WMF 5000 S+ Super Automatic Coffee Machine

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Style: DynamicMilk AutoClean FFC 2 Coffee 1 Powder

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WMF 5000 S+ Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Excellent coffee indulgence, effortless in any environment.

The WMF 5000 S+ represents a feat of modern engineering and su- preme design with the power and agility to accommodate customers in high-capacity, fast-paced venues. Ideal for environments with an average daily requirement of 200 cups per day, this machine makes premium coffee, fast. All this is made possible by the machine’s robust design, high grade components and cutting-edge features.

200 Cups per Day Output

Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 200 cups, the WMF 5000 S+ makes premium coffee specialties fast. With the WMF 5000 S+, you can be confident everyone will be served promptly, even in high-volume situations.

Heavy-duty brewer

The heavy-duty, stainless-steel brewer with hardwearing components to guarantee high performance and maximum reliability. Its design features a robust, die-forged frame and a fine sieve for preparing finer recipes, while its 19g capacity brews larger batches in a single step.

Dynamic Coffee Assist

Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based coffee beverages offered by the WMF 5000 S+. Once beverage quality has been set, this unprecedented system continuously monitors the brewing flow, making automatic adjustments to the grind- ing degree or to the coffee quantity as necessary. This way, brewing time, extraction and value remain constant, so you know your customers will enjoy consistently excellent coffee.

Dynamic Milk Assist

Innovative Dynamic Milk Assist technology ensures the constant high quality of all milk drinks. Using state-of-theart sensors, it continuously monitors the temperature in the cooler and the milk flow in the machine. Based on these values, it regulates factors like the pump speed to create perfect milk foam of the pre-selected consistency. In addition, Dynamic Milk Assist can also detect when the milk level is empty, even in bag-in-box systems.

WMF AutoClean

The WMF AutoClean eliminates the need for manual cleaning of the milk and coffee system. Cleaning solutions and tablets are stored in the machine and dosed automatically; the cleaning granulate only need to be replaced once every 60 cleaning cycles. After the cleaning cycle has been configured - a simple process that only needs to be done once - the machine will clean itself automatically at the preset time, with no manual intervention. When cleaning is complete, the machine is instantly ready for use again.

10” colour touch display

The 10” color touch display is built with an intuitive design and easy to navigate touch and swipe menus. The color scheme, background images and button layouts of the menus are fully customizable to complement your branding. The display can also be used to show videos and advertising to your guests so you can capture their attention and showcase promotional offers.

2-milk solution

Thanks to the optional 2-milk solution, you can offer two different types of milk, for example giving your customers the choice of low-fat, soya or low-in-lactose milk. The automatic switch valve function ensures the two milk types do not come into contact with each other, and only the selected milk type is used to prepare the beverage.

Automatic height-adjustable spout

The spout on the WMF 5000 S+ automatically adjusts to the optimal height for each beverage selected, depending on the preset value for each recipe. So beverage temperature remains perfect, and unsightly splashes of milk on the housing are a thing of the past.

Fresh Filtered Coffee

With WMF's innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee option, for the first time you can serve fine coffee specialities and delicious fresh filtered coffee from a single machine! Thanks to our new filter capsule system, each cup is freshly brewed from aromatic coffee beans and then smoothly filtered to remove sediment and oils. Because the system ensures a constant temperature and volume, every cup of filtered coffee is as wonderfully flavourful and fresh as the last.

Chilled Coffee (optional)

This innovative option lets you serve beverages made with chilled coffee. By passing freshly brewed hot coffee through a heat exchanger to cool it down, it provides a rapid solution for preparing delicious iced coffee and other drinks, keeping the ice or ice cream deliciously frozen longer.


The WMF 5000 S+ comes standard with the WMF SmartRemote web-based solution. Users simply scan the QR code on the coffee machine’s display and easily place their beverage order through their mobile device. After an order has been completed, the QR code is automatically regenerated so that the next customer can place a contactless order. The machine can also continue to be operated in the usual way via the machine display.


WMF CoffeeConnect is our pioneering digital cloud platform. It transforms the potential of your WMF coffee machine and any other connected machines, giving them the ability to provide valuable data and receive instructions remotely. By collecting, analyzing and processing information on sales, operation, consumption and maintenance, WMF CoffeeConnect gives you the power to optimize processes and reduce service costs.


Recommended daily / max. hourly output*

Up to 200 cups

Nominal output / Power supply

220 v / 30 amps

Cold milk beverages

Easy Milk / Dynamic Milk

Cold milk foam beverages

Dynamic Milk

Coffee bean hopper

Right and left approx. 2.43 lbs, central approx. 1.54 lbs

Choc or topping hopper (optional)

Approx. 4.40 lbs

External dimensions (width / height** / depth)

12.8” x 32.2” x 23.2”

Water supply

Fixed water supply (3/8” connection)

Empty weight

Approx. 37 kg

Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)***

< 70 dB(A)





Brochure Dynamic Milk

Brochure Easy Milk 

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