Compak E5 vs Mazzer Mini

If you’ve spent a lot of time looking at budget-friendly espresso grinders for your home, you’ve probably come across the names Compak and Mazzer before. Both manufacturers create excellent grinders that are affordable enough to be suitable for use at home.

In this guide, we’ll be diving into the Compak E5 and Mazzer Mini, two great grinders for anyone who can’t accommodate a larger one. We’ll get deep into either one with these topics:

  • Features in common between these grinders.
  • Which features set them apart from each other.
  • Information on the prices of either one.
  • How to decide which grinder to get.

Let’s jump right in…

Quick Summary

Compak E5


If you’re on the lookout for a petite and affordable grinder that won’t fill your countertops, the Compak E5 is a great option. Its short hopper and compact design make it an easy fit for just about any space, but it still packs a punch with its 650-watt motor. We’d say you should get this one if you’re a home barista or small coffee shop that doesn’t have much space for a grinder.

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Mazzer Mini


Like its name implies, the Mazzer Mini is another great pick as far as modestly sized espresso grinders go. It also has a uniquely short hopper that will allow it to fit beneath cabinets. Given its even lower price, we’d suggest grabbing this one if you’re a home user looking for one of the most affordable grinders possible.

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Flat Burrs

One of a grinder’s biggest features is its burrs or grinding discs. The shape, size, and material of the burrs has a huge impact on your grinding capability.

That’s why we’re starting by highlighting the burrs shared by both the Compak and Mazzer in this guide. Burrs can be one of two shapes, flat or conical, and these grinders in particular have flat burrs.

As a result, you can demand perfect coffee particle uniformity from the grinders. Each cup of coffee or espresso will have a slightly accentuated sweetness from the homogeneity of the particles.

Portafilter Holders

If you’ve ever had to keep your arms out to hold something for a long period of time, you’ll understand how tiring and frustrating it can be. This is exactly why these grinders have a built-in portafilter fork on the front.

When you’re ready to grind a dose of espresso, simply put the portafilter on the holder and let the grinder keep it in place for you. That way, you’ll be free to take care of other important tasks, such as getting ready to steam milk.

Color Options

You might not think the appearance of an espresso grinder matters, but it can be incredibly important. Many people spend time and effort decorating their kitchens in a specific fashion. If you’re going to invest in an appliance as valuable as an espresso grinder, it might as well promote the atmosphere of your home.

Fortunately, you’ll get some more visual versatility with the Compak E5 and Mazzer Mini than you might with some other grinders. We have both available in a couple different colors, so you can pick the one that best fits with your aesthetic.

There is a difference in the specific colors either one can be purchased in, though. The Compak E5 has three options: black, polished aluminum, and white. On the other hand, the Mazzer Mini has just two options: black or silver.

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At the beginning of this guide, we established the fact that the Compak E5 and the Mazzer Mini are petite grinders. Either one would work nicely in homes or small businesses where counter space is in short supply.

While you know that both are small, what you might not know is that their actual dimensions are similar, as well. Whether it’s height, width, or depth, all measurements on the E5 and Mini are close.

To be more specific, the Compak E5 is 6.25 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 16.5 inches tall. The Mazzer Mini is 6.25 inches wide, 13.25 inches deep, and 16.5 inches tall.

Burr Size

The shape of the burrs is far from the only thing that matters; so does the size. In this case, the burrs in both the E5 and Mini are exactly 58mm.

You might be wondering why the burr size is important. Basically, it comes down to speed – larger burrs have a greater surface area on which to grind coffee beans. This results in a greater grinding speed than those with smaller burrs.

Truthfully, the burrs on the E5 and Mini, while not the smallest, are also not the biggest you’ll find on the market today. However, their burrs are still large enough to get the job done.

Stepless Adjustment

Finally, the last similarity we’d like to highlight is the adjustment system on these grinders. The Mini and E5 each have a stepless micrometric adjustment system you can use to tweak the fineness of the grind.

In short, stepless adjustment systems give you an expansive array of textures to choose from. Whether it’s coarse, fine, or anything in between, you’ll be able to grind coffee beans to the ideal texture for a range of brewing styles.

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As with many other types of appliances, the wattage of your espresso grinder can have an impact on its use. The higher the wattage of the motor, the faster and easier your grinder will be able to crush coffee beans.

At least part of the Compak E5’s increased price comes from the fact that it has a much more powerful motor. At 650 watts, it has over twice the strength of the Mini’s 250-watt motor.

This will give the Compak E5 an edge when it comes to speed. You won’t need to wait as long to get a dose of espresso.

Hopper Capacity

In a commercial setting, the size of your grinder’s hopper will be one of your primary concerns. That’s because a larger hopper holds more beans, meaning you don’t need to refill the grinder as often.

At home, though, this usually won’t be as important. You probably won’t be preparing multiple espresso orders in a row.

For that reason, the Mazzer Mini’s 0.9-pound capacity hopper as opposed to the Compak E5’s 0.66-pound capacity hopper may not make as much of a difference for you. It’s still worth noting that you won’t need to refill the Mini as often as a result of its slightly increased hopper size.

Compak E5 LCD Touchscreen

There’s something refined about using a touchscreen instead of buttons. For anyone used to using smart phones and tablets, it’s a familiar design that you can slip right into.

The Compak E5’s LCD touchscreen is one aspect that really separates it from the Mazzer Mini. Playing with the grinder’s settings will feel as easy as swiping at your phone’s screen.

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Pricing Considerations

The coffee and espresso equipment offered by Majesty Coffee is some of the best available and for the most competitive prices.

Our Compak E5 is in our store for $1,057 in black or white and $1,092 in polished aluminum. We have the Mazzer Mini in our store for $695 in either black or silver.

Which Grinder Should You Get?

Are you still wondering which grinder you should get? No grinder is one size fits all, so depending on your situation, there could be several reasons for you to choose one or the other.

For many people, price is the most important consideration. If you’re on a more restrictive budget and you want the most affordable option, you’d want to go with the Mazzer Mini in this comparison.

Are you looking for a grinder with enough power to be used in either a home or small coffee shop? Then you may want to consider the Compak E5 instead, since it has a much more robust motor.

Colors could be important to you. While both grinders come in black, you’ll have to go with the Mini if you want silver and the E5 if you want polished aluminum or white.

The touchscreen could also tip you towards the Compak E5. If you want a grinder that feels high-tech and is user-friendly, the touchscreen is a perfect feature for you.

This is the bottom line:

The Mazzer Mini is a great option for those who need the most inexpensive grinder possible. It’s a solid choice for home baristas on a budget.

We’d suggest grabbing the Compak E5, though, if you want the next step up. Its stronger motor and touchscreen make it suitable for either homes or small businesses.


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