Ceado E37S vs Niche Zero

Have you been paying attention to developments in the world of coffee and espresso gear? If so, you may have heard of coffee enthusiasts getting excited over the creation of the Niche Zero, a stylish home grinder.

Is it all it’s chalked up to be? We’ll discover the answer by putting it against the Ceado E37S, a classic espresso grinder. Here is what you can expect to learn in this Ceado E37S vs Niche Zero comparison:

  • The features both grinders possess.
  • Which features are specific to either grinder.
  • Advice on choosing the one that’s right for you.

Let’s jump right in.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

Of the two grinders in this comparison, the Ceado E37S is the only one that could be suitable for use in a small business. It has massive burrs, a decently sized hopper, and a powerful motor that help it blitz through coffee beans. It’s a great pick for small coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, or even prosumer kitchens.

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Niche Zero

The creators of the Niche Zero will be the first ones to tell you that it’s specifically created to enhance home grinding. Its stunning design, simple controls, and accurate waste-reducing dosing are perfect for beginners. We’d recommend it for novice home baristas ready to step up their grinding game.


Steel Burrs 

As you’ll see shortly, there’s far more different than similar between the Ceado E37S and Niche Zero. They were clearly intended for specific purposes.

However, they do have a small number of similarities, one of which is the material of their burrs. The grinding burrs in both these grinders are made from steel.

What can you expect from steel burrs? Expect unparalleled sharpness, as well as durability. You won’t need to worry about the burrs breaking anytime soon.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Another great similarity between these two grinders is their grind adjustment system. Neither would be a very useful grinder if they didn’t let you adjust the texture of your grind, so they both have an adjustment system built in.

What’s great about this adjustment design is how flexible it is. Because either grinder will let you turn the adjustment dial or knob in increments as precise as you need, you can make the most accurate adjustments possible.

Hands-Free Grinding 

Don’t want to have to stand before your grinder, holding your portafilter or grinding cup up the entire time? We can’t blame you there – you likely have tons of other things you’d rather be doing.

This is something that the manufacturers of the Ceado and Niche understood. They both come with holders that will keep your grinding receptable beneath the chute for you. Because of this, you’re free to work on other things while your grinder dispenses coffee grounds.

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Doserless Grinding

In a nutshell, these grinders will grind each dose of coffee to-order for you rather than grinding batches into a container ahead of time.

Both grinders were created to deliver you the most flavorful coffee possible by guaranteeing freshness. How?

They both have a doserless grinding design, also known as “on-demand grinding.” In a nutshell, these grinders will grind each dose of coffee to-order for you rather than grinding batches into a container ahead of time.

Because of this, you’re getting the freshest grounds time and time again. It’s a drastic improvement in flavor over those pre-ground bags of coffee you can get at the grocery store.


Burr Size

Now that we’re on to the differences, you’ll see what we meant when we said that these grinders are more different than alike. The first example we have is their burr size.

You won’t usually find small burrs in a commercial-scale grinder. That’s because the size of the burrs correlates with the grinder’s speed. Larger burrs can grind coffee beans more quickly.

It’s easy to see why, then, the Ceado E37S’s 83mm burrs are more suitable for a coffee shop setting than the Niche Zero’s 63mm ones. The Ceado’s burrs are exactly 20mm larger, which is approximately a 30% difference.

That’s not to say the Niche Zero’s burrs are small – they’re not. In fact, for a home coffee grinder, its burrs are very generously sized. It will have no problem keeping up with your household’s demand for freshly ground coffee.

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Burr Shape

In addition to the size, the burr shape is also a key difference between the E37S and Zero. There are two types of burr shapes on the market: conical and flat.

The Ceado E37S has flat burrs. That means the grounds it produces will have coffee granules that are all the exact same size. This leads to a sweet and chocolatey flavor in your cup.

On the flipside, the Niche Zero has conical burrs. Conical burrs are known for their production of differently sized coffee particles that create a fruity flavor. Some also feel that conical burrs are less noisy than flat ones.

Hopper Capacity 

The hopper design for either grinder is completely different from each other, too.

On one side, you have the Ceado E37S, which has a more traditional hopper design. Its hopper was created to hold a generous portion of coffee beans in advance, permitting it to grind for longer periods of time. To be exact, its hopper holds up 1.3 pounds of coffee beans.

The total opposite system is used by the Niche Zero. It has a single-serving hopper, which simply means it grinds all the coffee beans you pour into it. You need to measure the exact amount you need and add that amount each time you use the Niche Zero.

Ceado E37S Portafilter Holder

You can just set your portafilter on the fork and let the grinder keep it in place for you. 

If you’re an experienced barista, you’re probably used to grinding espresso directly into the center of a portafilter. This can make it a little easier to evenly pack the grounds in.

