Looking to find the best industrial coffee grinder for your operation? This guide will help you figure out the right one...

Whether you’re a new roaster or one that has been around for years, you most likely know that one of the most important parts of your business is the grinder you choose.

The right grinder can revitalize or build your business.

It can grind the perfect amount of coffee for your needs, it can bring out the flavors in your coffee, it can last for a long time and withstand heavy wear and tear.

You’ve probably heard the saying that you can’t build Rome in a day… 

…but you can kickstart the growth of your roasting empire by choosing the right grinder.

So how do you know which industrial coffee grinder is perfect for you?

We’ll explain and guide you through the process of choosing. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How an industrial grinder is different from other grinders
  • Crucial factors to consider for your business
  • Our selection for the 5 best industrial coffee grinders 

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Ditting KFA1403
Ditting KF1800
Mahlkonig DK15LS
Victoria Arduino Mythos 2
Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk Grinder
Mahlkonig EK43
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    Who are you (as a business)?

    A huge step in choosing a grinder is thinking about your business and different factors that influence your needs. 

    If you didn’t stop and consider your size and style before buying a shirt, you’d likely end up with something you didn’t need or like.

    It’s the same concept for your business: you’ll need to consider a few aspects before making your choice.

    Some important things to think about are:

    • Your type of business
    • Your business layout
    • How valuable a grinder will be to you in the long run

    Business Type

    Think about who your customers are, how many you have, and your volume.

    Do you only have a small number of customers who need small batches to be roasted at a time? Do you have a larger base of customers and need to roast larger batches at a time?

    If you have more customers to supply your coffee to, you may need to grind larger batches. If you’re grinding larger batches, you’ll likely need to be able to grind faster.

    If you have fewer customers or grind smaller batches of special coffees, then you may not need a larger volume. You may require a grinder that can stop at a moment’s notice, so that you grind only very specific amounts.

    The bottom line is, if you think about your customers and volume, you’ll be off to a good start in knowing what you need from your grinder.

    Business Layout

    Size can definitely matter in the grinder business. 

    If your business is small, you may not have the space to accommodate a large grinder. Keep in mind, though, that a smaller grinder doesn’t have to mean that it’s not able output as much as a bigger one.

    On the contrary, if you have a lot of space, you may require different things from your grinder.

    For example, you may want to be able to move the ground coffee around the building more easily. If that sounds like you, a grinder with a wheeled container might be just what you need. 

    Long-Term Value

    Long-term value goes beyond just how much you pay for a grinder initially. 

    For long-term value, you’ll have to think about where you see your business down the road – 5, 10, 20 years into the future. (Maybe even more!)

    Do you plan on expanding? If so, then you don’t want to think about just what you need now, but also what you may need in the future as you grow.

    You might think you want one large grinder now, for instance, but a few smaller grinders might be better for your future. 

    A few smaller grinders could allow you grind different kinds of coffee at once. If one had to undergo maintenance, you could use the others. 

    Consider also the quality of the parts in the grinder you purchase.

    A higher-end grinder may be more expensive in the beginning, but if you don’t need to pay to replace the parts as often, it could save you money and pay for itself.

    What features does your industrial grinder need? 

    Now that we’ve discussed who you are and what your needs are, it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts.

    You might be thinking: 

    What makes an industrial coffee grinder different from one in a coffee shop? 

    Or even: Why couldn’t you just buy a retail coffee grinder and use that for your roaster?

    What sets an industrial coffee grinder apart from retail or shop grinders is its features.

    A butter knife, a chef’s knife, and a steak knife can all cut food. But some are better with specific foods.

    The same concept applies to coffee grinders. Industrial coffee grinders are designed with coffee roasteries in mind, and can grind extreme quantities of coffee to sell to customers, whether they purchase it for their own shops or they purchase it as vendors to sell to others.

    To use the previous example, you could potentially put an industrial grinder in a small coffee shop, but it would be like using a chef’s knife to slice into butter: overkill.

    Industrial coffee grinders are built with features that accommodate these needs:

    • Speed
    • Quantity
    • Quality
    • Convenience


    Speed is an easy thing to consider:

    How quickly can your grinder turn whole beans into ground coffee ready to hit the shelves?

