Eversys Shotmaster Review

We’ve been exploring the Eversys lineup to match businesses with competitive coffee equipment. The Shotmaster is a fantastic variation you should consider for 2022.

Do your baristas struggle with getting enough room to do their work? Are you battling both high employee turnover and high volumes of customers? The Eversys crew explicitly designed the Shotmaster to address common business concerns that get in the way of making quality drinks.

From easy clean-up time to fast drink construction, the Shotmaster is pure efficiency. If you’re low on time and need a quick summary, read below:

Quick Summary

  • The Eversys Shotmaster Classic is compact and powerful, able to meet the demand faced by drive-thru coffee stands and downtown cafes.
  • The Eversys Shotmaster Traditional offers more flexibility in terms of features and storage, ideal for businesses that face many different drink orders at one time.
  • If you’re still not sure which one to buy, continue reading to learn about each submodel and its unique qualities.

Eversys Shotmaster Features (And What They’re Good For)

The Eversys lineup has many similar features across the board. The function of these espresso machines is to get you to create better coffee much faster. The Shotmaster lineup is distinct from the Cameo and the Enigma for its commitment to high-volume settings.

We’ll look at both the common features between all models, as well as the unique features of the Shotmaster.

Ceramic Burrs for Subtle, Delicious Coffee

The Eversys lineup is committed to bringing out the best in your freshly roasted beans. The Eversys Shotmaster is equipped with 64mm ceramic burrs, a competitive standard in the industry for crafting even coffee grounds.

eLevelling System Saves Baristas Time While Improving Drink Quality

Your baristas have to juggle a dozen tasks at the best of times. Save them the effort of double-checking the espresso grounds with the handy eLevelling system.

This subtle feature evens out the grounds automatically after they’re dispensed. This action is done with a gentle vibration, ensuring your coffee is extracted as evenly and smoothly as possible. The steps involved in this feature are the following:

  • Shake
  • Level
  • Tamp
  • Brewing
  • Dispensing

eConnect Feature to Keep Constant Updates a Breezy Affair 

Do you struggle to keep up with constant updates or repairs to your machine? The Eversys Shotmaster, just like the Cameo and Enigma, has the eConnect feature to save you time.

This handy addition provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly records to help you scale and improve your business. You’ll also be able to record drink profiles and get extra insight into your machine’s technical performance. Your machine will automatically send this information to the company so they can continue to provide today’s businesses with the best espresso machines.

Customized Color to Match Your Business

If you’re worried about your machine matching your setup, the Shotmaster will meet you halfway. Choose between a rustic brown or classic stainless steel in this lineup.

Espresso Machine of Choice for Today’s Leading Coffee Brands

Are you familiar with Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or Passenger Coffee? These businesses are just a few of the leading coffee brands that use the Eversys Shotmaster for their cafes.

Extremely High Volume of Productivity

While the Cameo and the Enigma are well suited to small or medium volumes, the Shotmaster is purely focused on high-volume settings. Both the Classic and the Traditional have the ability to craft 350 espresso drinks per hour.

Eversys Shotmaster Classic Model Breakdown

Just like the Eversys Cameo and the Eversys Enigma, the Eversys Shotmaster splits into Classic and Traditional varieties. The differences are subtle, so we’ll take a look at which one suits your business best below.

Shotmaster ct/Classic

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

The Shotmater ct/Classic is small and powerful, providing the Shotmaster’s incredible volume of productivity on just 28 cm of space. This is a standalone machine, so steam wands or hot water accessories are unavailable. 

This machine boasts two double espresso shots to focus on high volumes of coffee in busy downtown or rush hour environments.

Shotmaster s/Classic

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Do you want more variety in one spot? The Shotmaster s/Classic is a completely automatic machine designed for the ultimate convenience. Alongside two double espresso spouts, you also have the ability to brew hot water or tea concurrently.

Shotmaster m/Classic

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Need a little more power? The Shotmaster m/Classic builds on the former models by providing the ability to create frothed milk as well as the ability to craft espresso, tea, and hot water concurrently.

The milk model also comes with the famed 1.5-Step Milk Option, which allows you to create a complete espresso drink in a step and a half.

Eversys Shotmaster Traditional Breakdown

The Eversys Shotmaster Traditional is pretty similar to the Classic in terms of baseline features such as eConnect, eLevelling, and customizable color. 

There are still a few differences, we’ll break down the subtle differences below.

Shotmaster ct/ST

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

The Shotmaster c/ST is similar to the Shotmaster m/Classic but does not have the steam wand with Everfoam or the 1.5 Step feature.

This model comes with the handy Vitrifrigo FG14 2 Gallon stand-alone fridge.

Shotmaster s/ST

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

The Shotmaster s/ST comes with the same features as the Shotmaster ct/Classic, but with a few differences. This model does not have the Vitrifrigo FG14 2 Gallon stand-alone fridge.

It does, however, have a high hot water outlet for various hot water drinks.

Shotmaster m/ST

Eversys Shotmaster Superautomatic Espresso Machine

The Shotmaster ms/ST comes with the majority of baseline features of the ct/ST and s/ST, with the addition of the 1.5 Step program.

Wrap Up

The Eversys Shotmaster is the go-to solution for extremely busy environments that don’t have time to slow down for a second.

The Eversys Shotmaster classic is a great choice for drive-thru coffee spots, downtown cafes, and any business that faces intense rush hours. The Eversys Traditional provides even more flexibility and allows you to add or remove features like high hot water outlets or a stand-alone fridge. 

Still not sure which sub-model to try out? Contact us at our live chat or send us a message. We’re happy to narrow down the best-suited option for your business. 

Tony Barlow

Tony Barlow

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