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Mazzer Kony Review

Have you been searching for a high-end commercial espresso grinder to provide freshly ground espresso for your business? Not just any grinder is up to the task – you need something that’s fast, powerful, and capable of grinding for long hours without breaking a sweat.

The Mazzer Kony could be exactly what you’re looking for. It can easily deal with the pressure, but does that make it the right grinder for you? If that’s a question you’re asking, you’re in the right place.

In this Mazzer Kony review, we’ll help you figure out if this grinder is a good fit for you by addressing the following topics:

  • Important grinder features and how they’ll affect you.
  • Alternative grinder options to the Mazzer Kony.
  • A quick introduction to Mazzer as a brand.
  • Our advice on the best environments for the grinder.

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary 

Mazzer Kony

Mazzer Kony 

Power and speed come together in the Mazzer Kony. Due to its large 63mm grinding burrs, built-in ventilation, and huge hopper, this grinder has what it takes to meet a high volume of espresso demand without faltering. It’s even suitable for new baristas, since it’s capable of storing programmed settings for single and double doses.

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Important Features and Why They Matter 

Conical Burrs

A logical starting point for this review is the Kony’s burrs. Your coffee beans couldn’t be ground without the burrs, which makes them the single most important component in any grinder.

Open up the Kony, and you’ll find that it has 63mm conical burrs. Both the size and shape are important topics to discuss in this review.

We’ll start with the shape. Conical grinding burrs have an almost wedge shape that allows them to grind more coolly and quietly than their flat counterparts.

Some people love them for their ability to produce bimodal coffee particles, which means the coffee grains are different sizes in the same batch. This tends to create a fruitier and zestier flavor profile in your drinks.

As for their size, the Kony’s burrs are quite generously portioned. Because they are on the larger side, they can grind more coffee beans in a shorter amount of time than a grinder with smaller burrs would.

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On-Demand Grinding 

The Mazzer Kony lacks a doser hopper, which means it’s an on-demand grinder. Put another way, it grinds single servings of coffee and espresso at a time as opposed to grinding larger amounts in advance and storing them in an attached container.

On-demand grinders like the Kony guarantee you’re getting the freshest possible coffee every time. Because you’re grinding as you need it, you don’t risk having any leftovers that could grow stale and need to be thrown out.

Stepless Micrometrical Grind Adjustment 

One quality that expert baristas would love about the Kony is that it’s a stepless grinder. To understand why, imagine you’re adjusting the fineness setting on a grinder, but you only have a limited selection of options made by the manufacturer.

It’s possible that the fineness level you need isn’t one of the options. You’d be left choosing the fineness setting that’s closest to what you actually need, possibly affecting the flavor of your drink.

With a stepless grinder like the Kony, you’re not stuck choosing from a range of manufactured fineness levels. You can twist the adjustment dial to literally any point, giving you endless options.

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Digital Display

 Mazzer Kony

Some say that old-fashioned things are simpler, including appliances. That may even be true to some degree.

But making improvements to old systems by adding electronic features doesn’t have to be complicated – it can actually make things amazingly simple. That’s certainly the case for the Mazzer Kony, which has a digital display.

Using the display, baristas can easily access information regarding the number of shots they’ve made or view the settings they’ve selected. This isn’t an overly fancy technological touch; it’s both user- and beginner-friendly.

Integrated Ventilation 

Not just any grinder can go continuously. Without the right components, a grinder that’s used nonstop in a busy coffee shop is prone to overheating, reaching critically high temperatures.

This is a problem for a couple of reasons. First, it risks harming your grinder itself. Second, it potentially burns your coffee beans, producing a nasty, singed flavor in your drinks that will have your customers tossing their cups out as soon as possible.

If you’re going to grind continuously, you need a grinder that can maintain a cool temperature like the Kony. With its built-in ventilation system, it can keep going for as long as you need it to.

Large Capacity Bean Hopper 

Another quality that limits how long you can use your grinder for is the size of the grinder’s bean hopper. If the bean hoppy empties, you cannot use the grinder until you add more beans, so it’s easy to see how size comes into play.

The Mazzer Kony’s extra-large hopper won’t hold you back. It can hold up to just under three pounds of coffee beans, which means you can grind for hours uninterrupted. This is perfect for getting you through rushes of customers.

