Ceado E37S vs Eureka Atom 75

Good coffee and espresso start in the grinder. Even if you have a top-tier espresso machine and an excellent blend of coffee, the flavor of your drinks might not be the best it can be if you have a subpar grinder.

The Ceado E37S and Eureka Atom 75 are two fantastic grinders you could add to your business. But how do you know which one is better for your needs?

We’re here to answer that question with this in-depth comparison. Here is what you will learn:

  • Which features the E37S and Atom 75 have in common.
  • Which features set them apart from each other.
  • How much these grinders cost.
  • How to determine which one is a better fit for you.

Let’s begin.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

With its short hopper, the Ceado E37S is a grinder that’s perfect for squeezing onto packed counters. Plus, its brilliant worm gear adjustment knob makes it easier to precisely adjust the fineness of your grind whenever necessary. This is a good fit for small to medium coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and even home kitchens.

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Eureka Atom 75

 Eureka Atom 75

The tiny dimensions of the Eureka Atom 75 make it another good option for businesses or homes with limited space. One feature we especially love about the Atom 75 is its sound-insulated case that helps keep the grinder quiet. We recommend this one for small businesses or home baristas in need of a commercial-quality grinder.

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Flat Burrs 

The burrs are the component in your grinder that handle crushing your coffee beans for you. If the burrs weren’t there, your grinder wouldn’t work, so we feel burrs are an excellent starting point for this analysis.

Both grinders have flat burrs. Flat burrs are best-known for their unshakeable consistency. They will always produce coffee particles that are all the same size, which creates a richer flavor in the cup.

There are some drawbacks to flat burrs, such as their increased grind retention. However, flat burrs are incredibly popular in commercial grinders with good reason.

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Steel Burrs 

Because burrs are so important, virtually every aspect about them is worth discussing. That includes what they’re made from.

In this case, the grinders have burrs made from steel. Steel burrs are beloved for their amazing sharpness, which means they can relentlessly and easily crush coffee beans.

On top of that, these burrs will be able to resist regular wear and tear. If you take them out to clean them off, you won’t need to worry that accidentally dropping them will break them.

Hopper Capacity 

Hopper capacity refers to how much coffee your grinder can hold at the top. The larger your hopper is, the more beans it can hold, which translates to a longer grinding time before you need to add more beans.

The size of the hoppers on these grinders isn’t perfectly equal; the Ceado’s hopper holds 1.3 pounds and the Eureka’s hopper holds 1.2 pounds. However, we think you’d agree that they’re more similar in size than they are different.

These aren’t the biggest hoppers you’ll find on the market. However, they are still quite generously sized, so you won’t find yourself having to refill them constantly. If you’re looking for a grinder to use at home, then the hoppers on these grinders will be plenty for your needs.

Multiple Color Options 

Both grinders in this comparison come in multiple colors. If you’re wondering why that’s important, consider how things look from your customers’ or guests’ perspective.

When you first walk into a business, you take a look around at the settings. You decide if it looks put-together, clean, and attractive. Even first-time guests in your house will do this.

That’s precisely why your grinder’s color can be important. An espresso grinder that accentuates your decorating style could help make a good first impression on guests and customers.

The number of color options in either grinder varies. The Ceado E37S can be purchased in either black or white while the Eureka Atom 75 can be purchased in black, white, or chrome.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment 

If you’re going to be making many kinds of specialty coffee drinks, you’ll want a grinder that can produce various fineness levels. You’ll have to be able to make precise adjustments – and quickly.

That’s why the Ceado and Eureka have stepless grind adjustment systems. On either grinder, you can turn their adjustment dial or knob to any point, which means you have tons of flexibility for minute adjustments to texture.

This is far more versatile than a stepped grind adjustment system, which only allows you to select from a number of pre-made fineness settings.

On-Demand Grinding 

You’re looking at a grinder because you want to be able to brew the freshest possible coffee and espresso. You want to stay away from pre-ground blends, which often grow stale, and grind your own beans moments before brewing with them.

Some grinders don’t guarantee this freshness, though. These grinders have containers that you grind large batches into, taking servings from those batches as you need them.

As we just mentioned, ground coffee gets stale fast. Unless you’re going to use each batch completely almost immediately after grinding it, you aren’t necessarily brewing the freshest coffee.

The E37S and Atom 75 each have an on-demand grinding design to prevent that from occurring. You’ll be grinding each serving of coffee or espresso as you need it rather than storing grounds in advance.


Burr Size 

In most aspects, the Ceado’s and Eureka’s burrs are similar. However, they do have one resounding difference: their size. The Ceado has 83mm burrs and the Eureka has 75mm burrs.

