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Mazzer Robur S Review

Mazzer offers a wide range of fine-tuned grinders that are suitable for many different settings. Some are small, affordable grinders clearly made with home baristas in mind. Others, on the flipside, are large, powerful, and robust, created to effortlessly meet the demands of businesses.

This Mazzer Robur S review is for those searching for the latter type of grinder. The Mazzer Robur S is a powerful and high-tech model suitable for settings with an extremely high volume of espresso demand.

Before you buy it, it’s wise to learn more so you can be sure it’s appropriate for your business. Keep reading this guide to learn the following:

  • The Robur S’s most noteworthy qualities and their impact on regular use.
  • Any other versions the Robur S may come in.
  • Other similar espresso grinders if the Robur S isn’t completely perfect for you.
  • Some quick background info on the brand.
  • The prices of the grinders we discussed throughout the review.

Let’s jump right into it…

Quick Summary 

Mazzer Robur S

 Mazzer Robur S

The Mazzer Robur S was created as a successor to the Robur Electronic. Most features have changed, aside from its powerful motor and burrs. With its cooling system and programmable dosing, it’s built from the bottom up to be a heavy-duty grinder while simultaneously keeping the comfort of your baristas at the forefront of its design.

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Important Features and Why they Matter

Reduced Grind Retention 

To understand why reduced grind retention is so important, you’ll need to first understand what retention is. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, we’ll give you a quick explanation.

Grind retention is when coffee and espresso grounds are left behind in your grinder after each use. Initially, this may seem unimportant, but it can be a massive annoyance. Those lingering grounds can get mixed into new batches of coffee when you grind in the future, mixing blends and levels of freshness.

The Robur S’s design reduces grind retention by 52%. That’s less than half the grind retention you’d see in similar grinders, meaning each drink is as fresh and potent as it can be.

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Grind Flow Control System 

Each Mazzer Robur S comes with a special Grind Flow Control (GFC) system installed. This system works tirelessly to stop clumps in your grind before they can even happen.

The result is fluffy, silky grinds time and time again. Because of the clump prevention, the extraction of each shot or batch of coffee is balanced and your drinks more well-rounded.

Cooling System 

Just like people, grinders can become stressed from the demands of high-volume work. When a grinder is used for too long at once, it heats up to high temperatures, putting your grinder at the risk of being damaged and your coffee beans at the risk of getting burnt.

Large businesses simply must have a grinder that can endure long hours of grinding without the heat. That’s something the Robur S excels at, thanks to its powerful cooling system.

You’re not getting just one fan to keep the grinder cool, though. This reliable grinder actually comes with two separate fans inside it, ensuring it can withstand the most rigorous demands of your customer base.

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Programmable Dosing 

Mazzer Robur S

Each type of brewing method requires its own amounts of grounds and fineness levels. Usually, this means that baristas need to remember exactly how long to use the grinder for each time to ensure they get the correct amount of coffee or espresso.

Feel like it might be difficult training your employees to memorize the proper amounts for single or double shots? No need to worry, because the Mazzer Robur S has programmable dosing. You can save the amounts of grounds you would need for single and double shots in advance, making it so that all your baristas need to do is pick the right setting whenever they need to grind coffee.

Large Conical Burrs 

A grinder’s whole purpose is obviously to grind coffee beans. Without burrs, however, your grinder wouldn’t be able to do this at all, which is why the burrs are so critical to examine.

The Robur S enjoys the benefits of large conical burrs. To be exact, the burrs measure at 71mm in diameter, putting them in the larger end of the spectrum for commercial-scale coffee and espresso grinders. A larger size like this means the grinder can produce more grounds more quickly while also keeping cooler because the burrs don’t need to turn as much.

We should also touch on the benefits of the burrs’ shape, which is conical. Conical burrs are famous for the ability to produce coffee particles of varying sizes, which often adds a brightness to the flavor of your drinks. They’re also great at staying cool during use.

Low Blade Speed 

The Robur S boasts an amazingly low blade speed of 500 RPM. This is simply another feature geared towards keeping the grinder cool.

With a lower RPM, less friction is produced, and therefore less heat is generated from said friction. Combined with the size of the burrs and the dual fan cooling system, the low blade speed is an effective method of preserving the flavor of your coffee beans.

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Large Capacity Bean Hopper 

When you’re in the middle of a rush, you don’t want your employees to have things constantly interrupting their workflow. Ideally, they should be able to work continuously with as few interruptions as possible so your customers get their drinks quickly.

If your grinder has a small bean hopper, it’s going to interrupt your workflow more often. It just wouldn’t be able to hold as many beans, so it would empty frequently and require refills.

