best burr grinder with scale

If you’re looking for the best burr grinders with a scale, then you’ve come to the right place. This buying guide will tell you everything you need to know before you purchase one.

The coffee grinder is the most complex it’s ever been. While it was a simple enough contraption back in the day, it now has a tall order to live up to.

Coffee grinders can be electrical, attached to espresso machines, or boast several hoppers. The burr grinder with scale is a highly specialized model designed to give you consistent, high-volume grinds at the press of a button.

For those in a hurry, these options are:

  1. Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder - The ideal home grinders for someone on a budget.
  2. Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder - A solid middle-ground for both hobbyist homebrewers and baristas who want to practice at home.
  3. Nuova Simonelli MDXS Espresso Grinder - This is a size-efficient choice for small cafes, drive-thru cafes, or coffee bars in restaurants. 
  4. Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder - A high-volume grinder designed for busy environments such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, and offices. 
  5. Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Espresso Grinder - The perfect fit for cafes that need to boost the productivity of their baristas. 

Top Best 5 Burr Grinders with Scale

Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder

Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder

Starting with the most affordable option on the list, the Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder is a solid debut from a beloved brand.

Following on the heels of their minimalistic and highly durable line-up, the Sette 270Wi provides an additional high-precision design that reduces shaking and bumping during the grinding process. This adds an extra level of accuracy not commonly found in other electric grinders. It’s a reliable model for both hobbyists and passionate coffee brewers. 

Why should you consider the Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder?

  • Ideal for hobbyists getting into homebrewing or baristas who want to practice
  • 40mm Steel Conical Burrs - Able to grind at 3.5g a second, these durable burrs create a subtle and even grind. The steel make ensures they’ll remain sharp for years.
  • High precision scale - This burr grinder comes with the ACAIA high precision scale, designed to filter vibrations and get the most accurate measurement possible.
  • Convertible device holder - If you prefer to grind directly into the portafilter to save on time and supplies, you’ll love this feature. You can also pile up the grounds in the accompanied grind bin or any additional brewing devices you own.
  • Automatic thermal switch - This handy feature turns off the machine to prevent overheating.
  • Very quiet operation and small size - For drinkers who love making coffee in the early morning hours, this model is both quiet and unobtrusive on the kitchen counter.

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Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder

Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder
Coming in for the second spot, the Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder is a solid choice for homebrewers and experienced baristas. 

Well-rounded burr grinders provide all the convenience of the cafe in one location. This model boasts an impressive range of grind settings, balanced with a multifunctional LED display and swappable fronts for convenience. 

  • Ideal for both the home and small cafes
  • 54 mm steel burrs - These burrs are durable and long-lasting, providing an even grind every time. 
  • All-around grind size scale with 35 settings - This grinder offers a whopping 35 settings, ideal for brewers who like to switch between espresso shots, pourover, or French Press.
  • Extremely durable motor - Expect to get around 25,000 shots before this machine starts showing its age. 
  • Durable bean hopper - No need to worry about breakage with this enhanced bean hopper.
  • Low noise level - This model is wonderfully quiet, remaining below 70 DBA.

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Nuova Simonelli MDXS Espresso Grinder

Nuova Simonelli MDXS Espresso Grinder

This high-precision burr grinder with scale is a staple of small cafes and restaurant coffee bars. It provides both the precision of burrs with the minute adjustments of a grind scale, resulting in perfectly pulled espresso shots every time.

Its small size can be easily positioned on a cluttered counter, allowing for a solid volume of coffee during morning rushes. It’s explicitly designed with the worker in mind, offering tiny enhancements that go a long way:

  • Ideal for smaller cafes, drive-thru cafes, or little coffee bars in restaurants 
  • 65mm stainless steel burrs - Not only are these perfect for even and fine grinds, they can crush up to 1,500 pounds of coffee before needing a replacement.
  • Micrometric grind adjustment - No need to worry about weight distribution here. Get the perfect espresso measurement with the grind adjustment feature.
  • Sturdy portafilter holder - This is an ideal feature for multitasking baristas, letting them step away for a moment to clean or attend to customers.
  • Transparent 2.6 bean hopper - This large hopper needs little refilling, allowing workers to focus on their duties instead of checking the machine.
  • Aluminum body - This espresso burr grinder with scale is built to last, holding up to scratches and dents alike.