    To give you an idea of how fast industrial grinders get, a faster commercial coffee grinder that you would see in a coffee shop usually can grind anywhere from one to three pounds every minute.

    How much coffee can an industrial coffee grinder grind?

    Rather than thinking in pounds per minute, to answer your question, we’ll need to think in pounds per hour. Industrial grinders typically grind between 300-600 pounds of coffee an hour, but some go above 600.

    Now compare that to your commercial coffee grinder grinding around 180 pounds per hour in the upper range.


    You may think the question of quantity has already been answered when we previously discussed how much the grinder can produce in an hour.

    Quantity actually refers to how much coffee grinders can grind at once before it needs to be refilled.

    The part of the grinder that holds beans before they are ground is the hopper, so you need to consider its capacity. 

    Smaller industrial grinders can hold around 20 pounds of coffee, but a grinder on the larger end could hold around 60 pounds. 

    The quantity is important to think about, because you’ll have to factor in how much you need to put out as a business. If you have a large amount of volume, having to stop and refill the hoppers of a smaller grinder more frequently may not work for you.

    Likewise, if you’re looking for grinders that come with attached containers that can be ground into, you may want to examine how much ground coffee it can hold, too.

    A good rule of thumb to remember is that a larger capacity usually also means a higher level of speed. 


    Quality is of paramount importance to just about everyone, and it should be to you, too.

    Customers generally want the quality when they purchase something, and they will seek out business that can offer a high level of quality to them. 

    Consistently offering high-quality ground coffee to your customers will earn you a solid reputation with them.

    Fortunately, a good industrial grinder is made with quality in mind. A good grinder will grind coffee particles that are uniform, ensuring consistency you can rely on. 

    Two well-known names that set the industry standard for industrial coffee grinders are Ditting and Mahlkonig. Other brands do exist, of course, and you can do additional brand research as you come across them.

    There are two main features in industrial grinders that directly impact quality:

    • The design and material of the grinding disc
    • The type of grinding disc

    The industry standard in material for grinding discs is steel, but there are different types of steel to choose from, such as die-cast and tungsten carbide, which are known for withstanding heavy use.

    In design, you’ll see variations with different companies. Some use designs that are sharper, sturdier, or longer-lived than their counterparts. Others implement designs that allow cooler temperatures while grinding, preventing the burning of the coffee.

    Conical and flat burrs are the grinding disc types you’ll run into. 

    Flat burrs are flat discs which create a more consistent grind texture. Because of this, they are excellent at bringing out chocolatey and nutty undertones in coffee. These are used most often in industrial grinders.

    On the flip side, conical burrs generate coffee particles of varying sizes in their grind. These are called bimodal coffee particles, and this bimodal quality enhances brighter, fruitier tones in the coffee being ground.

    Although conical burrs are not as common in industrial grinders, there are grinders that can meet this preference, too.


    Considering what will be easiest for your employees and yourself is also very important.

    Coffee beans and ground coffee may need to be moved around your roastery. You may need to be able to vary the grinding between batches. You may need to be able to stop grinding rapidly. You may need to be able to grind into containers or barrels of different sizes.

    To suit each of these requirements, there are grinders with wheels, grinders with adjustable spouts, and grinders with barrel or container attachments.

    Don’t be afraid to consider what will make life in the roastery easy for you on a day-to-day basis when you choose your grinder.

    With all these things taken into consideration, here are our personal picks for building your roastery empire:

    Best Industrial Coffee Grinders

    Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder (with Accessories)


    Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder (With Accessories)


    Created by a well-established name known for their quality, Ditting KFA1403 is an ideal coffee grinder for small or medium businesses. 

    Measuring 12.5 by 16 by 37 inches, its compact size makes it a comfortable fit for even cramped spaces. Don’t let its size fool you, though - this grinder can grind 360 pounds of coffee per hour. 

    Ditting’s high-quality standards also apply to the grinding discs used in the model, which can stay sharp for up to 35,000 pounds of coffee. You can safely look forward long-lived use with this grinder and its parts.

