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Mazzer Major Electronic Review

Many coffee bars and shops around the world have a Mazzer grinder sitting on their counters. This company is well-known for their ability to produce high-quality and durable grinders that baristas love to use, such as the Mazzer Major Electronic.

However, no grinder is one-size-fits-all, regardless of the company that manufactured it. Even the Major Electronic isn’t guaranteed to be best for your business.

Our goal in this Mazzer Major Electronic review is to help you determine whether this grinder is right for you. To achieve that end, we’ll touch on the following topics:

  • Various noteworthy Mazzer Major Electronic qualities and what they mean.
  • Other configurations the grinder comes in.
  • Our suggestions for possible alternative grinder options.
  • Information about Mazzer as a company.
  • Advice on where this grinder would work best.

Let’s begin…

Quick Summary 

Mazzer Major Electronic 

Mazzer Major Electronic

With some grinders, it’s easy to tell immediately where they’ll shine the brightest. With its extra-large 83mm burrs and ventilation system, it’s clear to us that the Major Electronic is a powerful grinder meant to endure the strain of high demand. Plus, with its digital shot counter, it’s even able to help business owners keep track of their espresso expenses.

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Important Features and Why They Matter 

Large Flat Grinding Burrs

If you’re on the market for a grinder for your business, you’re likely concerned about how quickly the grinder can have batches of coffee or shots of espresso ready. The speed of a grinder is influenced by several factors, but one of the most important is its burrs.

In this regard, the Mazzer Major Electronic has got you covered. Its burrs are a massive 83mm, which means they’ll be able to grind larger amounts of coffee beans without having to turn as much. On top of increased speed, this also translates to cooler grinding.

We should also mention that the burrs are flat. Their shape allows them to crush coffee beans into uniform grounds, which leads to a balanced extraction and flavorful drink every time.

Shot Counter 

Running a business requires you to have access to a breathtaking array of knowledge. One thing you’ll need to know is how much it costs to keep your business going, otherwise your profits might be consumed by your expenses.

Coffee shops and restaurants will therefore want to know how much coffee and espresso they’re using regularly. The Major Electronic is an excellent helper for keeping tabs on your expenses because it has an integrated shot counter. It will track how many shots of espresso you prepare, which you can check at any time.

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Doserless Grinding 

Chances are, you want to be sure you’re giving your customers the freshest coffee around. The freshness of coffee greatly influences its flavor, after all, and you want people to love the way your beverages taste.

Doserless grinders like the Major Electronic excel at providing a potent and aromatic coffee experience. This is because they grind single servings of coffee or espresso at a time, ensuring each portion is the absolute freshest.

A bonus advantage to this setup is that it helps reduce your waste. You’ll be getting exact amounts of coffee, so you won’t have more than you need.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Specialty coffee shops often have seasoned baristas who want the flexibility to experiment with flavor profiles. If that sounds like some of your employees, then you’ll love that this grinder is stepless.

Basically, the Major Electronic will let you turn its grind adjustment wheel to any point on the spectrum from fine to coarse. As a result, baristas are able to make incredibly minute adjustments at any time, giving them license to exercise the full extent of their creativity.

It’s true that stepless grinders can be a little challenging to learn at first. However, once your baristas do learn to use the Major Electronic, they’ll enjoy how unrestrictive it is. 

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Built-In Ventilation 

Do you often have huge lines of customers waiting for drinks? In times like that, your grinder will need to be able to run nonstop, and not all grinders are capable of doing this. The wrong grinder in this scenario would quickly overheat, burning your coffee beans and producing an unpleasant singed flavor in your drinks.

This won’t be an issue with the Mazzer Major Electronic. It has integrated ventilation to keep the grinder from reaching dangerous temperatures. No more bitter, burnt coffee here.

Large Capacity Hopper 

Another quality that can limit your grinder’s ability to deal with extended grinding periods is the size of its hopper. A grinder with a small bean hopper won’t be able to go for very long before the hopper empties and more beans must be added.

Fortunately, this is yet another aspect in which the Major Electronic excels. Its huge hopper can hold up to 4 pounds of coffee beans. As far as hopper size goes, this is absolutely massive, and will be able to provide you more than enough room for the amount of beans necessary in nonstop grinding.