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Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder

mahlkonig k30 twin espresso grinder

For those that need a lot of quality coffee brewed in a short amount of time, the Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder is ready to rise to the occasion. 

This high-volume burr grinder with scale is designed for a high volume and is well-suited for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and offices. The double hoppers add an extra degree of flexibility, such as fitting one with caffeinated beans and the other with decaf. You could also split roast levels or origins to meet the demand of the day. 

  • Ideal for high-volume restaurants or busy offices with a large workforce
  • 65mm flat burrs - Optimized for accuracy and longevity, these flat burrs provide consistent grinds for high volumes of customers.
  • Stepless grind adjustment - Adjust your ideal grind settings, then lock it into place for the next worker to use.
  • Sturdy portafilter holder - No need to hold the portafilter in place. Pull the shot, let go, and multitask until it’s done.
  • Programmable shots - Well-suited to high-activity settings, these programmable shots remember prior instructions for repeated use. Just press for the exact dosage and go.
  • Multiple language menu - Employees or co-workers who speak English as a second language will greatly appreciate this feature. This burr grinder with scale offers English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German settings.

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Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Espresso Grinder

Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Espresso Grinder

Last, but certainly not least, the powerhouse of the best burr grinder with scale list: the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Espresso Grinder. This machine is one of the most efficient on the market, designed with the express purpose of improving a barista’s productivity. 

This model offers a level of subtlety that will boost the ROI of any business keen on shaving down time. Alongside a multi-function touch display and a tight portafilter holder, it offers:

  • Ideal for small and large cafes, especially those overwhelmed by the morning rush
  • Temperature controlled titanium 85mm burrs - Following off the heels of the Mythos One/Clima Pro, this burr grinder offers temperature control to bring out the subtleties of the coffee. Expect to grind around 3,500 pounds of coffee before replacing the burrs.
  • Micrometric grind adjustment - This highly precise grind adjustment tool can be tweaked in mid-grind for complete control.
  • Gravimetric controlled dosing - This feature replaces the classic scale while providing the same function: dosing weight in real time. This can be turned on or off at will.
  • LED illuminated work space - No more squinting here. The bright, user-friendly interface can hold up to dark rooms and be seen across the room.
  • Clump crusher tech - Eliminate uneven grinds with this handy feature, designed to provide the most evenly pulled espresso around.

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What to Consider When Buying a Burr Grinder

Consideration 1: Who’s Enjoying the Coffee?

The best burr grinders with scale aren’t just in the features, but who’s enjoying the coffee. 

If you’re a hobbyist who wants to experiment with homebrewing, these might not be the best option. They’re more pricey than simpler electric grinders and can be a little intimidating to use for the first-timer. 

If you’re a cafe owner or restaurant owner that wants to improve speed and efficiency during working hours, the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Espresso Grinder and the Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder are a great fit. They tackle the pain points of busy workers in every inch of their design, ensuring faster (and tastier) results. Small-volume locations should instead consider the Nuova Simonelli MDXS Espresso Grinder.

The above burr grinders with scale are also a nice option for the busy office. They provide workers with the opportunity to make their coffee to their taste, a feature that can help boost morale. 

For the curious homebrewer or beginning barista, consider the Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee & Espresso Grinder or the Mahlkonig X54 Home Espresso and Coffee Grinder. They’re sleek and compact, saving space without compromising results. 

Consideration 2: Understand the Difference Between Burrs

Burr grinders are widely considered preferable to blade grinders for their more subtle results. They crush coffee much more evenly, reducing stress on the machine while resulting in a stronger cup of coffee. 

Larger burrs are preferable for high-volume environments, as they reduce static and heat production on the machine. This helps the equipment last longer while providing large amounts of freshly ground coffee. 

Flat burrs and conical burrs produce similar results, so similar you might not feel the need to distinguish between them on your way to buying a machine. Conical burrs work a little faster, but their results are comparable to a flat burr. Fortunately, these machines come with useful features like grind adjustment and crusher tech to even things out. 

Wrap Up

The best burr grinders with scale should complement -- not contradict -- your business or homebrewing goals. Think about what frustrates you when you’re attempting to make a cup of coffee, then use that pain point to guide you.

If you have any questions or concerns, send us a query or give us a call at our customer support number >>> (888) 978-5224. We’re ready to help you set up your coffee equipment so you can spend less time worrying and more time brewing.
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