    • Application: Medium-to-high volume grinding
    • Output Capacity: 360 pounds per hour
    • Hopper capacity: 22 pounds
    • Burr type: Flat
    • Grinding disc diameter: 140 mm
    • Grinding disc material: Wear-resistant steel that can withstand rigorous use daily.
    • Fine to Coarse grinding: Allows for a wide amount of grinding levels to choose from, from the fine level required for Turkish coffee to French press.
    • 3 Phase Grinding: No need to worry about having to wait for cooldowns - grind nonstop and ensure particle uniformity with this feature.
    • Adjustable Outlet Extension Tube: Conveniently store the ground coffee into containers of different sizes
    • Slide gate: Enjoy maximum control over output and the ability to stop at any time using this slide gate.
    • Cold Brew Gear: Want more variety in your ground coffee? Cold brew grinding is no challenge for this model with grinding up to 1,2000 microns (only available in Black models, not in Stainless Steel)

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    Ditting KF1800

    Ditting KF1800 Industrial Coffee Grinder

    Do you have a limited amount of space, but require a huge amount of output?

    Then the Ditting KF1800 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

    At 20” by 20” by 64”, the Ditting KF1800 is a heavy-duty model compact and easy to fit into your business. With an ability to produce up to 720 pounds (or more) of ground coffee an hour, several of these models are a viable alternative to one large industrial grinder – especially if you don’t have the space.

    Grind up to 100,000 pounds of coffee with ease utilizing the KF1800’s specially sharpened grinding discs. As a bonus, the grinding discs’ design stays cool without sacrificing uniformity in your coffee particles.

    Because of this, the cooldown times for the usual medium to coarse settings are shorter for the KF1800, which translates to you being able keep a high standard in quality while grinding continuously.

    • Application: High-volume grinding
    • Output capacity: 720 pounds per hour
    • Hopper Capacity: 66 pounds – so you don’t have to stop as often to refill it.
    • Burr type: Flat
    • Grinding disc diameter: 180 mm
    • Grinding disc material: The need for frequent replacement is gone with discs made of wear-resistant steel.
    • Fine to coarse grinding: Grind anything from espresso to French press coffee with this model’s array of settings.
    • 3 Phase Grinding: Grind virtually continuously with consistent particle homogeneity, all while keeping cool with Ditting’s three-phase grinding system.
    • Large capacity: This grinder may be small, but its output is still twice as much as the KFA1403, making it ideal if you’re not a large roastery.
    • Adjustable Outlet Extension Tube: Containers of all kinds of sizes and shapes can be conveniently ground directly into. 
    • Slide Gate: Using the slide gate, stop grinding instantly whenever you need to.

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    Mahlkonig DK15LS

    Mahlkonig DK15LS Industrial Coffee Grinder

    Feel free to move this model around your roastery as you see fit, using the Mahlkonig DK15LS’s conveniently wheeled container. 

    If your business grinds more than just coffee, this may be a good model for you to consider, as it can grind other products, such as grain or spices. Whatever you grind, however, this model’s double-sided burrs survive two times longer than the usual burr. 

    This grinder also uses three-phase motors, which grind dependably uniform particles at lower temperatures, so you can keep going batch after batch.

    • Application: Medium-volume grinding
    • Output Capacity: 265-287 pounds per hour
    • Hopper Capacity: This hopper’s large 66-pound capacity makes stops to refill fewer and farther between.
    • Burr type: Flat
    • Grinding Disc diameter: 130 mm
    • Grinding Disc Material: Tooled steel, making them resistant to wear and tear so you don’t need to replace them as often.
    • Mobile Container: With dimensions of 27.2” x 31.3” x 27.6”, the wheeled container can easily transport up to 53 gallons.
    • Lock Plate: With the lock plate, you can conveniently control your output and halt the grinding at any time.
    • 3 Phase Motors: Ideal for roasteries demanding a high level of output, the three-phase motor system keeps itself cool so you can grind uninterrupted.
    • Tight Discharge Chute: Prevent dust from grinding with a tight discharge chute
    • Multipurpose Grinding: You’re not limited to grinding just coffee when you take advantage of this grinder’s ability to process grains or spices.

