Have you ever wanted to make your own favorite coffee shop drinks at home, but worried you didn’t have the skill to do so?

Don’t worry – making the perfect latte or macchiato isn’t a skill restricted only to the best baristas. In fact, with the right espresso machine, you can make a decadent drink regardless of your experience level.

What you need is a superautomatic espresso machine, and with Miele models, you can get one at home for a decent price. To show you how amazing these machines are, we’ll be taking a look at the Miele 5300 and 6150.

Here’s what we’ll dive into:

  • Similar features shared by both espresso machines.
  • Which features set them apart from each other.
  • The cost of either machine.
  • How to determine which one you should buy.

Quick Summary 

Miele CM 5300

 Miele 5300

If you’ve got a couple espresso or coffee lovers in your home, you’ll wow them with the Miele 5300. On this sleek machine, espresso-based drinks are no more than a single touch away. As the more affordable model in this comparison, the Miele CM 5300 is the pick for you if you want a more economical superautomatic espresso machine at home.

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Miele CM 6150

 Miele 6150

What the Miele CM 6150 offers that its competitors don’t is multiple user profiles. If there are multiple people in your household all with their own favorite drinks, you can program their favorites into separate profiles for easy access in the future. This is the perfect superautomatic espresso machine for homes with multiple espresso enthusiasts who need the most user-friendly experience possible.

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Superautomatic Machine Type 

One of the first similarities we’d like to touch on here would be the basic machine type involved, which is superautomatic. Let’s look at what superautomatic means and how it impacts you.

The best way to sum up a superautomatic espresso machine is with the phrase, “bean to cup.” That simply means that all parts of an espresso-based drink are completed for you, from grinding the beans to frothing your milk.

This is massively easier than using either an automatic or semiautomatic espresso machine, which both still require you to grind your own beans and steam your own milk. Because of the reduced difficulty, superautomatic models like these Miele machines are excellent for beginners.

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System Lock 

Have you ever left an appliance on and someone accidentally used it? For instance, maybe one of your children pressed some buttons or a curious cat pushed something.

Regardless of how it happened, there’s no denying how frustrating or alarming it can be to find that one of your valuable appliances has been tampered with. This is a circumstance that the Mieles can protect you from, thanks to their system lock function.

Need to step away from your espresso machine for a bit? Just set the system lock on, and no one will be able to accidentally mess with its settings.

Ground Coffee Drawer 

Both the grinders have a bean hopper built into them by virtue of being a superautomatic espresso machine. However, in addition to a bean hopper, these machines also have built-in ground coffee drawers.

There are a couple benefits to this. The first one is that you can essentially keep two different coffee blends on hand in your machine. For instance, you could have caffeinated beans and decaf grounds to switch between.

Another benefit to the grounds drawer is that it’s ideal for people who buy their coffee pre-ground. Using pre-ground coffee, although less fresh than grinding your own, could be preferable if you want to avoid the noise associated with grinding coffee beans.

Large Batch Brewing 

Many superautomatic espresso machines have one big flaw: they can only brew single servings at a time. Imagine having guests over and they all wanted a cup of coffee. You would need to spend a couple minutes on each drink, which could take a huge amount of time depending on the number of guests you were preparing drinks for.

That’s where these Miele machines differ from their competitors. Either one is capable of brewing into a coffee or tea pot, brewing up to eight cups at one time.

With these Miele coffee machines, you can easily have plenty to go around for the whole party.

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Programmable Auto-On and Off 

We know as well as anyone else that there are times throughout your day where it’s much harder to be productive. For example, in the morning you have so much to do that it can seem difficult to find the time to stop and brew some coffee for yourself.

Miele took this into consideration when designing the 5300 and 6150. Both have programmable auto-on and off times. Simply put, you can program the machines to turn on and off at specific times for you.

Aside from being able to grab yourself a cup right when you get up, the other positive is that you’ll never forget to turn it off at night. That way, you can conserve energy and keep your utility expenses in check.

Dishwasher-Friendly Components 

Just like you may not always have time to wait for the machine to warm up, you may not have time to clean it meticulously by hand. The Miele coffee machines are perfect for people frequently on the move, incorporating convenience into every element of their design – even the cleaning stage.

Many parts of the machine that would need to be cleaned regularly are dishwasher-friendly. That includes the drip tray, water tank, and the waste container. Cleaning these components is truly as effortless as running them through a cycle in your dishwasher.

Aromatic System 

Most people would agree that the best part of coffee and espresso is the taste and comfort you can get from each cup. After that, however, many more would say that the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is a sizable perk to the drink.

This is another aspect that Miele accounted for. Its design is meant to promote the natural aroma that comes from fresh coffee, and you’ll love the way the familiar smell paints the air in your kitchen. Step into your kitchen while it’s brewing, and we can virtually guarantee it will be enough to make your mouth water.

Eco Mode 

If you were to closely study the energy consumption of all the appliances in your home, you might be shocked at what you find. You could find yourself wanting to unplug everything after use in fear of high utility bills.

That’s why the Miele 5300 and 6150 have an eco mode built right in. At times when you won’t be using them as often, you can switch into the energy-saving eco mode to reduce their energy consumption and consequently your expenses.