The Niche Zero isn’t designed to grind into a portafilter. Instead, you dispense your grounds into a cup that sits on a shelf beneath the chute.

The Ceado E37S, however, has a convenient portafilter holder on the front. You can just set your portafilter on the fork and let the grinder keep it in place for you.

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Niche Zero Wooden Accents 

Many appliances these days have a coldly mechanical look to them. They’re covered in stainless steel or matte plastic that lacks any real personality.

That’s where the Niche Zero truly differs from its competitors. Instead of sticking to the chilly, modern look that you find everywhere, it has a totally unique warm appeal coming from its wood accents.

Those wood accents are also made from real wood. They don’t just look good – they feel good to the touch.

Ceado E37S Touchscreen Operation 

One of the best things about using the Ceado E37S is how natural it feels to operate it. A large part of that ease of use comes from its touchscreen, which will make tech-savvy baristas feel as comfortable as using their own phones.

Another benefit to the touchscreen is how much it does to clean up the aesthetic of the grinder. Instead of being peppered with buttons and switches, it has this one sleek touchscreen for control.

Niche Zero Direct Grind Path 

Grind retention is the bane of many a barista’s existence. Retention refers to how some coffee grounds will be left behind in your grinder after each use.

If it doesn’t sound bad initially, let’s look at what negative side effects it has. First, it makes your dosing inconsistent if you have a single-serve hopper that you add beans into each time, since some of your grounds get left behind. Second, those grounds lingering in your grinder will get stale, then get mixed into your fresh grounds later.

The Niche Zero was created to stop this from happening. It has a direct grind path that puts your burrs almost directly over the grind cup, eliminating places for the grounds to get caught.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear Adjustment Knob 

Using the Ceado E37S simply feels good. Another quality that keeps it feeling effortless to control is the worm gear adjustment knob that sticks off the front panel.

It’s easy to reach and see. No more having to fiddle with tiny adjustment collars because you can just quickly turn the knob on this Ceado.

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Niche Zero Total Cord Storage 

If you’ve ever moved an appliance, you probably know what it’s like to trip over a cord or struggle to wrap it up out of your way. This is a non-issue with the Niche Zero.

Instead of simply having a cord that dangles off the back, the Niche Zero has a built-in cord compartment. The entire cord can be retracted into the machine, keeping it out of your way whenever you need to clean or transport it.

Ceado E37S Shot Counter 

Running any business well will require you to understand what your expenses are. If your business sells coffee and espresso-based drinks to customers, you’ll want to know how much coffee you use on a regular basis.

That’s what the E37S has a shot counter for. You can use this espresso grinder to keep tabs on how much espresso you’re using, and therefore calculate your espresso expenses.

Niche Zero Quiet Operation

The Niche Zero was created to be extra-quiet. Feel free to make that fresh batch of coffee in the morning – you won’t wake up the entire house when you do. 

You probably wouldn’t want to use your grinder very often if it made an absolutely thunderous sound every time you did. This even truer in homes, where you need to take into account the comfort of your family.

Fortunately, the Niche Zero was created to be extra-quiet. Feel free to make that fresh batch of coffee in the morning – you won’t wake up the entire house when you do.

Ceado E37S Steady Lock Grinding

In a business setting, you’re more likely to be using your grinder nonstop. The problem with this is that the fineness setting of your grinder can shift slowly during periods of extended use. This requires you to know when and how to recalibrate your grinder’s fineness for uninterrupted quality.

It’s a problem the Ceado E37S eliminates. Its steady lock grind feature will lock the burrs firmly into place after you choose your setting, rendering recalibrations unnecessary.

Pricing Information 

You’re probably wondering what the prices of these grinders are, since that’s often a huge consideration for people.

First, we’d like to say that Majesty Coffee has a selection of Ceado grinders in our store for the best prices online. Our Ceado E37S is in the store for $1,700.

We do not currently have the Niche Zero in our store. Be sure to check online to see where and if it is being sold at this point in time.

Which Grinder is Right for You? 

It’s clear that the Ceado E37S and Niche Zero were created with different intentions in mind. For that reason, deciding which one is right for you is a fairly simple matter.

The Niche Zero was designed as a high-end home grinder. It’s not suitable for use in a commercial setting, such as a café or hotel.

You should get the Niche Zero, then, if you’re looking for a luxurious home coffee grinder with a unique look. Its powerful burrs, quiet grinding, and rustic aesthetic make it perfect for home baristas.

But if you want a grinder with a little more commercial power, the Ceado E37S is the superior choice. It has larger burrs, a steady lock grind system, and a speedy grinding capability that would be right at home in a small coffee shop or an experienced barista’s home kitchen.

You can learn more about the Ceado E37S by clicking the following link:

Ceado E37S 

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