Mazzer Major vs Kony

Trying to decide if the Mazzer Major or Mazzer Kony would be better for your home or business? Given that these grinders come from the same manufacturer, it’s natural to have questions about them.

We’ll answer some questions for you in this Mazzer Major vs Kony comparison. These are the things we’ll discuss:

  • Similar features shared by the Major and Kony.
  • Features that are specific to either the Major or Kony.
  • How much either of the espresso grinders costs.
  • Our advice on how to choose between them.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary


Mazzer Major

 Mazzer Major

Available at an affordable price, the Mazzer Major could be the end of your search if you need a high-powered and economical espresso grinder. Its hopper holds almost three pounds of beans and its low blade speed safeguards your beans from burns. This is the perfect grinder for small businesses and homes on a budget that need a high-end espresso grinder.

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Mazzer Kony

 Mazzer Kony

The Mazzer Kony is the next step up from the Major. A ventilation system built into the grinder allows it to safely grind continuously without overheating. For that reason, it’s an excellent choice for coffee shops and restaurants that need to get through a large number of espresso orders.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment

Control over the fineness of the grind is crucial to any espresso grinder. Both the Major and Kony give baristas the ultimate level of control because of their stepless grind adjustment collars.

Instead of being forced to choose between a limited number of notched settings, users can just twist a collar to any point on the spectrum. This gives you even more fineness options to choose from, which means you have total control over the texture.

On-Demand Grinding

Coffee and espresso that has been recently ground simply tastes better. This is why grinding large amounts in advance, such as with some grinders that have baristas grind into containers, isn’t a good strategy unless you’re going to use it fast.

The Mazzer Major and Kony are designed to guarantee the ultimate level of freshness. You’ll grind shots of espresso when you need them instead of in advance. Since the coffee grounds have far less time to go stale, each drink you make will taste powerful and fresh.

Portafilter Holder

Busy coffee shops and restaurants have lines of customers to attend to. If you had to stop and hold your portafilter up underneath your grinder every time you made a drink, those lines of customers would have a longer wait time.

Fortunately, both the Major and Kony have built-in portafilter holders on the front. Because they will hold the portafilters in place for you during grinding, you’re free to focus on other more important tasks to provide a better customer service experience.

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Hopper Capacity

There is technically a difference in the capacities of the hoppers on these Mazzers. The Major’s hopper holds up to 2.7 pounds of beans while the Kony’s holds up to 2.9 pounds.

However, we felt this difference was so slight, that their hoppers were more similar than different. That’s why we elected to include it in the list of similarities.

So, why is hopper size important? There’s an obvious benefit to larger hoppers like the ones on the Major and Kony: they can hold more beans. You’ll be able to grind for longer periods of time, with refills few and far between – a must-have quality in a commercial setting.


Interestingly, the Major and Kony weigh exactly the same: 44 pounds. Weight won’t really affect your daily use of either one, but it can come into play in a few situations.

For example, if you need to move your grinder to clean underneath or around it, you’d find that either one is equally easy to move around. Lifting it to put it into place on your counter would feel the same on either one, too.

Low Blade Speed

Both the Mazzer Major and the Kony boast a low blade speed. When it comes to grinders, this might seem like a bad thing initially because it makes it sound as if they must be slow.

That isn’t the case. Either grinder can still quickly grind shots of espresso. Their low blade speed is just a safeguard that prevents your coffee beans from being burnt along the way.

Think of it this way: higher RPM means a greater speed, and greater speed can lead to increased friction. Friction, of course, creates heat. Because either of these grinders operates at a low RPM, the heat produced by friction is reduced.

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Available Colors

While both the Major and Kony are available in black, the Major is also available in one extra color: silver. This doesn’t seem to be a big deal at first, but it can be crucial for some.

Making a solid first impression is important. You want to turn as many new customers as possible into regulars. If your business looks polished, it will go a long way towards leaving a good impression on everyone who walks in your door.

Thus, if you have lots of stainless steel appliances, you may want a grinder that matches. This is where Major’s silver color option could be a huge factor for someone. Its sleek silver exterior would look beautiful alongside other stainless steel appliances.

Burr Type

Burrs are the grinding discs that are central to any espresso grinder. Conical and flat are the two types of burrs, each with its own pros and cons.

The Major has flat burrs. As a result, it will produce perfectly homogenous coffee particles and a deep, sweet flavor that feels like an indulgence. Although flat burrs tend to be the burrs of choice in high-end grinders, one drawback to them is that they have a higher grind retention, which means leftover grounds can remain in the grinder after use.

On the flipside, the Kony has conical burrs. These cone-shaped grinding discs create bimodal particles, or coffee particles of varying sizes. This means they produce a light and fruity flavor. One drawback to conical burrs is that it’s more difficult to make a consistent grind fineness with them, though.

Again, both conical and flat burrs have their benefits and drawbacks. Regardless of which one you choose, both are still better than the alternative, blades.

Burr Size

In addition to shape, the size of the burrs is critical. The larger burrs are, the more quickly they are capable of grinding.

The Major wins out in this category with its large 83 mm burrs. To put that into perspective, the Kony’s burrs are 20 mm smaller.

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Size is another small difference between the Major and Kony. The Major is 8 inches wide, 12.25 inches deep, and 24.50 inches tall while the Kony is 9.50 inches wide, 16.50 inches deep, and 25.50 inches tall.

In brief, the Kony is a bit larger than the Major. Like with color, this won’t necessarily affect your use of the grinder, but it does impact where you can put it.

Because it’s taller, wider, and deeper than the Major, the Kony will need more space all around it. The smaller Major is the better choice, then, for those who don’t have as much space to spare.

Mazzer Kony Ventilation System

One aspect that really helps the Kony edge out its competition in this comparison is its ventilation system. As the name implies, the ventilation system works to keep the grinder cool during use.

By their nature, grinders can potentially overheat. The longer you use one, the more likely you are to overheat it and burn your beans.

This is why the Kony’s ventilation system is a real game changer. You can grind virtually continuously and rest assured that the grinder is equipped to protect itself and your beans.

Pricing Considerations 

Because price is a crucial consideration for most buyers, let’s look at the prices for the Major and the Kony. Keep in mind that Majesty Coffee provides some of the most competitive prices online for our equipment.

We have the Mazzer Major in our store for $1,195 and the Mazzer Kony for $2,095.

Which One Should You Get?

The question of which grinder you should get remains. There is no single grinder that’s best for everyone, so there are reasons why you would choose either the Major or the Kony.

If you’re looking for a grinder that can blend in with stainless steel appliances, you’d have to choose the Major here. It is the only grinder of the two that it is available in silver.

Likewise, the Major is the better pick for those on a restrictive budget. Its price is a little over half that of the Kony’s, making it easily the more affordable option.

We’d also recommend the Major for anyone who doesn’t have as much room. It’s slightly more compact than the Kony, so you won’t struggle to squeeze it into your available space.

However, the Kony is the superior choice for businesses that will need to grind coffee beans continuously. Its integrated ventilation system allows it to grind nonstop without overheating or scorching your beans.

In conclusion, this is our advice:

Buy the Major if you’re on a budget or you don’t have as much room on your counters for a large espresso grinder.

Get the Kony, though, if you need a commercial-level espresso grinder that can go nonstop without the risk of overheating or burning delicate coffee blends.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888-978-5224 if you have questions about these grinders. Our team would be happy to help you choose the best espresso grinder for your home or business.


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