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When you’re buying something like an espresso machine, it’s important to consider how much space you have in your home. If you were to buy one that’s too large, you might find yourself in a position where you need to return it, wasting precious time and money.

Overall, the dimensions of these Miele models are quite similar. The 5300 is 9.5 inches wide, 14.25 inches tall, and 18.12 inches deep. The 6150 is 10 inches wide, 14.25 inches tall, and 16.87 inches deep.

The only really difference here is their width and depth, but even that is insignificant. In other words, size won’t be the deciding factor for you here.

OneTouch for Two 

Do you often need a pair of drinks to share with a spouse or roommate? You’ll love the Mieles’ OneTouch for Two function, then.

Either the 5300 or 6150 was created to easily brew two drinks at the same time. This is perfect for households with at least a couple dedicated coffee drinkers.


Hopper Size 

Earlier on, we discussed the integrated coffee bean hoppers both the 5300 and 6150 have simply by being all-inclusive superautomatic espresso machines. It’s time to look at the sizes of those bean hoppers now because that’s one quality that differs between them.

The 6150’s hopper holds 300 grams (roughly half a pound) while the 5300’s hopper holds 200 grams (just under half a pound). While this difference isn’t going to be noticeable if you don’t grind a lot of coffee, it will come into play in homes where the demand for drinks is higher.

Because it has a larger hopper, the 6150 will be able to brew more drinks in a row than the 5300 before you need to add more beans.

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Water Tank Capacity 

How much water your espresso machine contains will also impact how long it can brew for. Espresso, coffee, and tea cannot be made without water, after all, so you’ll have to ensure there is water in the tank at all times while you’re making drinks.

Unsurprisingly, this is another area where the 6150 wins. Its 1.8-liter water tank is half a liter larger than the 5300’s.

That means that, once again, it is capable of brewing more drinks in a row than the 5300 can.

Cord Length 

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect place for an appliance with an outlet nearby that’s still within easy reach for regular use? We know we have!

Cord length matters in this regard. A longer cord will give you much more flexibility to place the appliance wherever you need to.

When it comes to cord length, the 6150 wins out. It has a generous four-foot cord, while the 5300’s cord is three feet long.

Available Colors 

Both the 5300 and 6150 are available in two different colors. The specific colors they’re each available in is the difference.

You can get the Miele 5300 in either graphite gray or obsidian black. The Miele 6150 is sold in either lotus white or obsidian black.

If you’re looking for gray, then, you’ll want to go for the 5300. On the other hand, if you prefer white, the 6150 will be the right choice for you.

Miele 6150 Multiple User Profiles 

One quality that truly sets the 6150 apart from the 5300 is its multiple user profiles. These profiles are what make the machine ideal for households with a handful of coffee drinkers that all have their own preferences.

The 6150 allows you basically program the preferences of multiple people into the profiles. Once the drink preferences are entered in, the individual who corresponds with that profile can just select the drink from their profile. It couldn’t get any easier.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee proudly has top-tier espresso machines for the lowest prices. That includes our Miele superautomatics.

Our Miele 5300 is in the store for $1,499 and our Miele 6150 is available for $1,899.

Which Espresso Machine Should You Buy? 

There are so many factors involved in these Miele espresso machines. With more similarities than differences, it’s understandable that you might have a hard time choosing one or the other.

Let’s look at reasons why the 5300 or the 6150 may be better for you specifically.

If your home has more than a couple coffee lovers in it or you’ll need to entertain guests regularly, the 6150 may be more your speed. It has an increased water tank capacity and bean hopper capacity that allow it to brew more drinks in a row than the 5300.

Specific colors may come into play in your decision, too. While either espresso machine is available in black, the secondary colors in either one differ. You’ll want the 6150 if you’re looking for a white espresso machine and the 5300 if you’d rather have a gray one.

How is the space in your kitchen? If it’s particularly constrained, you may find it easier to accommodate the 6150, which has a slightly longer power cord.

Of course, there are cost considerations to make, as well. The Miele 5300, being less expensive than the 6150, is more accessible for those on a budget.

This is our suggestion:

The Miele 6150 will work better in households that need to brew coffee with an increased frequency. Due to its larger hopper and water tank, it’s better at brewing more drinks in a row for entertaining groups of coffee drinkers.

We’d suggest the Miele 5300 for anyone who wants a more affordable super automatic espresso machine. It’s a few hundred less in price than the 6150, making it accessible for tighter budget.

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Upgraded to the Ceado and I am very happy. It is a quiet quiet powerhouse with the very accurate and consistent grind. God shots galore!

Great machine

I was going to get the Mini E, although when I was on the phone with Tony, I changed my mind and got the super jolly. Unfortunately, when it came to my house and I put it on my counter, it was an inch bigger than the mini and wouldn’t fit in my space. So I had to send it back and will have to pay shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Totally my fault. Don’t get too excited when ordering stuff, it could cost you.

Once you have it dialed in, very consistent.

Ceado E37J built like a tank!

After purchasing a Baratza Sette 270wi and returning it and purchased the Ceado.
It is above and beyond my best expectations in quality and performance. I talked to 3 technicians at 3 different Espresso Equipment Sellers (one of which was Majesty Coffee) and without hesitation all agreed that the Ceado E37J was the best espresso grinder in this price range and the one they would own.
Love it!!!