Ceado E37J vs Mazzer Mini

Are you on the lookout for an espresso grinder that’s both affordable and compact enough to fit in small spaces? The Ceado E37J and Mazzer Mini could be the perfect match for you based on that criteria.

But which grinder is better for you? To answer that, we’ll examine both grinders in detail through the following questions:

  • What is similar between the E37J and Mini?
  • What are the differences between the grinders?
  • How much do they cost?
  • What should you think about before buying either one?

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37J

 Ceado E37J

What we love about the Ceado E37J is that it packs some of Ceado’s best features into a small and budget-friendly package. This small but powerful grinder has a precise stepless grind adjustment system, a sleek touchscreen, and a built-in shot counter. It’s perfect for tech-savvy home baristas and small coffee shops.

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Mazzer Mini

 Mazzer Mini

You can’t get much smaller than the Mazzer Mini if you’re concerned about a grinder taking up too much counter space in your home or business. It’s extra-short so it can easily slide underneath cabinets and shelves. Get this one if you want one of the most affordable grinders out there.

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Flat Burrs 

The biggest similarity between these grinders is their burr shape. They each have flat burrs, which means they have two flat grinding discs that rest on top one another.

This design is excellent when it comes to uniformity. Coffee grounds produced by the E37J and Mini will each be the exact same size, which creates a balanced extraction and rich, sweet flavor.

Metal Burrs 

The E37J and Mini have another common burr quality: material. Each pair of burrs in this comparison is made from metal.

How does this affect you? Well, compare it to the alternative, which is ceramic.

Ceramic burrs are often considered quieter and cooler than metal ones. This can make them excellent for continuous grinding, since they’re not as likely to burn your beans.

However, metal burrs are well-known for being ultra-sharp and durable. These aren’t burrs that will break anytime soon.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Another huge similarity between the E37J and Mini is their grind adjustment design. They both utilize a stepless grind adjustment system.

The best way to describe a stepless grind adjustment system is one without boundaries. Rather than being stuck with premade fineness levels provided by the manufacturer, you can turn the adjustment dials to any point.

As a result, you can make tweaks to the fineness as precise as you need them to be. That’s why skilled baristas love stepless grind adjustment systems, even if they can take some more time to learn.

Portafilter Holders 

You probably don’t want to be tethered to your grinder by holding the portafilter in place the entire time you use it. There are other things you could be doing to speed the process of making a beverage.

You won’t need to be effectively attached to the front of your grinder with the Ceado or Mazzer. Since they have portafilter holders, you can just slide your portafilter onto the holder and work on other tasks while your grinder dispenses fresh, fluffy grounds.


Burr Size 

There are a lot of differences between these grinders. Since we started with burrs when discussing their similarities, we feel that the burrs are a great starting point for discussing their differences.

In this comparison, the Ceado has larger burrs. The E37J’s burrs are 64mm and the Mini’s are 58mm.

To be honest, it’s not a huge difference. But since burr size often impacts the speed of the grinder, we do feel that the E37J’s slight size upgrade does give it the upper hand in terms of output.

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Color Options 

To be clear, both grinders in this comparison are sold in multiple colors. The number of color options and specific colors offered are where these grinders differ from each other.

You’ll have three color choices with the Ceado: black, white, and gray. On the other hand, the Mazzer Mini is only sold in black or silver.

It may not be important to you. However, aesthetics can be a huge consideration for some, such as those who want an espresso grinder that matches with their other appliances.

Doser vs Doserless Grinding 

The fact that the Mazzer is a doser grinder and the Ceado is a doserless one is another massive difference. It will affect your daily use of the grinder.

On a doser grinder like the Mazzer Mini, your coffee grounds aren’t dispensed directly into your grinding receptacle. Instead, the grounds get dropped into an attached container which allows you to build a small stockpile of grounds in advance. You then dispense doses from this attached container whenever you need them.

Doser grinders are often best paired with extremely busy coffee-centric settings. They provide you the convenience of pre-ground coffee that can be rapidly dispensed. The drawback is that those grounds can also get stale if you don’t use them right away.

Doserless grinders like the Ceado E37J do away with the container entirely. They grind each dose right into the center of your portafilter.

There are a couple benefits to this design. The first is that each shot of coffee is as fresh as possible because they’re all ground moments before extraction. The second benefit is reduced waste, because you’re only grinding as much as you need when you need it.

Hopper Capacity 

Are you going to be grinding continuously often? Then you’ll undoubtedly be concerned about the size of your grinder’s hopper, since that will set the boundaries for how long you can grind.

