Best Burr Grinders For Espresso

The best cup of coffee needs the best burr grinder for espresso. If you need help pulling high-quality shots, you’re in the right place. 

The art of espresso has been steadily fine-tuned for decades. As technology grows, so too does our ability to pull an aromatic, luscious shot of coffee.

When you want to save yourself time without losing out on quality, it’s time to find an efficient burr grinder. Unlike their blade counterparts, burr grinders are better suited to the delicate needs of espresso.

For those in a hurry, our top choices for the best burr grinders for espresso are: 

Top 5 Best Burr Grinders For Espresso 

Victoria Arduino MDJ On Demand Grinder VA-MDJ

Victoria Arduino MDJ On Demand Grinder VA-MDJ

Seeking out the ultimate espresso means seeking out consistency. You need a burr grinder that is ready to deliver the most even and fine grind around, with few fines or clumps.

The Victoria Arduino MDJ On Demand Grinder VA-MDJ is ready to meet demand. This recently updated model combines the silent approach with a more assertive focus on quality. Not only does this burr grinder make little noise, it’s equipped with quality burrs that grind fast.

Enjoy state-of-the-art features such as: 

  • Strong choice for small to medium-sized cafes that want to improve cup quality.
  • Stainless steel 75mm burrs - These durable burrs are designed for the long haul. Expect to grind up to 1,500 pounds of coffee before replacing them. 
  • Micrometric grind adjustment - Espresso’s need for a delicate touch has resulted in this handy feature. Tweak your grind until it’s just right. 
  • Sturdy portafilter holder - You don’t need to worry about babysitting every espresso shot. The sturdy portafilter holder will keep it in place until you’re done.
  • Highly intuitive user interface - No finagling or fussing here. Save your settings with the press of a button or change barista modes at will. 
  • Warranty - Enjoy a one year labor warranty when you purchase this burr grinder. No hassle.

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Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder



Perhaps quality isn’t what you’re worried about: you just need more of it. The Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder is a popular choice for restaurants or cafes that need expanding. 

Equipped with two 1.65 pound hoppers, this grinder is ready to handle a wide variety of orders. You can choose to grind individually or simultaneously, as well as enjoy the ease of programmable shot settings. This burr grinder can create one or two espresso shots at the press of a button. 

Other convenient features you’ll enjoy include:

  • Perfect pick for large restaurants and cafes, particularly with experienced staff. 
  • 65 mm flat burrs - These larger burrs are perfect for high-volume grinding. Their shape is designed to promote cooling, reducing overheat for your machine and reducing stress for you.
  • Stepless grind adjustment - Eschewing grind numbers in favor of intuition, this is a great feature for the experienced barista. Adjust to your ideal setting, then lock it in place for future use.
  • Electronic shot counters - Need a little extra help tallying up business numbers? This shot counter lets you keep track of each shot pulled. 
  • Portafilter holder - A good espresso machine doesn’t need to be watched 24/7. This portafilter holder will keep your equipment in place as you multitask. 
  • Multi-language menu - This burr grinder comes in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. 

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Baratza VARIO Grinder Coffee Espresso

Baratza VARIO Grinder Coffee Espresso

On the opposite end of the scale, we have small espresso grinders that can easily be slotted onto a desk or kitchen counter. This commercial grinder is efficient, tidy, and perfect for homebrewing aficionados who want to upgrade. 

Is that to say this burr grinder is on the simpler side? Far from it. You can enjoy both microadjustment and macroadjustment settings with this contemporary equipment. 

The array of features that come with the Baratza VARIO include:

  • A size-efficient choice for homebrewers or office workers. 
  • 54mm ceramic flat burrs - These burrs are designed to stay cool and last long. Ceramic burrs enjoy a lifespan nearly twice as long as steel burrs. 
  • Electronic dosing - Grind coffee in just a few seconds. Your espresso will taste fresher thanks to customizable settings designed to reduce coffee waste. 
  • Micro/Macroadjustment - A stunning 230 grind adjustments are available in this burr grinder. Choose a preexisting setting or tweak it to your specifications. 
  • Portafilter holder - Enjoy hands-free espresso brewing with this useful feature.
  • Quiet belt drive - If you want to bring this to your home or your office, rest easy knowing it’s an impressively quiet model. 

