Mazzer Major vs Robur

Do you find yourself torn between the Mazzer Major and Robur? Both are excellent Mazzer grinders, so it’s understandable to be undecided on which one you should buy.

That’s a question we’re prepared to answer for you. In this Mazzer Major vs Robur comparison, we’ll talk about these topics:

  • What the Major and Robur have in common.
  • Features that differ between the two grinders.
  • How much either one would cost you.
  • Our advice on which grinder you should buy.

With that being said, let’s dive right in.

Quick Summary

Mazzer Major

 Mazzer Major

What the Mazzer Major does exceedingly well is bring together both affordability and advanced features. Its large flat burrs will give you perfectly uniform coffee particles and its stepless grind adjustment collar gives you total control over the fineness. We’d recommend this grinder for businesses and prosumers in search of a budget-friendly high-end grinder.

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Mazzer Robur S Electronic

 Mazzer Robur

Are you looking for one of the highest of the high-end espresso grinders? The Mazzer Robur S could be exactly what you need, thanks to its speedy grinding and built-in cooling system. Grab this one if you’re a bustling business that needs to keep up with large numbers of espresso orders.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment System

One of the first similarities shared by these Mazzer grinders is their grind adjustment systems. Each one uses what’s called a stepless system, which means you can turn a collar to any setting on a range of them. Unlike stepped systems, which only allow you to choose from pre-programmed fineness settings, stepless ones give you full command of a spectrum.

This is exactly why stepless grinders are beloved by baristas all around the world. The extreme degree of control they give you will allow you to ensure that each blend you grind is ground to the perfect texture.

Burr Material

Within either the Mazzer Major or Robur, you would find grinding burrs made from stainless steel. The shape and size differ between the grinders, but we’ll get more into that when we discuss differences.

Stainless steel and ceramic are the two most popular materials for grinding burrs. Ceramic is popular because of its longevity, but ceramic burrs are prone to breaking if you were to accidentally hit or drop them.

On the other hand, stainless steel burrs like the ones used in the Major and Robur are resistant to rusting. They’re also incredibly sharp, making it easier for them to crush beans effortlessly.

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Portafilter Fork

You or your employees don’t have time to stand around in front of your grinder, holding a portafilter in place. To save you time and to keep your arms from getting sore, the grinders in this comparison both have portafilter forks built right into them.

To grind espresso, just put your portafilter in place and turn the grinders on. The grinder will hold the portafilter in place for you and dispense the grounds inside it.


Burr Type

Burrs are easily one of the most important parts of a grinder. Their size, shape, and even material can greatly impact the flavor of your drinks and the speed at which you produce them.

Conical and flat are the two most common burr shapes. There are pros and cons to either type of burr.

Conical burrs, as you might imagine, are shaped like cones. The Mazzer Robur uses conical burrs, which means it will produce coffee particles of different sizes, leading to a brighter and zestier flavor. They also tend to keep cooler throughout a day of grinding.

Flat burrs are the burrs of choice in the Mazzer Major. They create coffee particles of an unprecedented uniformity, which leads to deeper chocolatey notes. The drawback to flat burrs is that they can have higher retention, or grounds that are left behind inside the grinder. These stale grounds can get mixed in with future drinks and subtly impact the flavor.

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Burr Size

Just as the shape of the burrs is different in these Mazzer grinders, so is the size. The Mazzer Major’s burrs are 83 mm while the Mazzer Robur’s burrs are 71 mm.

If you’re wondering why this matters, it comes down to two factors: speed and heat. Larger burrs can produce more grounds quickly without needing to turn as much. Because they don’t turn as much, they don’t create as much heat from friction, so your beans don’t get burnt.

A size difference of approximately 10 mm may not seem significant, but it does have a slight impact.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper at the top of your grinder holds beans that get fed into the machine when it’s in use. Hoppers that can hold more beans naturally save you a little time, since you don’t need to refill them as frequently.

In that regard, the Mazzer Robur is the obvious winner. Its hopper can hold a whopping four pounds of beans. You’d be able to grind espresso for quite a few drinks before needing to pause to add more.

However, the Mazzer Major’s 2.7-pound capacity hopper isn’t exactly tiny. It’s still large enough to be suitable in a commercial setting, although you will need to refill it more frequently than the Robur.


When you’ve got a line of customers at your counter, the last thing you want to do is keep them waiting long. Part of good customer service is promptness.

But if you don’t have an espresso grinder that can keep up with demand, you might find yourself falling behind. Fortunately, the Robur’s impressive 3.50 grams-per-second output means you can have a shot of espresso ground and ready to brew in just two seconds.

In comparison, the Major can grind 2.3 grams of coffee per second. It won’t be far behind the Robur, but it’s still just a tiny bit slower.  


Internal differences aren’t the only ones these Mazzer grinders have. They also have superficial differences, such as their overall size.

The Mazzer Major is 8 inches wide, 12.25 inches deep, and 24.5 inches tall. On the other hand, the Mazzer Robur is 12.25 inches wide, 9.50 inches deep, and 28.25 inches tall.

It’s not a huge difference in size, but because there are subtle variations, one Mazzer may be better at fitting into your space than the other. The Major’s shorter height, for instance, would be easier to squeeze under a cabinet. It’s also thinner, allowing it to fit between other appliances on your counter.

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Mazzer Robur Cooling System

If you’re grinding coffee continuously, you put yourself at serious risk of your grinder starting to overheat. Not only can this potentially harm the grinder, but it can scorch your beans, resulting in a burnt-tasting drink.

Thankfully, the Robur is prepared to protect you from this outcome with its integrated cooling system. With its two internal fans, you can feel safe grinding coffee beans for an extended period of time.

Mazzer Robur Retention Reduction

Grind retention is when coffee grounds are left over inside the grinder after each use. The problem with this is that it can cause old, stale grounds to get mixed with new ones each time you grind another shot.

Once more, the Mazzer Robur has a solution to the problem: its design that reduces grind retention. In fact, it’s estimated that it reduces grind retention by as much as 52%. You can be sure you’re providing your customers with the most freshness when you’re using the Mazzer Robur.

Pricing Considerations

We want to ensure all our customers get the best prices available online for the equipment in our store. That’s why we offer our Mazzer Robur for $3,295 and our Mazzer Major for $1,195.


Which Grinder Should You Buy?

Are you still uncertain which grinder is the right one for you? By looking at specific situations and ways the features of either one could impact you, we’ll help you make your decision.

If your counters are absolutely jammed or you have cabinets that sit low on your walls, we’d suggest the Mazzer Major. It’s a little thinner and shorter, so it’s easier to find space for it on your counters.

Now, if you need a grinder that can speed through espresso orders, the victor in this comparison is the Mazzer Robur. It can grind a shot of espresso in just a couple seconds.

Furthermore, those who will be grinding for extended periods of time will need a grinder with an integrated cooling system. The Robur’s built-in fans are perfect for protecting the machine from overheating and your beans from being burnt.

Budget matters, too. If you have an extremely restrictive budget, the Mazzer Major’s price will be more manageable for you. At $1,195, it’s a fraction of the price of the Robur.

Here’s the bottom line:

Buy the Mazzer Robur if you’re a coffee shop or restaurant with a large number of espresso orders to get through each day.

Alternatively, the Mazzer Major is an excellent option for those on a budget or small businesses with a limited amount of space available.


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