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Coffee and espresso machines are a welcome addition to any church gathering, as they offer a warm and inviting beverage for congregants to enjoy before, during, or after services. These machines can provide a sense of community and fellowship, while also offering an energy boost for those long Sunday mornings. Choosing the best coffee and espresso machines for a church is essential to accommodate the preferences and needs of the congregation while staying within budget constraints.

When it comes to finding the perfect coffee and espresso machines for a church, there are several factors to consider. These include the size of the congregation, the desired level of quality for the beverages, ease of use, and maintenance requirements. In addition, it's important to determine any particular features that may be useful, such as a large-capacity tank or the ability to brew both coffee and espresso simultaneously.

In this article, we will explore some of the top coffee and espresso machines available on the market, suited for a variety of church settings and budgets. Keep reading to discover the ideal machine that will cater to the needs and preferences of your congregation.

Best Coffee & Espresso Machines for Churches

Appia Life


appia life


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Appia Life is an excellent espresso machine for churches that need a reliable and user-friendly device. This machine has features that make coffee brewing a simple, straightforward process. The Appia Life is designed for producing high-quality espresso consistently and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for church gatherings. With programmable volumetric dosing, baristas can easily maintain consistent taste and minimize waste. Plus, the machine works well with various beans, ensuring a rich and flavorful coffee experience for all church members.

Appia Life Compact

appia life compact

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The Appia Life Compact offers a similar brewing experience as the Appia Life but in a smaller package. This machine is perfect for churches with limited space or those that require a more portable coffee solution. The Compact still provides great espresso and coffee, with adjustable settings that allow for customization of brews. Its small footprint makes it an excellent option for pour-over setups, and being able to stock different beans allows different coffee tastes to suit the congregation's preferences.

E1 Prima

E1 Prima

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E1 Prima is a versatile espresso machine that caters to a variety of coffee preferences. This machine boasts a sleek design and advanced technology, making it suitable for churches looking to invest in a modern brewing solution. The E1 Prima offers numerous features that contribute to a superior coffee experience, such as:

  • Consistent temperature control for precise brewing
  • Multiple programmable settings for customization
  • Quick heat-up time, ideal for busy church events

These features, combined with the ability to use various beans, ensure a high-quality taste with every pour.

Eversys Cameo

Eversys Cameo

The Eversys Cameo is an advanced coffee system designed for efficient and precise brewing. This machine is perfect for churches that require a high volume of coffee with minimal maintenance. It offers automatic grinding, brewing, and milk frothing, allowing baristas to create specialty drinks with ease. The machine's touchscreen interface simplifies the brewing process and provides control over variables like temperature and pressure, ensuring a consistent taste in every cup.

Eversys Shotmaster

Eversys Shotmaster

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For churches with a dedicated barista, the Eversys Shotmaster is an excellent choice. This professional espresso machine allows for a high level of control over the brewing process, resulting in exceptional coffee quality. Among its standout features are:

  • Manual steam wand for milk frothing
  • Temperature and pressure control for optimized brewing
  • Advanced extraction system for consistent taste

Like the other machines on this list, the Shotmaster works well with a variety of beans, allowing churches to offer a diverse range of brews to their congregation.

What to Consider When Buying Coffee Equipment for a Church

Congregation Size

When selecting coffee equipment for a church, it's essential to consider the size of your congregation. The number of people attending your services will determine the capacity and output of the coffee machines needed. Larger gatherings may require high-volume brewers, or even multiple machines, while smaller congregations may only need a smaller, more compact system.

Usage Frequency

The frequency of coffee usage is another important factor. If coffee is served regularly at church events, consider investing in machines with quicker brewing times to accommodate high demand. If coffee is only served occasionally, a smaller, more cost-efficient machine may suffice.


Take into account the budget allotted for coffee equipment. More expensive models may offer advanced features and higher capacities, while more affordable machines may sacrifice some bells and whistles.

Space Availability

Ensure there is enough space in your church facility to accommodate coffee equipment. Measure the intended area and select machines that fit within the dimensions. Consider storage options for coffee beans and brewing accessories. Vertical storage solutions like shelves or cupboards can help save space in smaller facilities.

Ease of Use

The coffee equipment should be straightforward and easy to use for volunteers, staff, or church members. Avoid overly complex machines that may discourage people from using them. Simple pour-over options or machines with intuitive controls will facilitate better user experience.

Brewing Method

Decide on the desired brewing method for your church, such as espresso, pour-overs, or drip. Each method offers a different flavor profile, intensity, and experience. For example, an espresso machine would appeal to those who prefer a bold, robust taste. Offering multiple methods may cater to various preferences within the congregation.

Durability and Reliability

Invest in durable and reliable machines to avoid constant repairs or replacements. Research different brands, and read customer reviews or seek recommendations from other churches that have successfully implemented coffee services. Maintenance and Cleaning

Choose coffee equipment that's easy to maintain and clean. Regular cleaning is essential for optimal function and taste. Machines with easily accessible components and clear maintenance instructions will make this process more manageable.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient machines contribute to lower operating costs and a smaller environmental impact. Look for machines with energy-saving features, such as automatic shut-off or temperature control.

Accessories and Extras

Consider additional accessories and extras, such as grinders, water filters, and thermal servers, that may enhance the coffee experience at your church.

Local Support

Having access to local support, like customer service and technicians, can make maintenance and repairs more convenient.

Future Scalability

Choose coffee equipment with scalability in mind, especially if your congregation is growing. Opt for machines that can accommodate increased capacity without needing immediate replacement.

Safety Features

Ensure the coffee equipment has safety features such as automatic shut-off or temperature control to prevent accidents and burns.

Aesthetic Appeal

Select machines that complement the aesthetics of your church facility. Coffee equipment can serve as a functional and visually appealing addition to your space.

Feedback and Input

Gather feedback from your congregation regarding their coffee preferences and needs. This information will help you narrow down and prioritize the features necessary for your church's coffee equipment.


Coffee at church
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