Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine RE501A3C12

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Color: Copper

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The Rocket Apartamento comes out of the box standard with...

  • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double spout).
  • Stainless steel backflush disk.
  • Full Color User Manual.
  • Brush
  • Plastic Coffee Scoop.
  • Metal Tamper.
  • 1-Year Warranty.

But as a Majesty Coffee Customer, you'll also get...

  • 5 LB of Black Pearl Espresso Beans: That's right, 5 pounds of beans so you can get brewing right away.
  • URNEX Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder To help maintain your machine and keep and your espresso tasting great.
  • 2 LF Barista Steaming Pitchers.
  • 2-Year Warranty Upgrade (3-Years Total): Buy with confidence knowing that your parts and labor warranty lasts THREE years instead of one.

Who Should Buy The Rocket Appartamento? 

Home Baristas

Not sure if you have the room for an espresso machine? The compact Rocket Appartamento is for coffee connoisseurs working in small kitchen spaces.

Consciously designed to be a high-performance home espresso machine with a good deal of steam power and automatic pre-infusion, the Appartamento makes one outstanding espresso drink after another. 

But there’s far more to it than that. The Appartamento was also designed to be admired with a sleek, durable 304 stainless steel casing, elegant details, and beautiful Copper or White circular side panel cutouts.

A classy espresso machine like the Appartamento will bring you joy every time you see it sparkling on your kitchen counter.


Power, beauty, and distinction—the Appartamento has it all.

The semiautomatic Rocket Appartamento is for the prosumer who wants the whole package. Stylish, professional, and compact, it’s built to deliver authentic cafe quality with a small countertop footprint.

Featuring a copper heat exchange boiler and a commercial E-61 group with automatic pre-infusion for luscious espresso shots, the Appartamento makes it easy to craft lattes and Americanos like a certified expert barista.

The Appartamento is quality inside and out.

Every detail of this space-saving but highly capable espresso machine contributes to its remarkable design.

Built with commercial espresso coffee machine parts, a fine 304 stainless steel housing, and snazzy cutout side panels, the Appartamento pays homage to espresso as an art and a science. 

You can proudly display this machine in your kitchen, office, or business for all to appreciate.

Rocket espresso machine engineers are meticulously detail-oriented.

What makes Rocket machines extraordinary is that they get everything right, down to the smallest feature.

Every Rocket Appartamento is built with the same painstaking attention to functionality and style that the company is famous for.

Key Features and What They Mean

1.8 Liter Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

The efficient heat exchange boiler system allows users to pull an espresso shot and steam milk at the same time. Made of copper, the boiler is naturally antimicrobial, improving sanitation.

304 Stainless Steel Case with Circular Side Panel Inserts

The high-grade stainless steel housing makes the Appartamento exceptionally durable and easy to polish to a mirror shine. The side panel inserts in Copper or White add a unique aesthetic element that gives the machine an original style.

E-61 Commercial Group

Incorporating brew temperature stability and automated pre-infusion, this commercial-grade group ensures optimal flavor in every espresso.

Black Boiler Pressure Gauge

Displaying the pressure in the boiler, this gauge shows you when the machine is ready for brewing and steaming so you don’t have to guess after turning it on in the morning.

Non-Compression Hot Water and Steam Valves

Providing smooth and seamless steaming, the non-compression valves up the user-friendliness of the Appartamento and are less costly to replace if ever necessary.

No-Burn Hot Water and Steam Wands

These wands stay cool to the touch to reduce the risk of accidental hand and arm burns. Safer to use, the steam wand is also easier to clean as milk won’t cake onto it.

2 Hole Steam Tip

The steam tip on the Appartamento steam wand distributes heat evenly and circulates the milk while you’re texting for gorgeous microfoam.

2.25 Liter Water Tank

A large water tank is easily accessed for quick refilling and cuts down on time spent replenishing the reservoir. As a pour-over model, the Appartamento is usable in any location, indoors or outdoors.

Resettable High Limit

You can easily reset the high limit for the boiler in the event that the power is cut off.


The pressurestat controls the boiler pressure inside the machine to keep operation safe at all times.

Cup Warmer with Removable Plastic Cup Guard

Keeping coffee cups oh-so-toasty, the cup warmer is both a convenient cup storage spot and a preheating device so that your hot drinks stay hot longer. Cups are kept from sliding off by a removable cup guard that can be taken out for cleaning or to create more room overhead.

Vibratory Pump

The vibratory pump creates steady pressure for extraction and great quality coffee. This pump is affordable and painless to replace in case it ever fizzles out.

Low Water Sensor

When the water level starts to drop, the machine alerts you with a flashing light so that you know to refill it without even having to check the reservoir.

Standard Accessories Included

The Rocket Appartamento comes out of the box standard with…

Rocket Metal Tamper

The slick metal tamper that comes with the Appartamento will have you tamping like a barista champion in no time. 

It helps to create the right amount of pressure for a proper extraction process and looks great as an accompaniment to the beautiful Appartamento itself.

Two 58mm Commercial Portafilters

Delivered with this machine are one single and one double commercial-grade portafilter just like the pros use.

Switch between single and double shot portafilters for different drink sizes and beverage preferences.

Stainless Steel Backflush Disk

The blind portafilter basket is integral for cleaning the machine. Just pop it into a portafilter with a little machine cleaner and then into the group to start backflushing.

