Does Keurig Make Espresso

Are you looking into getting an espresso maker and wondering if Keurigs are capable of brewing espresso? Let’s dive right in…

Does Keurig Make Espresso?

Keurig makes espresso blends; however, a Keurig machine does not produce enough pressure to create cafe-quality espresso. The result will resemble a stronger version of drip coffee as the process used by Keurig is simply creating a concentrated pour over.

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Which Keurig Machines Make Espresso?

The Keurig K-Cafe line makes “espresso” with pods. Then you can use a frothing attachment to create hot foamy milk. In reality, it’s more akin to a cup of coffee with frothed milk on top. This is also known as a cafe-au-lait. Keurig machines offer a style more similar to drip coffee or a pour over as they do not generate enough pressure to extract espresso.

Does Keurig Sell Espresso Pods?

Yes, Keurig sells a variety of “espresso” pods in different roasts and flavors. These pods will not create true espresso on a Keurig machine, as the machine does not generate enough pressure. The result will more closely resemble a strong cup of drip coffee.

How to Make Espresso in a Keurig

Allow the machine to heat up, place your pod in and lock in place, and select your desired beverage or shot option. The machine is automatic so it will take care of the rest. After, you may use the frothing feature to create your steamed milk.

Is Keurig the Best Options for Brewing Espresso Coffee?

It depends on your needs. However, Keurig cannot make true espresso. A semi-automatic or super-automatic espresso machine is recommended for better quality espresso at home. If you enjoy a nice cafe-au-lait or coffee with milk, this may be the machine for you.

That’s the general overview of brewing espresso on a Keurig.

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