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    Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 

    Victoria Arduino Mythos 2

    The Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 truly lives up to its name. It is such an amazingly precise grinder that it's almost mythical in quality.

    For one thing, it's designed to give you exactly as much coffee as you need each time with an unwavering consistency. Thanks to its weight-based grinding system, it can accurately weigh each dose of grounds to ensure you get the correct amount.

    It's also built for nonstop grinding. With large, temperature-controlled burrs, it can keep going all day long without needing a rest. No need to worry about overheating here.

    • Application: Medium- to high-volume grinding
    • Output Capacity: Unspecified
    • Hopper Capacity: 4.4 pounds
    • Burr Type: Unspecified
    • Grinding Disc Diameter: 85 mm
    • Grinding Disc Material: Titanium
    • Temperature Controlled Burrs: A heating and cooling system inside the grinder will protect your coffee beans from being burnt.
    • LED Illumination: Grinders can be dangerous if not operated carefully. The Mythos 2 makes safety a priority by providing clear LED lighting for the workspace.
    • Clump Crushing Technology: No need to worry about a disastrous clump impacting extraction, because this grinder crushes clumps before they fully develop. 
    • Fine Grind Adjustment Wheel: Your best results are easily reproduced with an adjustment wheel that gives you effortless control over the fineness of the ground coffee.
    • Gravimetric Dosing: The grinder weighs out every single dose of coffee, guaranteeing you get exactly as much as you need every time.

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    Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk Grinder

    Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk Grinder

    It's no secret that Nuova Simonelli makes artful espresso machines. What you may not know is that their same high standard of quality applies to their grinders, as well.

    To see what we mean, all you need to do is take a look at the Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk grinder. This speedy grinder was designed for medium to large businesses, such as grocery stores and roasteries, in mind.

    It has a high-powered motor that will make short work of your coffee beans time and time again. Beyond the motor, it has long-lasting stainless steel grinding burrs that you'll be able to rely on for years to come.

    • Application: Medium- to higher-volume grinding likely
    • Output Capacity: Unspecified
    • Hopper Capacity: 2 pounds
    • Burr Type: Unspecified
    • Grinding Disc Diameter: 65mm
    • Grinding Disc Material: Stainless steel
    • Die-Cast Aluminum Body: The body of the grinder is made from die-cast aluminum, granting it longevity and durability.
    • Powerful Motor: With a robust motor powering the machine, this Nuova Simonelli grinder can grind quickly and effortlessly. 
    • Fine Grind Adjustment Wheel: Maintain a consistent level of quality with an adjustment wheel that makes every level of fineness a breeze to duplicate.

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    Mahlkonig EK43

    Mahlkonig EK43 

    The Mahlkonig EK43 is a grinder built to last through continuous grinding, with huge, tough burrs that can withstand daily wear and tear for a long time. 

    A large hopper with a 2.2-pound capacity means you won’t need interrupt the flow of work often to refill it. 

    Its bag clamp means the machine will hold a bag in place to dispense grounds into for you. This is perfect for large retail locations or companies that sell bagged pre-ground coffee to customers. 

    The EK43 is a worthy contender for businesses with medium- to high-volume demands.

    • Application: Medium- to higher- volume grinding likely
    • Output Capacity: 2.8-3.4 lbs/min
    • Hopper Capacity: 2.2 pounds
    • Burr Type: Flat
    • Grinding Disc Diameter: 98mm
    • Grinding Disc Material: Unspecified
    • Color Options: Don't want a basic black grinder? Fortunately, you can get this handsome Mahlkonig in black, copper, or white. 
    • Bag Clamp: Save your hands for more important tasks by using the EK43's built-in bag clamp. 
    • Knock-Off Device: Ensure your coffee’s flavor is the best it can be by easily cleaning out the chute with the knock-off device. 
    • Fine Grind Adjustment Wheel: Your products can meet a uniform quality with a fineness adjustment wheel that makes it simple to select your settings.
    • Lockable Hopper: Switching blends is a snap, since you can slide a plate in place to seal off the hopper while you switch your old beans with new ones.


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