Compak E8 vs F8

Searching for a high-end grinder packed full of user-friendly and cutting-edge features? Compak is a grinder manufacturer that’s well worth your consideration, then.

To demonstrate how quality their models are, we’ll be comparing two of their best models: the Compak E8 vs F8. We’ll take a close look at the ins and outs of both, including these topics:

  • Key features that both grinders have.
  • Which qualities set the grinders apart from each other.
  • Information regarding the prices.
  • How to decide which one is more suitable for you.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary


Compak E8


One of the recent additions to Compak’s Essential On Demand line, the Compak E8 is brimming with useful upgrades. As an illustration, consider its extra-large burrs and electronic cooling fan that allows it to grind all day. This could be the grinder for you if you’re a medium to large coffee shop or restaurant that needs a grinder that can go all day long.

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Compak F8


Chic and refined in appearance, the Compak F8 is a grinder that will undoubtedly wow your customers. Plus, it gives you the ability to grind with the utmost accuracy, thanks to its stepless grind system. Just like the Compak E8, the F8 would work well in large commercial settings that serve specialty espresso-based drinks.

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Flat Burrs 

Perhaps the most important similarity between these two Compak grinders is their burr type. Both use flat burrs as opposed to conical ones, which will offer you a few key benefits.

For one thing, flat burrs are wonderful in terms of consistency. They constantly create coffee particles that are all the same size, and that leads to a richer flavor in the cup at the end.

It’s true that flat burrs can get a little bit hotter than conical burrs, but flat burrs are still often the choice in many commercial grinders.

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Large Burrs 

The shape of the burrs, while impactful, isn’t the only quality that matters. Their size is arguably equally important, as large burrs can grind more quickly than small ones.

Both the Compak E8 and F8 have 83-millimeter burrs. That’s a generous size, granting either grinder the ability to rapidly produce shots of espresso.

With either Compak on your business’s counter, you can rest assured your customers won’t have to wait long before they’ve got their freshly made drink.

Adjustable Portafilter Fork

If you look at the front panels of the E8 and F8, you’ll notice they both have one thing in common: portafilter forks. These portafilter forks serve a basic function, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

When you need to grind a shot of espresso, just set your portafilter on the fork. The grinder will safely hold the portafilters in place for you so your hands are free and you can attend to other tasks.

Additionally, the portafilter holders are adjustable on either grinder. This means you can tweak them to accommodate portafilters of just about any size – a vital quality if you’re going to offer drinks of various sizes to your clientele.

Burr Replacement Warning 

As we mentioned above, burrs are critical to your espresso grinder. A grinder with low-quality burrs is one you won’t get a lot of use out of.

This includes burrs that are worn-down from lengthy use. You need to make sure you replace your grinder’s burrs when they’re old, and these Compak grinders can help you with that.

As soon as your burrs need replacement, warnings will come up letting you know. On the Compak F8, you can even configure the specific notification that comes up to your preferences.

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On-Demand Grinding

There are some grinders that produce large batches of coffee by grinding into containers. Over time, you take what you need from the container, only grinding more when your supply runs out.

At first, this may sound convenient, but there is a major drawback to the design: your coffee will quickly become stale after being ground. Because of this, you’ll need to use the batch quickly or risk having to toss out any stale leftovers.

These Compak grinders eschew such a design. Instead, they have an on-demand grinding system that allows you to grind the exact amount of coffee necessary whenever you need espresso. The result is less waste and no pressure from having to use up batches quickly.

Stepless Grind Adjustment 

Accuracy is another aspect the grinders specialize in. That’s due to their stepless grind adjustment systems that grant you a whole range of fineness settings to select rather than limiting you to pre-set notches.

No matter which type of coffee you have, you can likely find the perfect grind texture for it using these Compak grinders. You can also make extremely precise adjustments whenever necessary.


Motor Power 

It’s true that the Compak E8 and F8 have a lot in common, but there’s also a lot that’s different between them, too. Our first example of such a difference is their motor power.

