Ceado E37S vs ECM Titan

Even if you’re not necessarily concerned about the appearance of your appliances, there’s no denying that many people are. Some people will choose an appliance like an espresso grinder simply because it looks appealing.

Take the ECM Titan, a grinder with a gorgeous aesthetic, for example. It’s obviously an attractive espresso grinder, but is it just a pretty face?

To answer that question, we’ll compare the ECM Titan to a classic grinder, the Ceado E37S. This is what we’ll be discussing:

  • Qualities both grinders possess.
  • Which features set them apart from each other.
  • Pricing considerations.
  • How to choose which grinder you should get.

Let’s take a closer look at these grinders.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

If you’re searching for a compact grinder for your home or business, you may not need to look any further than the Ceado E37S. Its short hopper makes it great for squeezing under cabinets, and its large burrs and robust motor allow it to grind quickly. Grab this one if you’re a small business or home searching for a spatially economical grinder.

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ECM Titan


The ECM Titan is the kind of grinder that would make anyone stop and stare. It has a stunning stainless steel finish that makes it unquestionably regal. However, looks aside, it’s a speedy grinder with long-lasting burrs you’ll be able to use for years. This is an excellent choice for home baristas that want a high-end espresso grinder in their own kitchen.



Flat Burrs 

Without burrs, your grinder simply wouldn’t be able to grind your coffee beans. It’s easy to see, then, why they’re such a vital feature to discuss whenever you’re talking about grinders.

Burrs come in two different types, conical or flat. The E37S and Titan have flat burrs. If you don’t know why that’s important, we’ll explain.

Burr shape can impact the flavor of your drinks and the consistency of your grind. Flat burrs are well-known for their unshakeable consistency, producing coffee grounds that are all the same size. Many say that coffee produced by flat burrs is sweet and chocolatey.

Metal Burrs 

The E37S and Titan both have metal burrs. To get more specific, the E37S has stainless steel ones and the Titan has burrs that are made from steel coated with titanium.

Metal burrs have a range of benefits for baristas to enjoy. For one thing, they’re extremely sharp, so they can make short work of your coffee beans.

Beyond sharpness, they’re also durable. Unlike ceramic burrs, you won’t have to worry about your metal burrs cracking or chipping if you drop them while cleaning them.

Stepless Grind Adjustment System 

High-end grinders should allow you to make changes to the fineness of your grind.

Another quality that’s crucial to grinders is how they’ll allow baristas to dial in the grind. A grinder that only grinds your coffee to a single fineness level wouldn’t be very useful, especially in a coffee shop setting. High-end grinders should allow you to make changes to the fineness of your grind.

The system for making adjustments can vary from grinder to grinder, but it’s the same with the E37S and Titan. They each have a stepless grind adjustment system that gives baristas the maximum control over the grind.

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Hands-Free Grinding 

Whether you’re grinding coffee at home or in a coffee shop, you’ve got better things to be doing than sitting in front of your grinder. The E37S and Titan were created with the need to multitask in mind.

As proof of that statement, consider the portafilter holders built onto the front panels of either grinder. Using either one just involves setting your portafilter basket in place, then letting the grinder take care of the rest, dispensing your grounds directly into the center.

Since your hands will be free the entire time, you can work on other tasks while you grind coffee.

Grind Speed 

One of your biggest concerns about any grinder will probably be how long it takes for it to prepare a shot of espresso or batch of coffee grounds. You wouldn’t want one that took too long, regardless of whether you’re grinding coffee for customers or for yourself at home.

These grinders are pretty much tied in terms of speed. The Ceado E37S can grind around 4-5grams of coffee per second, while the ECM Titan can grind 4 grams per second.

So if speed is your bottom line, it won’t impact your decision between the E37S or Titan.

Worm Gear Adjustment Knob 

Most stepless grind adjustment grinders have an infinitesimal collar located near the bottom of the hopper. You tweak the texture of the grind by rotating the collar back and forth.

Rather than use this traditional design, the Ceado and ECM both opted for a worm gear adjustment knob. Instead of rotating a small collar, you’ll have a knob that you can twist with your fingertips. The movement simply feels more natural.

The difference is where the knob is located on either one. You’ll find the worm gear jutting off the front of the E37S, where it’s well within easy reach of your baristas. However, the worm gear on the ECM Titan is kind of tucked behind the hopper, so you’ll have to reach up to access it.

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Motor Power

There are a lot of qualities that go into how fast your espresso grinder is. One such quality is the power of the grinder’s motor.