Cleaning Brush

Coffee residues often hide in hard-to-reach places in the group head. Using the cleaning brush to get them out makes it easier to keep the Appartamento in like-new condition.

Plastic Coffee Scoop

It’s the small things like coffee scoops that are often forgotten about when purchasing coffee equipment. Fortunately, Rocket doesn’t miss a beat.

User Manual

The full-color user manual walks you through everything you need to know to use and care for your espresso machine.


3 (Three) Year Warranty

 We're proud to offer three years of parts and labor support for every Rocket machine purchase.


Appartamento Features & Specifications

Model Rocket Appartamento Copper Espresso Machine
Manufacturer Rocket Espresso Milano
Best Use Home
Approvals ETL \ CE
Automation Semi-Automatic
Boiler Non Insulated copper boiler (1.8 liter)
Cup Size Traditional Cup
Groups 1 Group
Output Capacity 20 Espressos Per Hour
PID Temperature Controller
Plumbing Large water reservoir (2.25 liter)
Pump Vibratory pump and motor
Convenience / Functionality
Display Boiler Pressure Gauge
Drain Tray Stainless steel, holds 16 ounces of water
Hot Water Spigot 1 Stainless steel no burn hot water spigot
Steam Arms 1 Stainless steel no burn steam arm with two hole steam tip
Height 14.25 inches \ 360 mm
Width 10.50 inches \ 274 mm
Depth 17 inches \ 425 mm
Weight 45 pounds \ 20 kilograms
Amps \ Volts 15 Amps \ 110 Volts
Watts 1200 watt heater
Colors \ Options
Colors Stainless steel with Copper circular insert panels
Includes Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double). Stainless steel backflush disk. Full Color User Manual. Brush, Plastic Coffee Scoop, Metal Tamper


Warranty: Two-year parts and labor provided by this website and our distribution partner(s) when you get our FREE upgrade.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between a semiautomatic espresso machine like the Appartamento and an automatic espresso machine?

A: Being a semiautomatic machine, the Rocket Appartamento offers the user more manual control of extraction than an automatic model.

To make a shot of espresso on the Appartamento, you would place the portafilter in the group head (filled with tamped coffee) and pull the lever to begin brewing. When you feel that the espresso is finished brewing, you push the lever back into the original “off” position.

With an automatic machine, you would place the portafilter in the group head and push a dosing button once. This prompts the machine to dispense the correct volume on its own.

Many prosumers enjoy the feel of an automatic espresso machine and working with the extraction process on a more intuitive level. Especially with the lever operation, the Appartamento gives you a more old-world type of experience that many coffee lovers romanticize.

You also have the ability to decide exactly how long you want the extraction process to last for each and every espresso. It’s a great way of putting your personal spin on the results, and you’ll feel like a pro.

Q: How does the E-61 commercial group in the Appartamento work?

A: The E-61 group is engineered to circulate water continuously from the boiler to the group head. This way, the group head stays nice and hot and better controls the brew temperature, which effectively helps you brew espresso properly for the best flavor.

The pre-infusion function of the E-61 group is automatic, meaning that you don’t have to engage it when you pull an espresso shot. When you pull the lever to begin brewing, the coffee bed is fully saturated before the pump builds full pressure.

This reduces the risk of channeling and ensures that more flavor is drawn evenly out of every coffee particle, all without you having to take any extra steps.

Q: How is a pour-over machine like the Appartamento different from a direct-connect machine?

A: When you see an espresso machine with a water tank, also called a pour-over machine, you know one thing for sure: that you can take it anywhere.

A pour-over espresso machine is usable in any location as long as you have a water supply to replenish the reservoir. This is sometimes necessary for caterers, mobile food and coffee trucks, and outdoor events. Otherwise, if you don’t have access to a water line, the Appartamento will still make your morning latte.

A direct-connect machine plumbs into a water supply. Because it offers a continuous water feed, it cuts out the tank refilling. As you might imagine, this can be particularly beneficial in a fast-paced business where employees can’t be slowed down by constant machine upkeep.

Which machine type is better for you involves a number of decision-making factors. If you decide that the pour-over type is best, the Appartamento has a large enough reservoir that you won’t need to refill too often and wear yourself (or your staff) out.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good but a bit unreliable

Makes very good coffee and is beautiful to look at but in 4 months the safety for when it gets too hot already switched the machine completely off 2 times and then you have to take it apart to be able to reach the reset button. Majesty gives full warranty but not on shipping so you have to ship it to New York yourself in order to get it fixed if it breaks.

Maureen Beck
Great Machine

Love our Rocket Apartemento machine.

John Boyko
The Best

Received my Rocket Apartmento from Majesty Coffee, Great Price, Worth the money, Fantastic Steam and Froth, Great espresso too

Robin A.
Majesty Coffee excellence

I just wanted to send a special thank you to Majesty Coffe for their excellent customer service. The first espresso machine was delivered quickly but there was a leak in the pressure guage. Majesty sent a replacement immediately after receiving notification that it was return shipped and within 24 hrs we had our new Appartmento espresso machine, which is working perfectly. Thank you Majesty Coffee!!! Five stars.

Jose Correa
Great machine for the price

Easy to use, excellent performance.