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Compak Fresh Espresso Grinder Large Hopper F8

Compak Fresh Espresso Grinder Large Hopper F8

If you find yourself overwhelmed with choice fatigue, this is the section for you. You can choose from a variety of sizes in this Compak burr grinder line-up, from the smaller E6 to the larger F8

The Compak Fresh Espresso Grinder Large Hopper F8 is a solid choice for high-volume settings with a regular influx of customers. The sizeable bean hopper is combined with large burrs to ensure each shot is pulled quickly and consistently. 

The features you’ll enjoy when investing in this burr grinder for espresso are: 

  • A flexible burr grinder for those who want speed and convenience.
  • Flat 83 mm grinding burrs - These large burrs will create a lot of coffee in very little time. Their flat design also keeps them cool and reduces the amount of leftover fines.
  • Large bean hopper - Reduce refill times with this large hopper, able to hold up to three pounds of coffee at one time.
  • Electronic micrometric dosing control - Tweak your espresso settings with just a few button presses. 
  • Precision dosing - Are you frustrated with automatic coffee ground settings wasting resources? Precision dosing lets you pull only as much as you need to use.
  • Password protected settings - If you’re worried about losing time-saving settings, password protect them for future use.

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Mazzer Major V Electronic Coffee Grinder

Mazzer Major V Electronic Coffee Grinder

What constitutes state-of-the-art espresso grinders changes every year. This is one model that’ll turn heads, designed to be one of the most competitive models in the coffee industry. 

The Mazzer Major V Electronic Coffee Grinder is a powerhouse of time-saving business features, equipped with essential dosing information and grinding statistics for easy tallying. This is a useful feature for restaurant or cafe owners that need a little more help factoring in how their equipment is holding up to the bottom line. 

On the coffee end of things, its grind flow adjustment eliminates fines and drastically reduces clumps. Not content to end there, you will enjoy a well-rounded set of features such as:

  • Get this burr grinder if you want to keep a closer eye on your daily coffee stats. 
  • 83mm flat burrs - These massive burrs are designed for volume and accuracy. Enjoy consistent grinds even during your busiest rush hours. 
  • Grind flow control - This meticulously designed system uses several wire dampers to reduce clumps and control particle size. 
  • Grind statistic features - Are you a manager or supervisor? Use this feature to record your dose counter, partial dose counter, and daily grind statistics for future reference.
  • Programmable dosing - You can set the dosing amount and lock it in with the press of a button. 
  • Hands-free portafilter - This feature is one of the most requested in grinders nowadays, able to hold the portafilter and free you up for multitasking. 

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What To Consider When Purchasing a Burr Grinder For Espresso 

Consideration 1: Dial-in adjustable grind settings

Working with espresso means being extremely aware of the sensitivity of the grind. Even a tiny tweak can completely change the flavor and mouthfeel of your brew.

Dial-in adjustable grind settings allow you not just the ability to experiment, but the luxury of locking in your settings as you go. This will save a mountain of time when you need to train new baristas that aren’t comfortable with using coffee equipment yet. This is also helpful for experienced baristas who want to save a few seconds in-between orders. 

The Mazzer Major V Electronic Coffee Grinder, Compak Fresh Espresso Grinder Large Hopper F8, and Baratza VARIO all boast this highly flexible feature.

Consideration 2: Statistic Recording

Running a business means recording and tallying up figures on a daily basis. You need to know what’s working and what’s not working so you can keep your brand as scalable as possible.

Today’s best burr grinders for espresso are keen to provide these useful features, as many of them end up in business settings. Stat recording can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Daily dose counter
  • Partial dose counter
  • Daily grind statistics
  • Service alerts
  • Burr changes

The Mazzer Major V Electronic Coffee Grinder and Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder both offer functional recording so you can save yourself a little time. 

Wrap Up

Today’s best burr grinders for espresso are a marvel of technology. They offer more consistency and easier clean-up than ever before.

If you’re ready to upgrade to the latest grinder model, send us a query or give us a call at our customer support number here >>> (888) 978-5224. We’re ready to help you choose the best coffee equipment so you can get better quality coffee every time.