In this comparison, the ECM Titan has the more powerful motor. Its motor is 450 watts, whereas the Ceado E37S’s is 400 watts.

To be clear, neither grinder is weak. It’s not as if there will be a night and day difference in the grinding power. However, the Titan’s slightly more powerful motor will give it a small edge here.

Hopper Size 

One of the greatest influences on how long your grinder can go for will be the size of its hopper.

Will you need to grind coffee beans nonstop frequently? If you’re a coffee shop, restaurant, or office, you may have answered yes to that question.

That just means you’ll need a grinder that can support continuous grinding. One of the greatest influences on how long your grinder can go for will be the size of its hopper. If your hopper can hold more beans, it can grind longer before you need to add coffee beans.

In this regard, the ECM Titan wins again. Its hopper can contain up to 2.2 pounds of coffee beans, while the E37S’s hopper can contain up to 1.3 pounds.

However, the larger capacity 2.2-pound hopper on the ECM Titan is optional. You can choose to get it with a hopper that’s roughly equal to the size of the Ceado’s if you’re worried about a large capacity hopper taking up too much space.

Burr Diameter 

We said earlier that there are many factors that go into how speedy a grinder is. One of those factors is the size of the grinder’s burrs.

It makes sense when you think about it. A bigger burr has a greater surface area with which to crush your coffee beans.

This is one arena in which the Ceado E37S is the clear victor. At 83mm, its hoppers are almost exactly 20mm larger than the Titan’s 64mm ones.

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ECM Titan 1950’s Inspired Style 

One of the ECM Titan’s most appealing features is the one that’s immediately obvious – its 1950’s-inspired aesthetic. This is one handsome grinder that you’ll love having out on your counter where everyone can see it.

It has delicately tapered sides, a boxy hopper, and a gleaming countenance that gives it polish. If it didn’t have so much use as a grinder, you just might feel inclined to keep it around as a decorative piece.

Ceado E37S Touchscreen Operation 

The ECM Titan may draw some of its inspiration from days gone by, but the Ceado E37S looks to the future. It has a responsive, crystal-clear touchscreen that you can use for its operation.

Those who are used to touchscreens on their smartphones may find it easier to use the Ceado E37S. Its touchscreen will feel familiar to any tech-savvy person, which may make it more appealing to any new hires you have.

ECM Titan Stainless Steel Construction 

We discussed how the appearance of the ECM Titan is undeniably polished, but we didn’t get into its other benefits aside from looks. The ECM Titan’s frame is made from stainless steel that is both gorgeous and tough.

This is a grinder that you will be able to rely on for years to come. With its metal construction, you won’t need to worry about flimsy plastic parts breaking before you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it.

Ceado E37S Steady Lock System 

Over the course of a day of grinding, the fineness setting in your grinder can gradually shift. This leads to inconsistencies in the texture of your grind and therefore the flavor of your drinks.

Your baristas can actively work to prevent this from happening by readjusting your grinder’s fineness periodically. The downside is that they need to know and remember to do this themselves.

With the Ceado E37S, you won’t need to worry about the shift occurring at all. It’s designed to lock the distance between burrs into place, so your baristas won’t have to be concerned with the fineness settings changing on their own.

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Pricing Information 

So, how much can you expect either grinder to cost you? We can answer that question for at least one of the grinders in this comparison, which is the Ceado E37S.

The Majesty Coffee store unites the best coffee and espresso gear with the best prices. That includes our Ceado E37S, which is available for $1,700 in our store.

Presently, we do not have the ECM Titan in our store. You can find it online through other sellers to confirm the price.

Which Grinder Should You Get? 

There’s a surprising amount of similarities between these two grinders that couldn’t look more different from each other. Once you get past their appearances, a lot of the hardware is alike.

That being said, there are still reasons to pick one or the other.

One aspect to think about is the setting you’re going to use the grinder in. In other words, consider whether you’re looking for a commercial or home grinder.

The manufacturer’s site mentions that the ECM Titan is designed specifically for home baristas that want a high-end espresso grinder. Although it seemingly has the power to function just fine in a small coffee shop setting, it was intended for home use.

The Ceado E37S, on the other hand, is suitable for both home and commercial use. It has extremely large burrs and a steady lock system that make it possible for it to grind continuously for long periods of time.

Another thing to think about is the look of the grinder. If you prefer a stainless steel look, the ECM Titan will be the better pick for you simply because it has a metallic exterior.

Want to learn more about the Ceado E37S? Feel free to reach out to us at 888-978-5224 or click the link below to view it in our store:

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