The drawback to such a large hopper is that it makes the grinder taller. At 25 inches in height, this grinder can’t exactly be called compact, so you won’t be able to fit it under shelves or cabinets easily.

Color Options 

Much thought went into the layout of your business, including décor. You probably planned out everything carefully to cultivate a particular atmosphere in your business that welcomes your customers.

As an integral part of your coffee shop or restaurant, your espresso grinder can factor into your décor. The wrong one could be jarring in your settings, interrupting a carefully designed aesthetic.

This is why the two colors the Major Electronic comes in may be important. Because it is available in either silver or black, you have a greater ability to promote visual consistency in your establishment.

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Different Configurations 

Mazzer Major Timer/Doser Grinder 

Mazzer Major Timer/Doser

There are a couple variations of the Mazzer Major so that it suits a wide range of needs and budgets. One other version is the Timer/Doser configuration.

The main difference is that this grinder has a doser hopper, which you can see on the front of the grinder. Instead of grinding individual portions to-order, it grinds coffee beans in advance, storing the grounds in the doser hopper.

You can then dispense grounds from the doser hopper as necessary. This design is ideal for businesses that will go through grounds as fast as possible.

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Mazzer Major V Electronic 

Mazzer Major V Electronic

Don’t let the similarity between the Major V Electronic’s and Major Electronic’s names fool you. These are indeed two separate grinders with differences.

If anything, the Major V Electronic is essentially an upgraded version of the Major Electronic. It has added a grind flow control system that prevents clumps from forming in your coffee grounds.

Additionally, the grinder helps you keep tabs on your daily grinding statistics overall rather than just counting whole doses. This more nuanced information could be a gamechanger when it comes to analyzing the sale of coffee and espresso in your business.

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Comparable Alternatives 

Mahlkonig Peak 

Mahlkonig Peak

Want a grinder that will give you a similar experience to the Major Electronic without going for another Mazzer model? We recommend considering one of the most well-known classics out there: the Mahlkonig Peak.

Like the Major Electronic, is has extremely large burrs at 80mm. The bonus here is that these burrs have been made from cast steel, granting them an amazing longevity.

What’s more, the Peak has a powerful dual ventilation system. This allows it to stay perfectly cool all day long, no matter how much coffee you need to grind.

These are some other Peak features:

  • Reduced RPM to work in tandem with the cooling system to reduce heat.
  • Highly accurate stepless grind adjustment system.
  • Spout illumination to keep baristas safe while they work.
  • Adjustable spout so you can grind into portafilters of any size.

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About the Brand 

The reason why Mazzer is able to create such incredible grinders is simple: they have almost 100 years of experience doing it. They were founded in the early 1940’s, giving them decades to acquire the knowledge they have today.

Mazzer has a love of intricate mechanical engineering. Over the years of their existence as a company, this has led to them creating many fine-tuned grinders that baristas have learned to love and trust.

What Customers Say 

Presently, we don’t have feedback on the Major Electronic specifically. However, our other Mazzer models have been quite popular and beloved by our customers.

Some examples of things our customers have had to say about Mazzer grinders include that they’re reliable and that they’re workhorses that will last you for years. With that kind of feedback, we’re confident in the quality of the Major Electronic.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

Given its large burrs, spacious hopper, and robust ventilation system, it’s evident the Mazzer Major Electronic was created to grind continuously for as long as you need it to. That’s why it will perform best in medium to large businesses that are able to test its full capabilities.

Grab this one for your coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, or even office. It will have no issues meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Pricing Information 

Majesty Coffee’s coffee and espresso grinders are available for the lowest prices you’ll find online. This includes our Mazzer and Mahlkonig collections.

We have the Mazzer Major Electronic for $1,695. You can find its configurations, the Mazzer Major V Electronic and Mazzer Major Timer/Doser, in our store for $2,000 and $1,195 respectively.

Finally, we also have Mahlkonig Peak in the Majesty Coffee store for $2,299.

If you have any questions about the above grinders, feel free to contact us through our store chat or by calling us at 888-978-5224.

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