To understand why this size difference is important, we need to explain why burr size matters at all. Basically, it’s a matter of speed and temperature.

Larger burrs can grind more coffee beans at once due to an increased surface area. Plus, they can do this without having to turn as much as smaller ones, which means less heat generated from the friction of turning.

Honestly, you might not notice the difference in grind speed between the E37S and Atom 75. The Ceado still has the slightest edge here, though, because of its increased burr size.

Motor Power 

Another quality that can increase the speed of your grinder is its motor power. Stronger motors give your grinder the power it needs to rapidly crush your coffee beans and produce fluffy grounds.

Motor power is indicated with the number of watts. In this comparison, the Eureka’s motor is more powerful with its 800 watts. The Ceado E37S has a 500-watt motor.

Let’s be clear: the Ceado isn’t exactly a weak grinder. Rather, the Eureka Atom 75 has a remarkably strong motor that can give it a nice speed boost.

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Ceado E37S Steady Lock Design 

Using a grinder frequently throughout a day of work requires your baristas to make occasional recalibrations. This is because the distance between the burrs can slowly shift, impacting the texture of your grind.

It’s not an issue you’ll have with the Ceado E37S. Its steady lock system will lock the distance between the burrs once you set it, preventing that slow shift from ever occurring no matter how long you use the grinder for.

Eureka Atom 75 ACE System 

Static in your grinder can cause grounds to stick to it or clumps to form. If a clump in your grounds seems like no big deal, consider how it can impact the flavor of your drinks.

A clump can create uneven extraction. The result is a taste that’s imbalanced, since the water wasn’t able to evenly reach all the grounds while brewing.

That’s why the Eureka’s ACE system, which minimizes static and clumping, is such a breath of fresh air. The grounds produced by this grinder will be consistently fluffy.

Ceado E37S Touchscreen Display 

A small but sleek feature the Ceado E37S has to offer to its users is a touchscreen panel for operation. You can use the touchscreen to access the grinder’s settings and information.

Again, it may seem small at first. As long as you can control the grinder, does it matter whether it has traditional buttons or a touchscreen? We think it does.

Not only does the touchscreen make the Ceado user-friendly, but it clears up the aesthetic of the grinder. It looks refined, polished, and modern – perfect for amazing your guests.

Eureka Atom 75 Bottom Burr Adjust

The fineness of your grind is altered by adjusting the distance between the burrs. With the Eureka Atom 75, this setup is rearranged for increased efficiency.

Rather than adjusting by moving the top burr, the grinder adjusts by moving the bottom burr. Because of this, you can open up the grinder and remove the top burr for cleaning without losing the fineness setting of your choice.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear Adjustment Knob 

Most stepless adjustment grinders have you make adjustments by twisting a collar at the base of the hopper. There’s nothing wrong with this design, but it can sometimes be a hassle to fiddle with a narrow collar.

The Ceado E37S has made dialing in the grind easier and more natural. Instead of twisting a collar, you just twist the worm gear knob sticking from the front. This puts grind adjustment within easy reach for your baristas.

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Pricing Considerations 

If you’re shopping in the Majesty Coffee store, you can rest assured that you’re getting the lowest prices online for the best coffee and espresso gear.

We have the Ceado E37S for $1,700 and the Eureka Atom 75 for $1,399.


Which is Better? 

Are you still unsure of which grinder is better for you? That’s all right – we’ll look at situations in which either grinder would thrive to help you determine the answer.

One of your first considerations could be price. If you need a more inexpensive grinder, the Eureka Atom 75 is an excellent choice because it’s a few hundred dollars less than the Ceado.

We do urge you not to be blinded by the price, however. If all you ever consider is the cost, you may end up with something that’s less than what you need.

You can also think about user-friendliness. The touchscreen and worm gear knob on the Ceado E37S contribute to its remarkable ease of use. New baristas and beginners at home may find that it feels more natural and effortless to use this grinder as a result.

At the end of the day, both grinders would be great for those who will be grinding continuously. The Ceado’s steady lock system will prevent any shifting in the fineness settings, and the Eureka’s bottom burr adjustability will allow you to easily clean the inside of the grinder while preserving your selected settings.

That being said, here is our advice:

With its touchscreen, worm gear knob, and steady lock system, the Ceado E37S is the better choice for small coffee shops or homes that will be grinding coffee nonstop.

A smaller price tag, anti-clumping system, and easy cleaning makes the Eureka Atom 75 a good pick for home baristas. 

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