Mazzer Major vs Compak K10

Do you want to know whether you should buy the Mazzer Major or the Compak K10? Both grinders have their own unique benefits to offer you, so choosing between them can be difficult.

Our goal in this comparison is to make your decision a little easier. We’ll be breaking down both the Major and K10 by talking about these subjects:

  • The features both these grinders include.
  • Which qualities are unique to either grinder in this comparison.
  • Pricing information.
  • How to decide which grinder you should buy.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary


Mazzer Major


Are you looking for a sleek grinder that offers you advanced features for a modest price? In that case, the Mazzer Major may be perfect for you, thanks to its budget-friendly price tag and precise stepless grind adjustment system. We’d recommend it for small businesses and home users who want a more affordable espresso grinder.

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Compak K10 Espresso Coffee Grinder


By choosing the Compak K10, you’re choosing a lightning-fast grinder that’s prepared to help you speed through espresso orders. Its high-power motor can easily keep up with your customers’ demand, and its electronic fan will keep it cool as a cucumber all day. This is a great grinder for busy businesses that often need to grind back-to-back espresso orders.

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Hands-Free Grinding

A barista’s job isn’t easy. They need to keep an eye on several different things at any given time, including the development of each espresso, the texture of milk foam, and the comfort of the customer.

If they’re stuck holding a portafilter up at the grinder, they’ll quickly fall behind in their work. The good news is that this isn’t an issue with either the Major or K10, as both have a hands-free grinding design.

All your baristas need to do is put the portafilter on the convenient portafilter fork. While the grinder adds grounds to the dosing hopper, they’ll be free to focus on other tasks.


Put these grinders next to each other on a table or counter, and you’ll immediately see something else they have in common: their total size. While not exact, there’s no denying that their sizes are quite similar.

The Mazzer Major’s precise measurements are 8 inches wide, 12.25 inches deep, and 24.50 inches tall. Its competitor, the Compak K10, is 8.5 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep, and 25 inches tall.

Since their dimensions are so similar, if you have the space for one, you have room for the other. Neither one of these grinders is markedly more compact than the other.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment

Precision is crucial when it comes to grinding espresso. You need control over the grind texture to ensure you grind to a fineness that’s ideal for each blend you use.

The Mazzer Major and Compak K10 each grant you the highest level of control. Using their stepless grind adjustment systems, you’ll be able to twist a knob or rotate a collar to access a virtually endless array of fineness settings.

Multiple Color Options

One of the first things you likely notice when you walk into a home or business is how it looks. The same goes for other people who set foot in your home or business, which is why it’s important to make a solid impression.

Making good impressions is another aspect the Major and K10 excel at. As both are available in two different colors, you have more flexibility to choose how they’ll look in your environment.

There is one difference here. While both the K10 and Major are sold in black, their second color options vary. The K10 is also sold in polished aluminum and the Major is also sold in silver.

Low Blade Speed

Coffee beans are delicate. Exposure to high temperatures can burn them and create an unpleasant taste that will leave you or your customers cringing.

Unfortunately, some grinders put your coffee beans at risk of being burnt by overheating while they’re grinding. The good news is that the Major and K10 are both equipped to prevent this from happening with their low blade speed.

As a result, you have extra assurance that each drink you serve customers is as good as the last.

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Burr Type

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two grinders is their burr type. They both have a different burr shape from the other.

The Mazzer Major has flat burrs. These flat grinding discs are excellent at providing consistently uniform sizes in the coffee particles, which creates a sweeter flavor. One downside to flat burrs, however, is that they can get hotter during use than conical burrs.

The Compak K10 has conical burrs. Conical burrs grind coffee particles into two different sizes, creating a brighter flavor. Their main drawback is that they’re less consistent than flat burrs.

Motor Power

The power of a grinder’s motor can be important, as well. Grinders with more powerful motors will be able to push through grinding espresso faster and with less difficulty.

In this comparison, the Compak K10 has the more powerful motor. At 825 watts, it is almost exactly 200 watts more powerful than the Major’s 650-watt motor.

So if you’re looking for a stronger grinder that will be able to withstand the strain of continuous grinding in a busy commercial environment, the Compak K10 would likely be the better pick.

Compak K10 Electronic Fan

Another quality that makes the Compak K10 uniquely suited to nonstop grinding is its integrated electronic fan. Like other types of appliances, grinders are at risk of getting to hot when they run for long periods of time.

Since it has a fan built right in, however, the Compak K10 can help keep itself cool. Not only does this preserve the longevity of the machine, but it protects your coffee beans from high temperatures.

Pricing Considerations

Majesty Coffee combines the best coffee and espresso equipment with some of the best prices online.

We offer the Mazzer Major in silver or black for $1,195. Our Compak K10 is available in black for $2,025 and in polished aluminum for $2,044.70.

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Which Grinder Should You Buy?

You may still be wondering which grinder to buy: the Mazzer Major or the Compak K10? There are certainly some key differences that make either grinder best-suited to a particular environment.

The Mazzer Major’s low price point makes it a great choice for those on a budget. You may also prefer it if you’re specifically looking for a grinder that matches with stainless steel appliances, since it’s available in silver.

On the flipside, the Compak K10 is the better choice for specialty coffee shops. This is because it has a fan built into it that allows it to grind nonstop without overheating and burning your coffee or espresso.

Furthermore, the Compak K10 has a more robust motor. Remember, a motor with a higher wattage like the K10’s can pulverize beans with minimal effort.

This is our recommendation:

The Compak K10’s stronger motor and electronic fan give it the upper hand. This is why it would be a perfect fit for businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants.

We’d recommend the Mazzer Major for those with a restrictive budget. It still possesses many advanced features at a lower price, making it excellent for homes or small businesses.

Looking for more information about the Compak K10 or Mazzer Major? Give us a call at 888-978-5224 or click these links to view them in our store:

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Mazzer Major


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