Programmable Single and Double Doses 

Part of what makes the Kony so beginner-friendly is its programmable electronic dosing. Essentially, the machine will allow you to save the amounts for single and double shots of espresso into its buttons.

Whenever you or your baristas need to grind a shot in the future, just press the right button and wait. That’s as simple as grinding can possibly get, and it grants you the freedom to multitask while the grinder does all the heavy lifting for you.

Comparable Alternatives 

Mazzer Major Electronic

 Mazzer Major Electronic

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the Kony, what better place to start than by looking at Mazzer’s other grinders? One particularly good option for your consideration is the Major Electronic.

Like the Kony, it has a sleek electronic display that you’ll use to tap into the grinder’s settings. This gives the grinder a more modern feel than its traditional analog counterparts.

Furthermore, it has a built-in ventilation system that allows you to use the grinder for as long as you need without the risk of overheating. It’s truly a grinder you can rely on through your busiest hours.

There are plenty of other reasons to consider the Major Electronic:

  • A massive bean hopper that holds up to four pounds of coffee beans.
  • Low blade speed to further protect the grinder from high temperatures.
  • Huge flat 83mm burrs for increased grinding speed.
  • The flexibility of a stepless grind adjustment system that doesn’t restrict you to a small selection of settings.

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Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

You don’t have to stick only with Mazzer to get a similarly high-quality grinding experience. The Ceado E37J can also deliver you a comparable experience for a fraction of the price of the aforementioned grinders.

For one thing, it has fairly large flat 64mm burrs. Burrs of this size allow the grinder to make quick work of your coffee beans.

Beyond that, it also has a touchscreen display that takes the technology up a notch. There’s something undeniably chic about the E37J’s display that helps it achieve a look of refinement you won’t often find in other grinders.

Here are some other highlights of the Ceado E37J:

  • Three programmable doses that you can set in advance for easy access in the future.
  • Built-in shot counter to keep tabs on how many shots you prepare regularly.
  • Versatile stepless grind adjustment.
  • Steady lock burrs that will keep your grinder’s fineness setting in place all day long.

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Compak E10

 Compak E10

Compak’s Essential on Demand line is filled with cutting-edge grinders that all have an appealing design and user-friendly electronic displays. The E10 is one of the best options you can get from this line.

It has an electronic fan inside to keep it safely cool. You can use the grinder for as long as you need to without worrying about it heating up.

Another nifty feature it has is barista lights. Your baristas won’t need to worry about dim lighting conditions making it impossible to use the grinder, because the Compak E10 will provide ample lighting for them.

These are a few other compelling Compak E10 features:

  • Stepless grind adjustment that your most skilled baristas will love using.
  • Large 68mm conical burrs.
  • Speedy grinding that can have a single shot of espresso ready in just two seconds.
  • A notification system that will tell you when the burrs need to be replaced.

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About the Brand 

The company we all know and love as Mazzer was born under another name, La Veneta, in the 1940’s. Eventually, the name was changed to Mazzer, and it climbed in popularity.

What people love about Mazzer grinders in general is that the company’s unique focus on engineering and design has been consistent from their birth. Each grinder possesses both form and function, making them visually appealing and reliable at the same time.

What Customers Say 

We do not currently have any customer commentary on the Mazzer Kony specifically, but what we can tell you is that customers have loved our Mazzer grinders in general. They’ve reported that Mazzer grinders are oftentimes the best ones you can get for their price points.

Additionally, we’ve heard that the grinders are typically long-lasting and reliable workhorses that you’ll be able to depend on for years. With this kind of positive feedback about the brand overall, we think you can rightfully have high expectations for the Kony.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

The Mazzer Kony is clearly a grinder that was designed for business use. It has an extra-large hopper, large burrs, and ventilation system that will thrive best in situations where they’re actually tested.

This is why we recommend the grinder for medium to large businesses, including coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. You could also feasibly purchase it for use at home, but it’s quite tall and isn’t likely to fit underneath your shelves or cabinets.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee’s store is filled with the best coffee and espresso gear on the market for the best prices. We take all budgets into consideration when we add something to our store.

That being said, we have the Mazzer Kony available for $2,095. Additionally, we have the Compak E10 for $2,222.50, the Ceado E37J for $999, and the Mazzer Major Electronic for $1,695.

Have any questions or concerns about these grinders? Give us a call at 888-978-5224 or chat with us in our store.

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