This isn’t an issue with the Mazzer Robur S. Its extra-large bean hopper can hold four pounds of coffee beans, giving it the endurance it needs to grind for hours at a time with minimal interruptions.

Powerful Motor 

If you’re concerned about grinding speed, then you should definitely be paying attention the power of your grinder’s motor. The strength of a grinder’s motor is indicated by the number of watts it has.

In this case, the Robur S has a 900-watt motor. If a 300-watt motor can be defined as reasonably powerful, then imagine how strong a 900-watt one is.

The Robur S will have no issues powering through long shifts in a coffee shop or restaurant. Best of all, with its high-quality motor, it will be able to rapidly crush batches of coffee beans.

On-Demand Grinding 

Mazzer Robur S

The Mazzer Robur S was created to consistently deliver coffee and espresso to your customers that has the freshest flavor. There are many factors that contribute to this, but one of the most important is its on-demand grinding setup.

Basically, the grinder distributes your coffee grounds directly into your portafilter rather than into a dosing hopper in advance. This means you get only as much coffee as you need at any given time instead of preparing batches ahead of time.

In addition to guaranteeing you get the freshest taste, on-demand grinding also helps reduce your waste since you grind everything to-order.

Different Configurations 

Mazzer Robur Electronic

 Mazzer Robur

The Mazzer Robur Electronic is an excellent alternative to the Robur S if you need something less costly. It has many of the same features, including programmable dosing, large burrs, and a huge bean hopper.

Plus, like the Robur S, it has integrated ventilation to protect your grinder from heating. This is another grinder that’s more than capable of handling high espresso demand.

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Comparable Alternatives

Mazzer Kony 

Mazzer Kony

If you’re looking for an even more affordable and yet still powerful grinder, the Mazzer Kony is a great choice. For one thing, it has large 63mm conical burrs that will deliver a light and zesty cup of coffee or espresso each time.

 Worried about protecting your coffee beans from high temperatures? The Mazzer Kony has got you covered there, too, with its ventilation system and low blade speed.

Just like the other Mazzer grinders mentioned in this review, the Kony is built to withstand the duress of lines of customers. Here are some additional compelling features it has to tempt you with:

  • A precise stepless grind adjustment system for increased flexibility.
  • On-demand design to ensure you get coffee and espresso that’s as fresh as can be.
  • Crisp digital display that’s easy to use.

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Compak E10 

Compak E10

The Compak E10 is one of the latest in Compak’s line of Essential on Demand grinders. As the name implies, these grinders were crafted specifically to provide you with fresh, potent coffee and espresso on demand by dispensing grounds right into your portafilter.

One thing that makes this grinder truly unique is its burr replacement alarm. Burrs naturally wear down over years of use, meaning they must be replaced at the optimal time to ensure consistent efficiency. This grinder will take the guesswork out of maintenance by letting you know when its burrs need to be changed.

These are other reasons you may choose the Compak E10:

  • Electronic fan to protect your coffee beans from dangerous temperatures.
  • Sleek, modern touchscreen controls.
  • Built-in lighting so baristas can easily operate the grinder at all times.

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About the Brand 

Mazzer is one of the more experienced grinder manufacturers on the market today. From their formation in the 1940’s, they’ve been dedicated to creating grinders that implement top-tier engineering.

When it comes to coffee and espresso grinders, this brand really does everything thoroughly. Mazzer grinders are used in some of the best coffee shops and bars around the world for a good reason.

What Customers Say 

At this point in time, we haven’t received any feedback on the Robur S specifically. However, customers have commented on our other Mazzer models quite positively.

We frequently hear that our Mazzers combine quality and low prices. Many customers have also said that their Mazzer grinders last them for years and years.

Ideal Grinder Applications 

The Mazzer Robur S is a grinder designed to spread its wings in the busiest places and soar through lines of orders. You can just see speed written all over its large burrs, huge hopper, and high motor power.

Grab this one if you have a medium to large coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or even hotel looking for a grinder that can take care of a high demand for freshly ground espresso.

Pricing Information 

We at Majesty Coffee pride ourselves on having the most competitive prices anywhere for the greatest coffee and espresso gear.

You’ll find the Mazzer Robur S in our store for $3,295. If you prefer one of the other grinders in this guide, we also have the Compak E10 for $2,222.50, the Mazzer Kony for $2,095, and the Mazzer Robur Electronic for $2,995.

Still struggling to find the right grinder for your business? We’re here to help you. Reach out to us at 888-978-5224 for further guidance.

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