mahlkonig peak vs mazzer robur

Mahlkonig and Mazzer are two extraordinary manufacturers known for producing high-end grinders.

That’s why choosing between two of their models, the Mahlkonig Peak and the Mazzer Robur, can be a daunting task.

We’ll simplify your decision in this guide by covering the stats on both grinders. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of which grinder is better for your business.

Here’s what we’ll go over:

  • Features the Mahlkonig Peak and the Mazzer Robur share
  • Differences between the Peak and Robur
  • How you’ll know which grinder is better for your business

Let’s get to it.



Seasoned baristas and coffee aficionados alike love a grinder with the flexibility to support customization.

That’s where stepless grind adjustment, used by both the Peak and Robur, comes in. In a stepless grind adjustment system, fineness settings are adjusted by turning a wheel from fine to coarse or anywhere in between.

The alternative, stepped grind adjustment, limits users to pre-made notched settings. Gaps between these settings mean some fineness levels fall between the cracks.

This isn’t an issue with stepless grinders. Your baristas will enjoy virtually endless options to choose from, so that each coffee profile can be enhanced.


Everyone can agree that fresher coffee leads to a superior drink.

To ensure fresher grounds, these grinders disperse ground coffee right into your portafilter. 

robur mazzer on demand grinding

This means that you get precisely the dose you need as you need it. Additionally, coffee is ground for each customer to order rather than in advance, and customers will love the taste.


Business with a high volume of coffee or espresso orders need grinders that can handle the demand, and either the Mahlkonig Peak or the Mazzer Robur will thrive in these commercial settings.

Either grinder is fast and efficient, making them both popular choices for flourishing coffee shops.



An integral component to every grinder is its burrs. 

As you look at different grinders, you’re going to notice two main kinds of burrs: conical burrs and flat burrs. What makes these burrs unique is their shape.

Flat burrs, as you can imagine, are flat grinding discs. Typically, they rest on top of each other and beans are ground between them before continuing down to the portafilter.

The Mahlkonig Peak uses 80 mm flat burrs. Some advantages to flat burrs are that they produce exceptionally uniform coffee particles and they boost decadent nutty and sweet flavors.

On the other hand, conical burrs are shaped like cones. Beans come down into the burrs at a slight angle, and are then ground into coffee particles of varying sizes.

The different-sized coffee particles are called bimodal particles, and they’re great at bringing out the bright and zesty notes of coffee. This makes the 71 mm conical burrs in the Mazzer Robur fantastic for lighter roast coffees.

Aside from flavor, another benefit to conical burrs is that the upward pathway created by the burr design leads to less grind retention, making cleaning easier.


Speed will come into play when your business often has long lines of customers.

mazzer robur grinder speed

To cut through those lines and get each customer served as soon as possible, you’ll be concerned about how fast your grinder is.

The Peak has a speed of 900 to 1,100 RPM and can grind three grams a second. That equals one shot of espresso ground in about three seconds. 

The Mazzer Robur E operates at 500 RPM, which allows it to rush through six grams of coffee a second. Comparatively, it is much faster, and can deliver a dose twice as fast as the Peak.

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If your business strongly values consistency, then you’ll be interested in programmable dosing.

Although either of these grinders allows for limitless customization, it’s also nice to have settings programmed in advance for beginning users or when you don’t have time to adjust settings during a rush.

With programmable dosing, you can set the amount of time the grinder will go for different doses in advance so that it’s ready to go when you need it.

Both the Peak and Robur offer programmable dosing options, but it’s the degree of accuracy offered by each one that differs here. 

The Mazzer Robur E can be programmed in .05-second increments. The Mahlkonig Peak allows for an even greater accuracy by letting users program in increments of .01 seconds. 

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However, the Robur also comes with a manual dosing option, which allows you to make your own adjustments on the fly without altering any settings.

Either way, these grinders have more detailed programming options than many other grinders available.


Having to dispose of leftovers frequently can be wasteful and expensive over time.

That’s why some baristas prefer grinders with a lower grind retention.

Since coffee travels through a chute in the Robur, there’s a bit more grind retention.

Grind retention occurs when coffee grounds are left behind in the grinder between uses. Some machines are built to do this, because this can reduce static in the grounds. 

But the problem with retention is that, in order to prevent grinds from earlier use that may have grown stale, you’ll need to purge your grinder before using it again.

This isn’t as much of an issue when you’re grinding nonstop and using the grounds quickly, but during mid-afternoon lulls in service, it becomes more important.


Hoppers that can hold more beans need to be refilled less often, a potential game-changing factor when you’re grinding nonstop.

peak hopper tip

The Mahlkonig Peak’s hopper can hold up to 3.3 pounds. This is a very suitable size for busy shops, and you’ll find that you won’t need to refill it constantly.

With a 4-pound capacity, the Mazzer Robur E’s hopper is even larger. Refills will be few and far between, letting you focus on other pressing matters.

If you’re not using the grinders as often, you may not notice this one-pound difference. However, for seriously busy continuous grinding, that extra pound might really count.


These grinders each come with straightforward central displays, but how they look and some of their functions are unique to either one.

On the Mazzer Robur E, you’ll find a digital display which can be used to program doses and count the shots that are pulled. When you can keep better track of the amount of shots that are ordered on average, you’re able to get a clearer picture of your expenses.

The Mahlkonig Peak uses an OLED display. It allows you to see what the internal temperature of the grinder is, so your baristas can be immediately be aware of any heating issues as they arise.


Do you hate the bitter and acrid taste of burnt coffee? 

When your customers place an order, it starts in the grinder. If the grinder runs too hot, it can scorch your beans and result in terrible-tasting drinks.

peak hopper tip

To protect coffee quality, the Mahlkonig Peak uses an ingenious dual ventilation system that comes with an extra fan which can run continuously.

This doesn’t mean the Mazzer Robur E can’t also keep cool, though. It uses a fan and a jaw-dropping low RPM to keep excessive heat from being generated.


On the Peak, you’ll find a spout that can easily be moved back and forth so you can grind into the middle of portafilters of all sizes.

Why is that important? 

Grinding into the center of a portafilter evenly disperses the grounds and fosters a more balanced extraction when you brew. This leads to a more delicious drink in the end.

If you have different drink sizes, then, and need to use larger or smaller portafilters, the Peak’s spout will be able to grind into them all.


Our mission is to combine quality equipment with the best prices online.

You can find the Mahlkonig Peak in Black or White for $2,375 in the Majesty Coffee Store. 

We offer the Mazzer Robur E in Black or Silver for $2,995.


Before we go any further, it’s important to note that either the Mahlkonig Peak or the Mazzer Robur E are wonderful additions to any business with a higher volume of coffee or espresso orders. 

That being said, there are differences between them which may result in one or the other being better for your business.

For coffee shops that need to be able to grind at a lightning-fast pace, the Mazzer Robur E will deliver the best results. It’s able to grind out a dose in half the time of the Peak.

But if you’re a specialty coffee shop that needs to have the highest level of precision possible, the Mahlkonig Peak’s .01-second programmable dosing increments just can’t be beat. This is extremely useful for situations where you need to make highly customized or obscure drinks.

You might also want to think about flavor. 

Do your customers seem to prefer sweeter-flavored drinks like mochas? In that case, the flat burrs used in the Peak will be a good choice.

In comparison, if you use lighter roasts often or like fruitier flavors, then the conical burrs in the Robur are more appropriate.

Regardless of your decision, these grinders will both deliver a first-rate espresso experience.

For more information and the best deals online, look at the Majesty Coffee listings for the Mahlkonig Peak and the Mazzer Robur E here:

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