Ceado E37S vs Mazzer Super Jolly

Are you trying to decide whether you should buy the Ceado E37S or the Mazzer Super Jolly? In a home environment, either grinder would serve you well.

But is either one of them truly better than the other for you? We’ll answer that question by diving into the following subjects:

  • Qualities both the Ceado and Mazzer have.
  • Differences between these two grinders.
  • Pricing information.
  • Our suggestion on how to decide between them.

Let’s jump in.

Quick Summary 

Ceado E37S

 Ceado E37S

Are you short on space in your business or home? You don’t necessarily need to give up on your goal of having a quality espresso grinder with options like the Ceado E37S. Its compact size, huge burrs, and powerful motor make it a viable option for prosumers and small coffee shops alike.

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Mazzer Super Jolly

 Mazzer Super Jolly

What if you’re on the lookout for something a little more affordable than the Ceado? The Mazzer Super Jolly could be perfect for you. It has a precise stepless grind adjustment system and large capacity hopper that are perfect for small business and home baristas.

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Flat Burrs 

Any discussion about coffee and espresso grinders should mention burrs at least once. That’s why we’re starting our comparison off with a section regarding the burrs in the E37S and Super Jolly.

These grinders have flat burrs. That means they create perfectly homogeneous coffee granules for a balanced extraction time and time again. Discerning coffee drinkers might even notice the full-bodied flavor as a result of the quality burrs in the Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly.

Metal Burrs 

The Ceado and Mazzer have another burr quality in common aside from size: their material. Both sets of burrs in question are made from steel.

Compared to ceramic burrs, steels ones are extraordinarily sharp and tough. They’ll have the strength to effortlessly tear through your coffee beans for years to come.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Are you a skilled barista with a lot of espresso experience? If so, you’d probably want your grinder to give you as much control over the process as possible. That includes the ability to completely adjust the fineness of the grind whenever necessary.

The Ceado and Mazzer will both give you that total control over the grind. Their stepless grind adjustment systems allow you to twist the dial or turn the knob to any point on the grind spectrum without being limited to preset notches.

Multiple Color Options 

The color of an espresso grinder might seem unimportant at first. But before you write it off, consider what your guests and customers are doing the first time they step through your door.

They’re looking around, taking in the sights of your home or business. For customers, the way your establishment looks can actually be part of their decision to ever return.

Tying your aesthetic together can be important. These grinders will help you achieve that goal, since they’re both sold in two different colors.

We should clarify that the specific colors either one is available in differ. You can get the Ceado in black or white and the Mazzer in black or silver.

Portafilter Holder

You’ve got better things to do than hold a portafilter up beneath your grinder’s chute every time you use it. Ceado and Mazzer took this into consideration when they designed these grinders.

Both have a dedicated portafilter holder on the front. When you’re ready to grind a shot, just set your portafilter on the holder. Your grinder will keep it firmly in place the entire time, letting you work on other tasks.

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Hopper Size 

What if your grinder had such a small hopper that you had to stop and refill it every few minutes during continuous use? You probably wouldn’t enjoy using it, and it would be virtually worthless in a busy commercial setting.

That’s why you need to look at hopper size when considering an espresso grinder. In this aspect, the Mazzer clearly has the larger hopper, with a capacity of approximately 2.7 pounds. On the other hand, the Ceado’s hopper has a capacity of 1.3 pounds.

In a situation where you need to grind continuously, that means the Mazzer could grind for around twice as long as the Ceado. That could be a game changer in a coffee shop environment, although it may not matter as much for home users.

Doser vs Doserless Grinding 

The Mazzer is a doser grinder while the Ceado is a doserless one. If you’re wondering what that means, we’ll explain.

On a doser grinder like the Mazzer, your coffee grounds aren’t dispensed directly into your basket. Instead, they get dispensed into an attached container. You dose grounds from this container as you need them.

The Ceado doesn’t have this attached container. Instead, it drops freshly ground coffee directly into your portafilter.

In a busy setting, the Mazzer’s doser setup could be ideal. It essentially allows you to have some coffee ground in advance. However, keep in mind that coffee goes stale quickly, so you need to use those grounds fast to get the most out of your doser grinder.

Motor Power 

The power of an espresso grinder’s motor can also be critical. Stronger motors make it so the grinder in question can more effortlessly chew through coffee beans and produce fluffy grinds.

Motor power is where the Ceado E37S shines in this comparison. Its motor is 500 watts, which is 150 watts more than the Mazzer’s.

This is one aspect that contributes to the Ceado’s impressive grinding speed. We’ll explain more below.

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Grinding Speed 

If you’ve got a line of customers at your counter or a bunch of guests to serve at home, what you’re worried about is how fast your grinder is. You wouldn’t want one that makes it even longer to prepare every drink.

The Ceado easily outpaces the Mazzer in this regard. It can grind up to 5 grams of coffee per second, while the Mazzer Super Jolly can grind up to 1.5 grams per second.

To put that into perspective, the average shot of espresso is around 7 grams. It would take only a couple seconds for the Ceado E37S to have a shot ready to extract.

Burr Size 

As we mentioned earlier on in this comparison, motor power is one of the reasons why the Ceado E37S is such a speedy grinder. Another reason the Ceado is so quick, though, is that it has extremely large burrs.

At 83mm, the Ceado E37S’s burrs have plenty of surface area to rapidly crush coffee beans. They are almost exactly 20mm larger than the Mazzer Super Jolly’s 64mm burrs.

We should be clear that the Mazzer’s burrs aren’t necessarily small. In fact, they are quite generously sized, especially for a home kitchen setting. However, the Ceado’s are just that much larger, which makes it an excellent grinder for small coffee shops or restaurants.


With an increased hopper capacity comes a greater height, and nowhere is this clearer than with the Mazzer Super Jolly. While the Ceado E37S only stands at around 17 inches tall, the Mazzer Super Jolly is almost exactly two feet tall.

An espresso grinder that tall may be hard to fit underneath a cabinet or shelf. If you find it too large, though, it is compatible with a mini hopper that brings its height down to 17 inches.

Ceado E37S Worm Gear 

We’ve established that both these grinders have a stepless grind adjustment system. The way that stepless grind adjustment system is accessed, however, varies between them.

We think the Ceado’s method, the worm gear knob, will likely feel easier. Instead of turning a collar embedded in the grinder around the base of the hopper, users can just reach out and twist the knob on the front. It’s right there, in a place that’s easy to access.

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Pricing Considerations 

At Majesty Coffee, we want to ensure we have the best prices online for the best coffee and espresso equipment.

That’s why our Ceado E37S is $1,700 and our Mazzer Super Jolly is $795.

Which One Should You Buy? 

No matter which one you choose, it’s true that both the Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly will provide you an excellent grinding experience. With that in mind, it’s also true that they each have their own benefits to offer you.

For instance, consider the cost. If you want a significantly more affordable grinder, the Mazzer will be the right pick for you because it is less than half the cost of the Ceado.

What if you want a fast grinder that can handle lines of customer orders? Then the Ceado E37S will be better, because it’s much faster than the Mazzer in this comparison.

That’s why our suggestion is the following:

Get the Ceado E37S if you need a fast, reliable grinder for a small coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel.

The Mazzer Super Jolly is a great pick for homes and some small businesses on a budget. 

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