Compak K3 vs E5

We know Compak espresso grinders can hold their own against many other brands. But how do they compare against each other? Is there one Compak that’s better than all the others?

We’ll examine these questions by putting the Compak K3 vs E5 in a head-to-head comparison. By the end of this guide, you’ll know about the following topics:

  • What these Compak grinders have in common.
  • Which features make them different from each other.
  • The prices of both grinders.
  • How to decide which one is better for you specifically.

Let’s dive right in.

Quick Summary


Compak K3

 Compak K3

With the Compak K3, you’re getting the kind of flexibility that makes it wonderful for beginners and experts alike. Use the programmable timed doses if you’re new to grinding or use the continuous grind mode if you have the expertise to time your grind yourself. This grinder would work best in a home with a high-end espresso and coffee nook.

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Compak E5


The Compak E5 steps up the power. It has an amazingly strong 650-watt motor that allows it to power through coffee beans like they’re nothing. It also has a gorgeous touchscreen that gives it some much-needed modern appeal. We’d recommend it for home baristas and small coffee shops.

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Flat Burrs

Both the Compak grinders in this comparison have flat grinding burrs. These are discs with a bladed edge that rest on top of each other.

Coffee beans are ground between these horizontally resting discs. The result of the burrs’ shape is an extremely uniform grind fineness that leads to a sweet flavor.

The alternative burr shape, conical, creates bimodal particles, or coffee grounds of two different sizes. This leads to zesty and fruity flavors.

In conclusion, if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll love the way coffee produced by the Compak K3 and E5 tastes.

Burr Size

Aside from the burrs’ shape, their size is also crucial. The burrs in the K3 and E5 are exactly the same size: 58 millimeters.

So, why does burr size matter? Basically, larger burrs don’t have to turn as often to grind the same amount of coffee beans. That means that less heat from friction is produced, keeping your beans safe from burns.

The K3’s and E5’s burrs aren’t the largest you’ll find, but their size is more than sufficient. Either one can grind coffee beans fairly quickly.

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Stepless Grind Adjustment

If you have a little expertise when it comes to espresso, you’ll adore the degree of control that stepless grinders like the K3 and E5 give you.

Let’s compare them to the alternative, stepped grinders. On a stepped grinder, you have only the fineness settings programmed by the manufacturer to choose. While this does make grinding easier for beginners, it severely limits the precision of your adjustments.

Stepless grinders instead offer you a whole sliding scale of fineness settings to select. With the K3 and E5, all you’ll need to do is turn the adjustment collar located just below the hopper to fine-tune your grind texture.

Color Options

The look of an espresso grinder might not matter to you personally. For some people, however, appearances are truly important, especially when they’ve spent time and money cultivating an atmosphere in their home or business.

Those who want an espresso grinder with a specific look will be pleased to learn that either the K3 or the E5 come in three different colors. The particular colors either one is available in vary, though.

If you choose the E5, you’ll be able to purchase it in black, white, or polished aluminum versions. Grab the K3, on the other hand, and you’ll have the options of black, red, or polished aluminum.

Hopper Capacity

When you’re hurrying to make a few espresso drinks in a row, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by your grinder’s hopper needing a refill. That’s why the size of your grinder’s hopper matters.

In this aspect, these Compak grinders are pretty much the same. They both have hoppers that hold a little over half a pound.

This is a very petite size for an espresso grinder. For that reason, neither would necessarily be a good fit for a large business unless you perhaps had multiples. You’d probably find yourself needing to refill them often in long rushes.

The pro of a smaller hopper, though, is that the height of the grinder is consequently shorter. You’ll have an easier time fitting either the K3 or the E5 underneath cabinets.

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Adjustable Portafilter Holder

You could be providing drinks to customers or just making them for yourself, and chances are, you still wouldn’t always want to make the same beverage sizes every time. Because of the variety of drink sizes out there today, you may find yourself using portafilters of different sizes based on your needs at the time.

If you’re going to be switching up the portafilter size, you’ll get a lot of use out of these Compaks’ adjustable portafilter holders. On either grinder, you can make tweaks to the portafilter forks so they can accommodate baskets of various sizes.


Motor Power

One aspect to check out in any prospective grinder is the motor power. A higher wattage can lead to a quicker grinder, which is important if you’re going to be grinding nonstop.

If what you’re looking for, then, is the stronger grinder, you’ll prefer the Compak E5. Its motor is 650 watts, whereas the Compak K3’s is 210 watts.

Put them next to each other, and you’d probably notice that the E5 can grind more easily as a result.

Compak E5 LCD Touchscreen

Another thing the Compak E5 has that gives it the upper hand is a touchscreen built right in. This pares down the look of the grinder, simplifying it into something unmistakably modern.

Furthermore, most settings you could adjust are accessible through the touchscreen with the exception of the grind fineness, which is adjusted through the collar on top. By putting most of your needs in one place, the Compak E5 is extra user-friendly.

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Compak K3 Easy-to-Clean Dispensing Shoot

The Compak E5 may have a gorgeous touchscreen for convenience, but the K3 has its own tools to simplify use: a dispensing shoot that’s easy to clean.

Maintenance is a fact of owning any appliance. Without regular cleaning and care, most equipment will see a dramatic decrease in their performance.

This is true with espresso grinders, too, which is what makes the dispensing shoot surprisingly useful.

Pricing Considerations

Let’s take a look now at how much either grinder would cost you, since price is usually high up on anyone’s list when they go shopping. Keep in mind that Majesty Coffee has some of the most competitive prices online for espresso grinders.

Our Compak K3 is available for $584 in black or red and $618 in polished aluminum. The Compak E5 is available for $1,057 in black or white and $1,092 in polished aluminum.

Which One Should You Choose?

Are you still unsure which grinder to choose? We’ll give you some examples of situations in which either grinder would excel so you can decide which one is more applicable to you.

Do you want a grinder that’s thoroughly modern and user-friendly? Then the Compak E5’s touchscreen will probably appeal to you. It doesn’t have a myriad of buttons to hunt for – just a simple and easy-to-navigate screen.

Again, if you’re looking for the faster grinder, you may prefer the Compak E5, as well. It has an increased motor power that will contribute to a more robust grinding experience.

There’s no reason why you can’t also consider appearances. Since the Compak E5 and K3 have colors that the other does not, you may want to choose either one depending on what your decorating preferences are. Grab the Compak E5 if you want a white espresso grinder and the K3 if you want a red one.

Of course, the cost is important, too. At roughly half the cost of the E5, the K3 is likely the best choice for you if you need the most inexpensive grinder possible.

Here’s our overall recommendation:

Small coffee shops or homes with high-end coffee corners should choose the Compak E5. It has a much more powerful motor and touchscreen controls.

You should pick the Compak K3, though, if you need the most economical option or you want a red espresso grinder.

You can dig a little deeper into either of the grinders with these links:

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