The wattage of your grinder’s motor has an impact on how quickly it can grind. In this case, the Compak F8 has the stronger motor at 860 watts.

However, the Compak E8’s motor is a far cry from weak. At 730 watts, it’s still significantly more powerful than many other espresso grinders on the market today.

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Color Options

Does your business have a particular color or decorating scheme? Do you want appliances that promote and accentuate your décor?

Then you’ll appreciate the flexibility of the F8’s design. Unlike the E8, it’s available in two different colors, black and polished aluminum.

It won’t influence your ability to grind, but it may just help you make the perfect first impression on customers walking into your business for the first time.

Compak F8 Password-Protected Settings

Although you want to encourage your new hires to grow their skills, you also want to protect your business and its products from any dips in quality at the same time. This means you probably don’t want just anyone messing with your grinder settings until they have more experience.

Fortunately, you can protect your settings on the Compak F8. The grinder allows you to set a password to access certain settings, keeping out anyone you feel isn’t ready for that access yet.

Compak E8 Electronic Fan

Grinders that are going to be used nonstop all day are at an increased risk of overheating. Not only does this potentially damage the grinder itself, but it can tarnish the flavor of your coffee beans as they get burnt by the rising temperatures.

The E8 can prevent this from occurring. It has an electronic fan that works to keep your grinder nice and cool, protecting the appliance and your coffee’s flavor.

Compak F8 Customizable Promotional Messages

Having sales and promotions is an excellent way to get new customers in the door. One method of notifying your customers of such promotions is by having your baristas verbally mention them to customers at the register.

With the Compak F8, you can ensure new and old employees alike will never forget to mention promotions. You can program promotional messages to come up on the grinder’s screen, reminding your employees to discuss them with customers.

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Compak E8 Barista Lights

It is absolutely vital that baristas be capable of carefully monitoring your espresso at every stage of drink creation. Without ample lighting, they may miss many visual cues that tell them your espresso has problems, such as improper texture and color.

The Compak E8 empowers your baristas to keep an eye on every single shot of espresso they make. It has integrated barista lights that provide illumination for the workspace, alerting them to any issues with the grind.

Pricing Considerations

Let’s take a look at the prices for either grinder. Majesty Coffee works to provide the most competitive prices for our espresso grinders online, including these Compak models.

We have the Compak E8 for $1,657.60 with just the standard hopper and for $1,716.10 if you want to also include a short hopper. Our Compak F8 is $2,057.30 in black and $2,092.30 in polished aluminum.

Which Grinder Should You Pick?

Are you left still wondering which grinder you should pick? We’ll address that question now by examining the settings in which either grinder would be best.

We’ll start by saying you could easily pick the Compak E8 or F8 for large coffee shops and restaurants. They would both excel in commercial settings, but either one does offer its own exclusive benefits.

You’d want the F8 if you like the polished aluminum color. This is a silvery color that matches well with other steel-colored appliances.

The F8 may also be an excellent grinder in situations where you often have new hires. Its ability to lock some settings behind a password will prevent new hires from accidentally tampering with settings. Furthermore, the ability to program promotional messages into the screen will ensure that no barista will forget to remind customers of ongoing sales.

In situations where you’ll need to use the grinder continuously, the Compak E8 would shine. Its fan will make it possible for it to grind nonstop for back-to-back espresso orders without the threat of burning your beans or overheating the machine.

Its barista lighting also means its an excellent choice for beginners. Everyone using it will always be able to see what they’re doing.

This is our recommendation:

The Compak E8 is the best grinder for situations where you constantly have back-to-back espresso orders, such as in large coffee shops. This is because of its cooling fan that will prevent it from overheating.

However, the Compak F8 is also suitable for large commercial establishments. It’s a good fit for those seeking a grinder that can match with stainless steel appliances or those who want a beginner-friendly grinder since you can protect its settings with a password.

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