Ceado E37s vs E37SD

When an espresso grinder is successful, it’s common for the manufacturer to continue to try to make improvements on it in future iterations. This is how whole lines of espresso grinders come to be born, with each new generation upgrading the original.

The Ceado E37S and E37SD are two examples of espresso machines in a line. Did the E37SD really make a lot of improvements to the E37S, though? Should you just stick with getting the E37S?

We’ll answer those questions in this Ceado E37S vs E37SD comparison by covering these topics:

  • The features both grinders have in common.
  • Which features are different between them.
  • Information regarding their cost.
  • Advice on how to determine which is better for you.

Let’s take a closer look…

Quick Summary

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

The Ceado E37S is a prime example of a grinder that packs a lot of power into a small package. It has a powerful motor, large burrs, and precise adjustment system all while being compact enough for cramped home counters. Get this one if you need a high-power grinder for a small business or your home.

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Ceado E37SD

Overall, the Ceado E37SD kept many of the same convenient features as the E37S. Its main additions come from its tightened focus on eliminating waste through grind retention. Its grinder-cleaning bellows system and WDT distribution technique make it ideal for skilled home baristas and small businesses that want to ensure they’re getting the freshest coffee.


Flat Burrs 

Burrs are a crucial part of any espresso grinder, since they’re the component that grinds your beans. This is also one of the biggest points of similarity between these grinders, as the E37SD largely kept the same burr design.

That includes the basic shape of the burrs, which is flat in these Ceado grinders. Flat burrs are best at consistency, producing perfectly uniform coffee particles.

Because of the uniformity, you can expect a balanced extraction from the grounds produced by these Ceado grinders. The flavor of your drinks will be richer and sweeter.

Burr Size 

Another aspect of the burrs both Ceados have is their size. Both incorporate massive 83mm burrs.

The reasons burr size matters are speed and temperature. Because larger burrs have more surface area, they are able to crush more beans at once, so they’re faster.

Second, they can achieve faster grinding without needing to spin as much as smaller burrs. Because of this, any heat produced by friction is reduced, keeping your beans cooler during grinding.

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Metal Burrs 

The burrs are razor-sharp, which is perfect for slicing and dicing coffee beans without breaking a sweat.

Both Ceado grinders opted for metal burrs as opposed to ceramic ones. As you may have guessed, metal burrs are legendary for their durability.

If you’ve removed the burrs for cleaning, you’ll never need to worry about them breaking if you drop them. Additionally, the burrs are razor-sharp, which is perfect for slicing and dicing coffee beans without breaking a sweat.

Motor Power 

The strength of your grinder’s motor is a trait that impacts the speed of your grinder, as well. A more powerful motor gives it the ability to crush beans more easily, which translates to an increased speed.

A motor’s power is measured by watts, and the wattage of these grinders’ motors is exactly the same: 400 watts. Those are fairly robust motors. Because of their power, these Ceado grinders will have no problem handling your grinding needs.

Doserless Grinding 

We’d bet that you’re looking for coffee that’s as fresh as possible when you consider purchasing an espresso grinder. The reason that these Ceados can provide that to you is that they’re both doserless.

To understand what that means, compare them to a doser grinder. Doser grinders have a container attached to the grinder in which batches of coffee grounds are dispensed. You then take coffee grounds from that container as you need them.

Doser grinders are best for extremely busy establishments that will use those batches of grounds right away. Otherwise, those grounds will become stale and unpalatable.

The Ceado E37S and E37SD get rid of the doser container design entirely. Instead, they dispense grounds directly into your portafilter or cup, so you get exactly as much as you need to-order every time.

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Quick Set Adjustment 

In a bustling coffee shop, your baristas may not have time to meticulously adjust every little aspect that goes into making your espresso. They need to be able to get ready quickly to weather the lines of customers.

That’s why the E37S and E37SD have a quick set gear. It gives baristas the power to quickly shift between different fineness settings, such as going from espresso-fine to filter coffee.

Worm Gear Adjustment 

We just discussed above that adjusting the fineness of your grind is something your baristas will need to do often. Quick set adjustment helps smooth the process, but the Ceado grinders have another trick up their sleeves: a worm gear adjustment knob.

Whenever your baristas need to change the fineness, they can do so by twisting the knob that sticks off the front of the grinder. Because it’s right on the front, you can’t miss it, and it’s easy to reach.



Despite being more similar than dissimilar, there’s quite a size difference between these two grinders. When you consider the Ceado E37S’s increased hopper capacity, which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly, that makes sense.

Since it has a single-serving hopper, the E37SD is a few inches shorter than the E37S’s 17-inch height. This could be important for you if you’re looking for a smaller grinder that can slide under shelves or cabinets.

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Hopper Capacity 

Since the hopper contains your coffee beans and drops them into the grinder, you can see why a larger hopper would allow you to grind longer at once.

One of the biggest differences between these grinders that will affect your daily use of them is the hopper capacity. Since the hopper contains your coffee beans and drops them into the grinder, you can see why a larger hopper would allow you to grind longer at once.

The Ceado E37S has a hopper that holds just over a pound. On the opposite side, the E37SD has a hopper that can only hold a single serving of coffee beans at a time. In other words, you must add coffee beans to it every single time you use it.

The reason for this massive shift in design is to minimize grind retention, which is when coffee grounds remain in your grinder after use. These old, stale grounds can get mixed in with fresh grounds whenever you grind again. The Ceado E37SD works to prevent this from occurring by having you add exactly as many coffee beans as you need each time.

Ceado E37SD Zero-Retention Bellows 

If you look at the Ceado E37SD, you may have noticed that it has something on top that almost looks like an accordion. This is one of the other innovations the grinder has.

The part on top of the grinder is its bellows. You can push down on it to clear any lingering coffee grounds from the inside of your grinder, simultaneously cleaning it and preventing any old grounds from getting mixed with your new ones.

Ceado E37SD Weiss Distribution Technique Cup 

Another upgrade the Ceado E37SD makes is the addition of its Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) cup. This is the metal cup that you can place on the portafilter fork as opposed to the portafilter.

The cup promotes hands-free grinding, allowing you to push on the bellows to dispel any lingering coffee grounds and ensure you get every last granule of coffee you put into the grinder. It can also help promote balanced extraction.

Pricing Considerations 

Majesty Coffee has a selection of Ceado grinders in our store for some of the best prices online. We’re including our Ceado E37S in that statement.

We have the Ceado E37S in our store for $1,700. On the other hand, we do not currently have the E37SD in our store, but you can find it online through other sellers.

Which Grinder is Better? 

Are you still wondering whether you should get the Ceado E37S or the E37SD? To make that decision, let’s focus on the situations that would be better for either one.

The hopper will probably be the hinge of your decision. If you’re going to be whipping through lines of orders frequently, you have to have a grinder that can keep up with that. You probably wouldn’t want one that you have to refill a lot, because those seconds of time spent refilling your grinder add up.

That’s why we think the Ceado E37S is likely the better choice for small coffee shops or homes in which you must often prepare multiple drinks in a row. Its hopper will free you up to focus on grinding fresh shots every time instead of having to refill it.

The Ceado E37SD was clearly designed for specialty coffee shops that want to focus on minimizing waste and increasing precision. Furthermore, it would be a great addition in the kitchen of an experienced home barista.

Do you want to learn more about the Ceado E37S? You can check it out in our store by clicking the following link:

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