The Ceado E37J has the more spacious hopper here. It can hold 1.3 pounds of coffee beans. On the flipside, the Mazzer Mini’s hopper can hold just under a pound of coffee beans.

To put that in easily understandable terms, this just means the Ceado E37J can grind for longer periods of time without needing a refill. The drawback to this is that it’s also slightly taller than the Mazzer Mini as a result.

Motor Power 

If you’re worried about getting ground coffee as quickly as possible, the power of a grinder’s motor is another quality to inspect. A more powerful motor will help it grind speedily.

Of these two grinders, the Ceado E37J is the more powerful with its 300-watt motor. The Mazzer Mini’s motor, in comparison, is 250 watts.

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The Mazzer Mini was very aptly named. It’s a great option if you need a more petite grinder that can fit between other appliances or under shelves.

In fact, it’s the smaller of the two grinders in this comparison. Its exact measurements are 6.25 inches wide, 13.25 inches deep, and 16.50 inches tall.

The Ceado E37J is 8.35 inches wide, 12.17 inches deep, and 17.01 inches tall. It has an increased width and height.

Ceado E37J Touchscreen 

There are a lot of qualities that cause the Ceado E37J to be the more expensive of the two grinders in this comparison. One of them is easily the touchscreen display.

Just beneath the hopper, you’ll find a modern and user-friendly touchscreen panel. It puts everything you need to operate the grinder within one easy location.

Aside from being user-friendly, we feel the touchscreen display increases the visual appeal of the grinder. It helps give the machine a clean, modern aesthetic.

Ceado E37J Programmable Dosing 

Programmable dosing is another aspect that marks the Ceado E37J as a high-end grinder. Basically, you can program the Ceado to remember specific doses, such as single or double shots of espresso.

This is perfect for beginners or even situations in which you have to train employees to use the grinder. It makes it possible to have effortless does of espresso right at your fingertips.

Ceado E37J Shot Counter

When you’re operating a business, you need to have the ability to keep track of your expenses. This lets you know how much you’re making in profits and how much it will cost you to continue running your business.

If your business happens to make espresso-based drinks, that means you’ll have to know how many shots you’re making on average. With the Ceado E37J, this is easy – it has a shot counter built right in. You can leave it to the E37J to keep tabs on how many shots you’re making.

Even at home, this is a nifty feature. Whenever you need to stock up on espresso again, you’ll have a clear snapshot of how much you need.

Ceado E37J Steady Lock Burrs 

The problem with many espresso grinders is that your fineness setting isn’t guaranteed to stay the same during periods of heavy use. Your setting is prone to gradually shifting with time. This isn’t a big deal if you’re grinding multiple blends of coffee and have different settings to switch between, but it can be a real nuisance if you’re using your grinder for one thing, such as espresso.

That’s why the Ceado E37J has a built-in burr lock system. Once you choose your setting, the burrs can be locked into place, ensuring consistency all day long.

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Pricing Considerations 

At Majesty Coffee, we offer our customers the most competitive prices online for the best coffee and espresso gear.

We have the Ceado E37J available for $999 and the Mazzer Mini available for $695.

Which Grinder is Better? 

If you’re still unsure which grinder is better for you, we’ll help you determine the answer here. Let’s look at specific scenarios in which either grinder would be a good fit.

A lot of people are concerned about the price first and foremost. If you’re looking for the lowest price and that’s your bottom line, you’ll find the Mazzer Mini preferable since it’s more affordable than the Ceado E37J.

Another thing worth thinking about is the appearance of the grinder. Both grinders are available in specific and different colors, so you may choose one or the other based on how good the colors would look in your environment.

For instance, if you’re on the lookout for a white espresso grinder, you’ll need to go with the Ceado E37J. Want a silver espresso grinder that would look great with alongside other stainless steel appliances? Then you’ll want to go with the Mazzer Mini instead.

Try thinking about your experience level or that of your employees, too. If you’re new to grinding espresso or often have new hires to train, the Ceado’s programmability is a boon. Rather than leaning multiple different doses, you can just program a few into the machine and choose the right dose going forward.

The Ceado E37J also excels in environments where one specific type of coffee is going to be brewed constantly. For example, if you’re planning to use your grinder solely for espresso, it’s a great choice because its steady lock system will lock your chosen setting into place.

Here is our advice:

Buy the Mazzer Mini if you’re looking for the most affordable grinder suitable for home use.

We recommend the Ceado E37J if you need something that’s a step up and would work well in small coffee shops, offices, or restaurants. 

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