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Our Recommended Coffee/Espresso Equipment

Espresso Machines

We sell a wide variety of espresso machines to meet the needs of our home and commercial customers. From manual lever machines all the way to bean to cup super-automatic machines and everything in between, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you.

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Coffee & Espresso Grinders

If you’re a business for the best coffee grinder options, then we’ve got you covered. Have a look at all of the home espresso grinders or commercial coffee grinders we have for sale or visit the following pages to narrow down your search…

Brands We Sell

We’re proud to be authorized dealers of the highest-quality brands of espresso machines and coffee equipment in the industry. Some of our best-selling names include Nuova Simonelli, Victoria ArduinoMahlkonig, La Pavoni, La Spaziale, Rocket, Quick Mill, Mazzer, Ditting, FRANKE, Compak, Elektra and more.

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Born in Spain in the 1950’s, Compak has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of coffee and espresso grinders. They seek to bring cutting-edge, modern features to classic and time-proven designs. Best of all, many Compak grinders are among the most affordable in the market, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.


If you need an industrial-strength grinder for bags of coffee or filters, Ditting likely has what you’re looking for. This brand specializes in grinders with a breathtaking speed that goes beyond what even the average coffee shop needs. When grinding speed is your bottom line, Ditting is an excellent starting point.


Elektra proves that espresso machines and grinders can be both beautiful and functional. This Italian manufacturer is legendary for producing machines that are each magazine-worthy. When you want a grinder or espresso machine that’s gorgeous enough to be a centerpiece, we can’t help but recommend Elektra.


A lot of work goes into making each shot of espresso, which is why it can be so difficult and time-consuming to train new baristas. Fortunately, Franke is here to save the day with their technologically wondrous coffee machines. Each one is designed to make it as easy as swiping a screen to prepare any drink, so you can train new hires how to make top-tier beverages in literal seconds.

La Pavoni 

No matter what your unique espresso machine needs are, La Pavoni likely has a model that would be a good fit for you. This Italian manufacturer makes machines for just about every setting, from manual machines that are perfect for discerning prosumers to multi-group models that are fast enough for large commercial settings.

La Spaziale 

Are you searching for a commercial-level espresso machine that won’t break the bank? La Spaziale could be perfect for you, thanks to their wide spread of espresso machines for all price points. Plus, each one is meticulously crafted with over 60 years of espresso machine manufacturing experience, so you can rest assured that you’re buying quality when you buy La Spaziale.


Mahlkonig reigns supreme in the field of espresso grinders. Baristas and espresso enthusiasts all over the world are familiar with the brand’s name. Whether you’re looking for a top-notch grinder to use at home or a grinder fast enough to handle your needs in an industrial setting, Mahlkonig probably has what you need.


Mazzer is one of the best options out there when it comes to affordable espresso grinders. If you need something inexpensive for home or a commercial-strength grinder that won’t totally expend your budget, you can find your match in Mazzer.

Nuova Simonelli 

Any knowledgeable barista has heard the name Nuova Simonelli before. Exceptional quality is what this Italian company excels at, producing espresso machines that are often used in barista world championships. Nuova Simonelli isn’t just good at espresso machines, though – they also produce grinders of an extraordinary quality.

Quick Mill 

Are you tired of investing in expensive machinery, only to have it break down shortly after your purchase? You may want to take a look at Quick Mill’s range of espresso machines, then. With its company slogan, “made to last for years,” they’re a brand you can trust to produce durable espresso machines.


If you think that Rocket espresso machines look sleek, it’s likely because every single one is made by hand. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an espresso machine for your home or for your business, we’d be willing to bet Rocket has something stylish to meet your needs.

Victoria Arduino 

With over a century of experience producing espresso machines and grinders, Victoria Arduino is another Italian company you can trust. Each one of their machines is a work of art that you’ll be proud to display on your home or business counters.

Tony Barlow

Tony Barlow

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Tony Barlow, with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, is the go-to technical sales expert at Majesty Coffee. He's passionate about helping businesses find the right espresso equipment for their needs.